So that how a gun work? Staring Shadow he Hedgehog! Also please ignore the one that alexabbie put up i told him not to. This is in fact the original. I have Dyslexia if there are any mistakes please let me know in a kind way. I dont own Sonic characters and I not getting paid for this so please enjoy. P.S. if you have any ideas for inspiration please let me know. I'll try to include everyones ideas. Also i uploading on my phone because i have no laptop. So it may be kinda stupid looking. Well here it is! Also shadow759 inspire me to wrote this and well this is a great way to share my fangirlish love for shadow759 and Shadow the Hedgehog. Well enjoy

"Hi I Shadow the Hedgehog and I better then you because I have gun and you dont! So say your prayers bitches!" Shadow screamed while hold his gun. It pitch black and even had it own little case. It red to match his sexy fur. ( Fangirl time! )

It had been a few years since Shadow had used a gun. So he needed to practice his aim. So he did what any hedgehog with a bunch of extra soap that he didnt need. Shoot the hell out of it of course!

After one round of bullets the bar of soap that shadow had released hell fire upon had turn into well... A huge pile of soap scented ashes and smoke.

"All that came from one round of bullets? Crazy! Anyway it time to do that to Silver!"

Shadow walk out of his house with his gun forgetting to reload it and travles to Silvers house.

When he get there he knock on his door... Silver open it with out looking through his oeep hole first