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Chapter 1 : Twists.

The third great ninja war had just ended. No one was really certain how the war had started but it didn't matter. At the end of the war Konoha emerged victorious but not without a price. Countless shinobi died in the war, while many were injured. It was not just Konoha, every village, countries had suffered. Whether it was Rain, Sand, Rock, or any other village, the end result was people lost their precious ones.

In one corner of Red Dragon restaurant, sat a lonely figure. It was night time in Konoha and people were busy with their lives, some were still mourning the loss of their loved ones while others were trying to get over their grief. Overall it was a gloomy atmosphere in the village hidden in the leaves.

The figure sitting in the restaurant was none other than, Minato Namikaze. He was the newly appointed fourth Hokage of Konoha.

Minato's story was quite eventual. He was born in the Namikaze clan, the clan was a very small clan in Konoha and were not quite famous. His parents were shinobi of the village who gave their lives in the Second Great Ninja war.

As a result Minato never got to spend much time with them, time passed and Minato resolved himself to become a shinobi and protect the village just like his parents would have wanted him too.

His dream was to become Hokage someday, his life passed and he made many friends. But his closest friends were his classmates Mikoto Uchiha and Kushina Uzumaki.

Kushina was his best friend since childhood, at first they didn't get along much because of her loud personality but Minato saved her from Kumo shinobi and from there on they became good friends.

But the most important person in Minato's life was Mikoto Uchiha.

He loved Mikoto from the bottom of his heart, she was one of the best students in his class. She was the heiress of the Uchiha clan and as such was a formidable shinobi who excelled in many ninja arts.

He could still remember the day when he met Mikoto.

(Flashback : 10 years ago)

A blonde boy could be seen practicing throwing kunai in the training area of the acadmey of the village. It was already very late but it didn't matter to the boy.

Ever since his parent's death, Minato had resolved himself to become a strong shinobi. He was a good student, he was quite good in ninjutsu and Taijutsu. One of his unique traits was he was skilled in Fuinjutsu, which didn't go unnoticed by the third Hokage of Konoha who was taking special interest in training Minato in Fuinjutsu.

Minato's friend Kushina Uzumaki was also helping him in learning that art.

However there was one thing in which he didn't have much skill and that was Shurikenjutsu. He was pretty much average in that art and as such wanted to improve himself.

He had been practicing since the past 1 hour but was not getting much results.

"Try to loosen your hands and calm yourself down." said a soft female voice.

Minato turned around and saw it was none other than Mikoto Uchiha.

She had jet black hair that reached up to her back, had dark black eyes like the rest of her clan. She was fair skinned and had two large bangs falling on her face. She was wearing a dark blue tshirt with the Uchiha crest on its back and black shorts.

Minato gave a smile in return to Mikoto. They were casual friends in the class.

Mikoto was different than the rest of her clan, she was kind, caring and compassionate to others, even to civilian children. However she was also strict and firm on becoming a formidable Kunoichi.

Minato admired her for her strength and determination, she was one of the best students in the class.

"Good to see you Mikoto, but what are you doing here?" asked Minato curiously

Mikoto looked at Minato and smiled. She liked Minato a lot, he was not like most of the boys who would just boast about how great they were. He was a good student and held the Kunoichi's as equals and she liked that a lot. Though she hadn't spent much time with him but she considered him a friend.

Her life in her clan was quite strict. The Uchiha were a clan that followed traditions to the book, many times their pride and ego got in the way. Mikoto had to shoulder a lot of responsibilites as she was the clan heir. How she wished to be spoiled like her younger brother Shishui.

"I was just helping Taji-sensei in finishing some of his paperwork. I saw you here and got curious so I came here. Do you need some help?" asked Mikoto softly with a smile

"Yeah...well I would like if you could give me some pointers." said Minato sheepishly and scratched the back of his head.

Mikoto chuckled on seeing this, Minato was always a little silly but she liked that.

"Sure just follow what I do." instructed Mikoto seriously

"Arigatou." said Minato happily

This was how a great friendship between Minato and Mikoto was born.

(Flashback end)

A large smile appeared on Minato's face as he remembered that memory.

Ever since then he and Mikoto got closer, it was her and Kushina who had helped him in improving their skills. The trio had graduated at the top of the class.

Their bonds became a lot more stronger when they were made a genin team under the legendary Sannin, Jiraya.. From there Minato's love for Mikoto grew stronger with each passing day. However he wasn't an idiot too, he knew the Uchiha didn't allow any outsider to marry a member of their clan, less the clan heiress. As a result he was never able to admit his love for Mikoto.

