My decision

While I hate to do this and I have promised several people I would continue/rewrite this story I have decided to stop writing for this story.

I love this story don't get me wrong. It might not be the best on the site (far from it in fact), but it was still a story I enjoyed telling.

Unfortunately it had some major problems. Besides the obvious problems of spelling and grammar there was the problem that I hadn't completely finished Harry's backstory when I wrote the earlier chapters making foreshadowing difficult and making some early character interaction plain weird.

The lack of foreshadowing and showing Harry's past made the current arc also very difficult to continue. At the climax of this arc Harry would have choose to let go of his past and live in the present or not, but while in my head this would have been a difficult choice for Harry to make. In the actual story there was very little that bind him to the past (besides a couple of scenes).

So it was for that reason I decided to rewrite and add those scenes that would hopefully result in a believable scene where Harry had to choose between the past and the present.

Unfortunately a lot happened and I was inactive from for months and by the time I had more time my interest in this story had started to wane. Again I still love this story, but I am no longer the same person who wrote the first version of this story. The tone of the story was greatly influence by my life at the time and now that I have changed so much I simply can't rewrite it the same way as I had done before. I could write the basic plot, but I would be unable to recapture the original tone of the story.

Another major problem with rewriting would be how long it would take. I simply don't have the amount of time to write as I used to and considering my plans for the rewrite I would end up with a word count that is at the least double if not triple that of the current version and that would take months if not years.

So due to that and varies other reasons I have decided to discontinue this story. It will remain on the site as some people seem to like the story I have written and my hope is that even while incomplete this story will entertain someone.

I do plan on writing a (relatively) short story that is set in the FWAC universe, but it will probably be more along the lines of Not Alone (which can be found in 'Tostie's Folder of Ideas and Challenges').

Anyway I want to thank everyone who has read and reviewed this story and I am sorry I couldn't show you the end of this tale.