I wish I owned them... but alas, I do not.

Wade was in a feel-good type of mood. Being around Zoe Hart sure had that effect on him. More and more, he began to realize that... and how she always seemed to effect him, be it good or bad.

He loved that she didn't succumb to his pick-up lines or flashing a full-on grin. She wasn't one of these barfly type of women who swooned at the sound of his voice, or glimpse of his pretty face. She was a wild card, a mystery. One he sure wanted to learn more about at that.

Last night he'd spent the night with her. For no good reason, other than she wanted him to. It wasn't exactly in the manner he might have wanted, but he'd take it. Zoe needed him, his ass was damn sure going to be there.

And it served as a pretty good excuse to keep a close eye on her for the time being.

It was all fun and games... but as he was getting back into his car... he heard her scream.

Wade's heart was in his throat in the very second. He went racing up the steps to her house ready to do some serious damage to whoever was frightening that little New York doctor.

Not that he wanted her to know, so before he walked inside, Wade took a moment to calm down, then come inside, acting annoyed. His eyes were ever worrisome though, and his heart was still going a mile a minute.

"What is it this time?" he asked, walking closer to the pretty doctor.

Then, she spoke and he noticed the older blonde lady across the room.

Wade's face turned into a quick smirk when he found out just who she was. 'Zoe's mama huh,' he thought. And then back to fun and games it was.

He took the few short steps to re-join up with Zoe, reaching his hand out to the mother of his current desire.

He was going to enjoy this. More than he probably should.

"It's a roller coaster ride," he told the mother, ignoring Zoe's flippant response to his earlier introduction. "But I don't want it to stop." Which was the most truthful thing he would say to the woman. He loved everything he and Z had going on, even if he wished for more to come, he liked everything as it were, too.

Wade told Zoe's mom how nice it was to meet her, then dared to kiss the good doctor on the side of her head. "Bye!"

He couldn't help but start cracking up as he started walking off. He just loved messing with that girl.

As he got outside, Wade stopped and smiled. He could still smell her hair, her skin. He couldn't put a finger on what it was, and that often drove him kind of batty, but right now... he just thought he'd enjoy it.

And come up with the next way to annoy that little spitfire. Her mama being in town sure could lead to some fun times...