Time passed and the three friends quickly became chunin. Minato advanced quickly and was made a Jounin. The third great ninja war had started and Minato and his genin team were sent to different fronts to fight. While Kushina and Mikoto had different assignments.

Minato lost many friends in the war and one of his students Obtio Uchiha. He was also different from the rest of his clan like Mikoto, his personality was similar to Kushina and he shared Minato's dream of becoming Hokage. Minato was deeply saddened by his sudden death.

Despite the turmoil of his feelings, Minato led Konoha to victory through his skills. The most deadly being his Hirashin, his teleportation technique based on the Second Hokage's jutsu.

Due to his heroic efforts, bravery and wisdom, he was chosen at the fourth Hokage of Konoha. He had finally achieved his dream but still he wasn't able to tell Mikoto about his feelings for her.

As if someone had heard his thoughts he heard a voice call him.

"Why's the great fourth Hokage of Konoha sitting alone?" asked a soft familiar voice.

Minato looked up and saw it was his love Mikoto. She had become quite strong and beautiful in the past decade. Her jet black hair now reached up to her back, her eyes were more brighter than before and her sharingan eyes made her look more sexy and dangerous. She had C-cup breasts and a slim body.

She was a formidable Jounin of the village.

"Finally got time to see me Mikoto-sama?" joked Minato

"Is that how you greet me. Its been so long since we've seen each other, I thought you forgot about me. I'm hurt." said Mikoto with a pout.

Minato chuckled on seeing this, Mikoto just looked so much adorable. He signaled her to sit with him which she gladly accepted.

Mikoto then noticed Minato was a little sad. This hurt her a lot, she really liked Minato, for her he was a person with whom she would like to spend her entire life. She secretly loved Minato but since he had never mentioned about his feelings she hadn't confessed her feelings for him yet.

"Are you okay?" asked Mikoto warmly and put her hands on Minato's hands.

"Somewhat, we have lost so many friends and loved ones. I just cannot believe I lost Obito too." said Minato sadly

"I know, he was the joy of my clan, I wished he was alive now. I wish Rin didn't die too, she was such a nice girl. How is Kakashi doing?" asked Mikoto sadly. She had met Minato's genin team many times and quite frankly she liked those kids.

"He is holding up fine, however Rin's loss has shaken him a lot. This war has costed us a lot." said Minato solemnly

"I'm always there for you Minato. You can always talk to me." said Mikoto gently and caressed Minato's cheeks affectionately

Minato felt a warm sensation in his gut, when he felt Mikoto touching his cheeks. He looked at her beautiful face, one of the things he had learned from the war and Obito's death was their life was short.

He then made up his mind, he knew his life was short as a shinobi and he didn't want to die without confessing his feelings for Mikoto. Even if she didn't love him, he would always love her.

"Mikoto, I want to say something." said Minato carefully

"What is it?" asked Mikoto curiously

She just felt that it was going to be something very important that may change her life.

"I..I love you" said Minato with a warm smile

"What?" asked a shocked Mikoto

''I have loved you since long. You are my friend, comrade, you were always there for me. You took care of me, there is no other women in this village or the entire world whom I love more than you." confessed Minato honestly


"Its okay if you don't have any feelings for me, I understand. But I will always love you and be there for you." said Minato with a wide smile

He was quite surprised when he was grabbed by his collar and before he could think of what was happening he felt someone's lips kissing him. He looked carefully and saw it was MIKOTO who was kissing him.

Many emotions were running through his mind : Happiness, passion, confusion, love and many more.

He didn't know what overcame him but he kissed her back more passionately. For the people in the restaurant it was one of the most shocking scenes they had ever scene.

Their beloved fourth Hokage was kissing the heiress of the Uchiha clan.

Many women were glaring at Mikoto for trying to steal Minato while Minato was receiving the same look from the men.

But oblivious to all of this, Minato and Mikoto were in their own dream world. But of them wished that things should stay this way and were feeling very happy.

After a few moments Mikoto broke the kiss much to Minato's protest. He just couldn't resist kissing her more.

"What took you so long?" asked Mikoto with a smile. She had a few tears in her eyes.

"I...didn't have the courage to tell you." said Minato honestly

"Were you afraid you would lose me? How come you are telling me your feelings now?" asked Mikoto curiously

"Yes, I was afraid that I would lose you. And why I'm telling you now is because of Obito." said Minato truthfully

"Obito?" asked Mikoto with a questioning gaze.

"Yes, just like how I love you, Obito had feelings for Rin too but before he could tell her he died. I realized that I may die as a shinobi too, but I didn't want to die without telling you how I feel for you." said Minato with a true smile

"Thank you, Obito" thought Mikoto gratefully

"Do you love me?" asked Minato a little anxiously.

