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Hannibal reluctantly allowed the ginger boy through the front door to wait in the living room on the couch across from him. William was upstairs with Alana helping Georgia get ready for her senior prom. Hannibal studied the boy in front of him and found him completely unsuitable for his daughter; if he hurt Georgia, Hannibal would be waiting to make him into stew. But Georgia liked the boy, so Hannibal made an effort.

"You may call me Mr. Lecter, as I'm sure Will allows you to call him by his first name. You and I haven't met before, but I am Georgia's other father." Hannibal's cool maroon gaze sized up the awkward youth before him.

The boy shook under Hannibal's gaze and stuttered when he made to reply. He cleared his throat and tried again.

"I am Nicholas Boyle, it's very good to finally meet you Mr. Lecter." Nicholas jumped up as soon as Alana came down the stairs, eager to get away from Hannibal.

"Hello Nicholas, are you looking forward to your senior prom." Alana gave Hannibal a hard stare, knowing he was terrifying Georgia's date.

Hannibal had the decency to look somewhat ashamed and relax the glare he had trained on the boy.

Alana smiled and patted Nicholas on the shoulder when he nodded, clearly afraid to say much more than his name in front of Hannibal.

Georgia ran a comb through her straight blonde hair one more time. Will sat on her bed behind her as she finished getting ready at her vanity table. He had a soft little smile on his face and unshed tears were shimmering in his eyes. Georgia pretended not to notice. Finally she stood up and twirled around in her shimmery purple gown.

"I feel so pretty." Georgia whispered excitedly.

Will blinked away his tears and swooped her up in a hug.

"You look pretty." He put her down and tried to smooth any wrinkles he may have caused in her dress.

Georgia grinned and blushed.

"So…should I go downstairs now? You don't think Papa is threatening Nick do you?" She chewed her lip nervously, knowing how intimidating her other dad could be.

"I think we should go down soon, for Nick's sake. I'll go down first and then you come down a little after, ok? You need to make a grand entrance." Georgia laughed and nodded.

Will headed down the stairs and went to stand between Nicholas and Hannibal as they waited for her to come down the stairs.

Georgia felt nervous as she started down the stairs, suddenly worrying that her dress was not a good color for her or that she had smudged some of her makeup. Then, she realized Papa might scare off her date if she didn't get downstairs soon. After all, there was only so much Daddy could do to keep Papa from striking fear in the heart of any one of her dates.

So far, Nicholas was her boyfriend who'd lasted the longest. She'd been careful to keep him from meeting Papa until now, and she'd given him plenty of warnings so he would be more prepared than her more unfortunate dates.

Hannibal chuckled when the poor little Boyle boy chocked on air as Georgia appeared. She was his perfect little princess, and he knew she'd look the part since he was the one who took her dress shopping.

Georgia came to stand in front of Nick and smiled shyly at him. She glanced warningly at her Papa before quickly kissing Nick on the cheek.

Hannibal thought he surely burst a vein, but Will was beside him and rubbed his back, soothing the anger from him.

Alana smiled at the young couple and ushered them towards the door, wishing them a safe journey and an enjoyable evening. Hannibal and Will followed behind, arm in arm, and waved the couple goodbye as they climbed into Nick's car. Hannibal managed to push aside his dislike for the boy long enough to second Will's wish that they have fun and be safe. Will continued stroking Hannibal's arm soothingly as they watched the car drive away.

When they settled on the couch again, Alana gave them a knowing look and patted them both on the shoulder.

"You'll have to get used to it. She won't stay your little baby forever you know." Alana gave them a little hug and then headed off to her guesthouse, not wanting to get in the way of the first substantial amount of alone time Will and Hannibal had had since they adopted Georgia Lecter.

Alana also let Winston and Abigail out of the sunroom they'd been tucked away in to keep them from getting hair all over Georgia's dress. They were eager to follow her to her room, knowing she always had treats for them, but their old age made them slower than they used to be. Alana waited patiently for Winston to follow, and carried Abigail in her arms.

Will sighed and leaned against his husband, saddened by the thought of their baby girl growing up and not staying with them anymore. Hannibal felt more anger towards the Boyle boy, wanting to blame him for the fact that his daughter was growing up. Finally they admitted they could do nothing to stop the flow of time and settled in to anxiously awaiting her return from prom. After a few minutes of silence, Will spoke up.

"Hey Hannibal, we never did go on a honeymoon." Will grinned at his husband who was scowling at the grandfather clock as though its face was there just to spite him.

"You're right." Hannibal turned to him somewhat startled by the revelation.

"Why don't we make the most of our child-free time then." Will pushed Hannibal down into the couch and climbed on top of him. Pressing kisses to his lips and down his throat.

Hannibal meant to reply, but somewhere along the way his words got lost in a startled groan as Will nipped at his neck. Will was getting some gray hairs Hannibal noticed as he admired his husband so comfortable above him. Hannibal had no doubt that his own hair was more silver than blonde now, but he was glad to note that he wasn't too old yet to make up for lost time with his darling mongoose.