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Another idea of mine that I thought i'd try out and see if it would be popular. This will probably be long since Kingdom Heart is so long, I should practice making my chapters longer maybe...Anyway, hope you enjoy ^^ I don't own Bleach or Kingdom Hearts and things like that.

In a sleepy little town in perpetual sunset, four friends bolted towards the small train station. When one lives in a small town, the slightest change tends to stir up excitement. Today was no different as rumors of a new arrival to Twilight Town spread like wildfire among the people.

"Hurry up; we've got to get there before Seifer and his gang!" Shouted a young blonde in camo pants and a green vest open over a black shirt.

"I can't run that fast." A plump, black haired boy groaned as he waddle-ran after them, red jersey drenched in sweat and pants restricting his running more.

"Seifer is going to take his time; we'll make it just fine." A brunette haired girl with bright green eyes, an orange shirt with white flowers and tan capris snapped at the blonde.

"Yeah, but look at Roxas! He's way up there!" The blonde replied, pointing ahead to a young man with spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes, a white vest with a checker pattern over a black shirt and baggy white pants.

Roxas bolted into the train station ahead of his friends to see the person of everyone's attention. The blonde didn't expect what he saw there and froze in his tracks.

A young looking boy, no older than thirteen at best – and that was pushing it – was still talking to the train cabby. His hair was shockingly white and spiked up a little, bangs falling over the left side of his face just above his eyes, which were the brightest teal Roxas had ever seen. The boy wore a black shirt with a blue dragon printed on the front, a white jacket over top and slim jeans. He was definitely a stranger here.

After getting over his initial surprise, Roxas casually jogged over to the newcomer. A few feet away the boy turned, glancing at Roxas with cold eyes that hid all emotion, giving Roxas the creeps along with the suddenly cold air surrounding the child.

"Um, hi." Roxas greeted. "You're new here, right?"

"Yeah…is it that obvious?" The boy replied as the cabby boarded the train again and the metal beast began to move again. It seemed the newcomer had no belongings of any kind.

"Nah, news just travels fast." Roxas grinned and scratched his head nervously. The boy smiled at him.

"Small town?"

"Yup. Welcome to Twilight Town. I'm Roxas." Roxas held his hand out as his three friends arrived behind him. "This is Hayner," the blonde wearing camo pants, "Pence," the plump black haired boy, "and Olette," the only girl.

After some hesitation the white haired boy took Roxas's offered hand and shook it once.

"My name is Toshiro. Toshiro Hitsugaya."