"Yes, I love you Minato" said Mikoto with a true smile.

The smile which she saw on Minato's face could have brightened up the entire village. He jumped over the table and engulfed her in a bear hug, she was surprised by this sudden reaction but after a few seconds hugged him tightly and had a large smile on her face.

"Ohhh, they look so cute!"

"Damn, never saw this coming!"

"Congratulations Hokage-sama"

Minato and Mikoto hadn't realized that they were in a restaurant and people were watching them. If it was any other situation they would be ashamed of themselves if they hadn't seen so many people's attention directed on them but this time it was different, they were in their own world and confessing their feelings for each other.

The couple thanked all the people respectively and before the entire village found them here they decided to get out of there.

Minato took Mikoto's hands in his own and they both teleported away. When Mikoto opened her eyes she saw they were standing on top of the Hokage monument. She was feeling a little uneasy as she had just been teleported by his Hirashin, even after travelling with Minato for so many times she just couldn't totally get accustomed to it.

"Are you alright?" asked Minato a little worriedly

"I'm fine, just feeling a little dizzy." said Mikoto tiredly

"Yeah it happens sometimes, Mikoto can I ask you something?" asked Minato seriously

Mikoto looked at Minato curiously, she didn't know what was going in his mind right now.

"Would you like to marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?" asked Minato hopefully

Mikoto's eyes widened on hearing this, she didn't expect Minato to propose her so quickly, but seeing the look on his face she understood that he wanted to tell her this for a long time, the confession was the first step of conveying his feelings.

She thought about the idea, she would love to marry a man like Minato but first she thought about her entire position. She was indeed the clan heir of the Uchiha clan but if she wanted to marry Minato she would no longer be the clan heiress, but her younger brother Shishui may be able to take her place and lead the clan.

Her father was a very nice person and he loved Mikoto very much. She knew her father would understand and since Minato was the Hokage of the village it would help in improving the clan's status in the village and as such the Uchiha clan's elders would agree readily.

That would be the end of the formalities but now came her personal opinion.

She knew Minato and Kushina were very close friends, but she wanted to confirm that they were not together and she was not getting in the way between both of them. After all those two were her closest friends.

"Minato, before I give you my answer can you give me an honest answer to my question?" asked Mikoto seriously

"Hai." replied Minato sincerely

"Do you have any feelings for Kushina? Its because I don't want to get in your way, you two are my best friends and I don't want to hurt any of you." said Mikoto a little worriedly

Minato understood what Mikoto was trying to say, it was indeed true he and Kushina were very close friends but he didn't have any romantic feelings for her. However it was not the case with Kushina, she really liked Minato but she never tried to impose her feelings on him.

Minato cared about Kushina deeply but just couldn't love her more than a best friend.

"No, I care about Kushina deeply but only as a best friend. She was our teammate, we practically grew up together, went through a lot of pain together, she may have some feelings for me but I just love her as a friend and nothing more. The one person whom I love with all my heart is you Mikoto." said Minato honestly

That was all the confirmation Mikoto needed and she hugged Minato tightly.

"Yes, I would love to marry you." said Mikoto happily

Minato hugged her back, his dream had finally become a reality. He had become Hokage, he was acknowledged by everyone in the village, made his clan and his parents proud and finally had found the lady of his life. Nothing in life could make Minato more happy.

They both remained like that for quite sometime, enjoying the warmth of each other. Minato then broke the hug as he too had some questions for Mikoto.

"Do you think your father would agree to this Mikoto?" asked Minato curiously

"I think he will, he loves me very much. Ever since my mother's death he had always took care of me and Shishui. He is the reason why the Uchiha clan is still respected a lot, I know there had been some tensions going on during the second ninja war but my father made our clan believe that this was our village too and we were a part of it. He holds you in high regards, most of the members of my clan respect you deeply, you are fair to each and every clan of Konoha and have always treated us respectfully, so I don't think there will be much resistance to this. Shishui can easily take my place and lead the clan. Our clan is not as large as it was before and has been reduced in numbers but still we would always be loyal to the village and if I marry you it would also strengthen your ties with my clan." explained Mikoto briefly

Minato was quite impressed by the thorough analysis which Mikoto had given him about the entire sitution. The cards were indeed in their favour, and he liked that.

