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The trials were abandoned; Winchesters were out of sight. Honestly, they very well deserved a leave of absence after the crap they faced. Sam was still sick and weak from the trials. He would have his good days and his bad days. Cas hadn't talked once ever since Dean and Sam had found him in the middle of the road staring at the clear, star-filed sky on their way to the bunker. All he was seen doing was curling up in a corner of his room and gazing up at nothing in particular. It was pretty heart breaking. Dean was doing all he could to keep his family knit together. He took care of Sam, tried every single day to help Cas come out of his state and pretty much sat up all night wondering when all this would be over. He'd watch over both the men all night, fearing one of them would drop dead if he fell asleep.

It had been a month since the day that Sam had wrenched himself out of the trials and Cas had fallen. In the bunker, Sam sat in the library reading; researching and occasionally glancing towards the staircase hoping that Cas would walk down and come out of his mental stupor. Getting turned into a human had hit him hard. He sighed as he resumed his reading.

A resounding crash sent Sam half-stumbling towards the source of sound, i.e. the kitchen. Dean sat on the floor in a midst of cracked plates staring at his hands. He could have dropped it, Sam thought. But deep inside he knew, it was more than that. Dean's face was a mixture of pain, agony, guilt, horror and at least a dozen other emotions.

Cautious in his approach, Sam clutched the dining table for support as he walked up to his older brother. "Dean?"

Dean's eyes flew to his little brother. Sam was taken aback at the emotion that was clear in his brother's eyes. Dean was rarely one to bare his heart. "Dean, you okay?" Sam asked, terrified.

Dean stared at the cracked plates surrounding him. "I was cleaning it. I was just cleaning it and it slipped through my fingers. I didn't mean for it to..." he mumbled as he trailed off. He then looked up at Sam with tear filled eyes. "I'm sorry. I break everything. I just..." He broke into ragged sobs, clutching his head as he pulled his knees up to his chin.

Alarmed, Sam hurried over to his brother being careful not to step on the broken glass. He sat down next to Dean, helpless. He did only one thing he could think off. He put his arms around his big brother and slowly pulled him towards himself so that Dean's head was laying on Sam's shoulders. It scared Sam that Dean didn't even resist.

"I'm...so..sor...sorry! I keep breaking everything...I try to mend it...but it keeps slipping...I try so hard Sammy...I try...so...damn...hard..." Dean choked out through ragged sobs.

Sam finally understood. His heart shattered when it finally pieced together. Dean was broken; just like him. After all these years of betrayal, rage, pain, horror, grief, guilt, a cracked plate was all it took to tip it all over the edge.

Sam ignored the tears that were streaming down his own face as he held on to his brother whispering only one thing that Dean always told him, "It's okay Dean, its okay. As long as I'm here nothing bad will happen to you. We'll be okay. We'll be okay. You'll be fine."

Inside, Dean knew that he'd deny ever having this moment. He didn't care. He clutched onto Sam's shirt as he let it all because goddamn it, he deserved to feel helpless and vulnerable for once. He deserved to be comforted. He deserved to be loved too.

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