"Wow, that was a very impressive deduction Mikoto, maybe you should have become Hokage. Atleast that would mean no paperwork for me." joked Minato and chuckled

"I rather be a housewife and raise a family than do that boring work. Thanks but no thanks." said Mikoto jovially

"(sigh) Atleast I tried." said Minato happily

"Are you sure about this?" asked Mikoto seriously

"Yes, I have made up my mind. I want to marry you and as the fourth Hokage of Konoha it wouldn't be much problem for me to get your hand from your father." said Minato a little confidently

"Getting overconfident are we?" asked Mikoto slyly with a devious smile

"What have I gotten myself into?" thought Minato a little worriedly as he saw that devious smile on her face.


Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage of Konoha was known in the entire shinobi world as the yellow flash. His enemies fled on sight of him and yet we find him sitting a little nervously in a chair in front of Mikoto's family.

It was just him, Mikoto, her father Kagami Uchiha and her younger brother Shishui. Minato felt a little uncomfortable since Kagami was staring at him for the past few moments, his stern black eyes really were getting on Minato's nerves.

"So you want to marry my daughter Hokage-sama." said Kagami seriously

"Please, Minato is fine Kagami-sama. Yes I love Mikoto with all my heart and I want to marry her." said Minato sincerely and gave a firm gaze to Kagami indicating he was absolutely sure about this.

"Will you keep Mikoto-nee chan happy, Minato-sama?" asked Shishui honestly

"I promise that." said Minato truthfully

"I guess Mikoto agrees with this and is content with this proposal?" asked Kagami. He then gave a warm gaze to his daughter, in truth he was more than happy that her beloved daughter had chosen a man like Minato. Kagami respected Minato, he had indeed inherited the Will of Fire which Kagami's sensei Tobirama Senju spoke of. Also Kagami's best friend Hiruzen also held Minato in high regards. The entire village loved Minato and Kagami was more than ready for this proposal but as a clan head and a father he had to make the young couple understand the importance of this matter.

"Hai Tou-san, I love Minato too and want to spend my life with him. I request you accept our wish and give us your best wishes." said Mikoto softly

"You realize that if you marry Minato you cannot be the head of this clan and won't have much say in the clan affairs. Such a marriage has not been done before, are you willing to let go of your clan to marry Minato?" asked Kagami seriously. He had high hopes from Mikoto and his daughter had fulfilled his every wish and had made the Uchiha clan very proud.

"I know Tou-san, but I believe in a few years Shishui can lead our clan better than me. I will always be devoted to our clan whether I am Minato's wife or not. The Uchiha clan is my family and I shall never forsake them." said Mikoto firmly and gave her father a determined look.

Kagami's face relaxed and a wide smile came on his face. Shishui had already known what his father was doing and was happy for his sister.

"Then you have my blessings. I will make sure the others in the clan agree with this. However there is a certain condition for this marriage to happen." said Kagami seriously

"What is this condition?" asked Minato curiously

"If any of your children manage to awaken the sharingan they shall also have to adopt the Uchiha name along with your clan's name. They will also have to fulfill certain responsibilities towards this clan, the Sharingan is our kekkai genkai and your children will be part of our clan too. Also before you or your children decide to marry another person from another clan, they shall have to consult with the current head of our clan, we will not impose our ideals or ambitions on them but we just would like to know about their reasons for this. That's all." explained Kagami briefly.

Minato thought about the condition briefly, if his son/daughter awakened the sharingan then they would also inherit the Uchiha name. He didn't have any problems with that as they would also be Mikoto's children and she had a right to give them her clan name too. Next were their responsibilities in the Uchiha clan, he knew Kagami was an honest person and so was his son Shishui, they wouldn't try to use his children for power. The last condition was a little strange but Minato had to agree with it.

"I accept your conditions only on one condition that my children won't be forced to do anything against their wishes. I wish to marry Mikoto and I have faith in you and the Uchiha clan but I shall not do this at the cost of my children's future by any member of your clan or any other person." said Minato strictly.

Kagami could feel the pressure in Minato's voice, this was the voice of a Hokage. He was happy that such a firm man was going to marry his daughter, a man who valued family.

Shishui was satisfied by Minato's answer. In truth he wouldn't even dream of hurting his nephew/niece, they would be precious to him and he would make sure that no one forces them to do anything.

"I give you my word Minato, Please take care of my daughter." requested Kagami with a warm smile

Mikoto was feeling a lot more happy, she was proud of Minato, he cared about her clan's future as well as the future of their own children, he was a responsible man and Mikoto was happy that she had made the best decision of her life by choosing to marry Minato. The thought of a little blonde boy running around her house made her heart feel more warm, she just couldn't wait to have her own children.

She would shower her children with love and she and Minato would make sure that they would be the best parents in the whole world for their children.

Mikoto knew one thing that soon all her wishes will be fulfilled and she would be a proud wife and lovely mother to her son.


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