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Chapter 39

Somber News

A group of people could be seen sitting in a small room, their eyes were currently fixed on the large world map in the center of the room. Each of them were leaders of respective divisions of Konoha's army.

Minato sat in the center of the table with a satisfied smile on his face. Everything was going very well since the past few months, his armies were emerging victorious on every fronts and his enemies were being pushed back. At this rate, their victory was certain in a few months, although these victories came with the cost of hundreds of brave Konoha shinobi who sacrificed their lives so that their village could survive.

But he could never forget his son's role in defeating Iwa's forces, it was because of Naruto and his soldiers that Konoha was on the verge of victory against Iwa.

His wife had made peace with him again, and there was nothing in this world which he desired more.

He saw Hiruzen and Kagami giving him small smiles, both these veteran's had played a vital role in infiltrating Iwa and destroying the enemy forces. Hiruzen's division was leading the charge will Kagami's division was providing logistical and military support, and at this rate they would reach the gates of Iwa within a few months.

Beside them sat Danzo, the leader of the 'Commando Unit'. They too had performed exceptionally well, Shisui had performed various bombing missions in Iwa and played a vital role in searching and destroying the Iwa Bombing Squadron hiding in Suna's borders. The Kazekage was still grateful to him for it.

Jiraiya was sitting quietly in his seat, his division was also winning crucial victories with Minato's support. Both of their divisions had crushed the front line forces of Kumo and were now heading deep inside Lightning Country.

Kakashi was as stoic was as ever, however he was not reading his 'Icha Icha' book- courtesy of sitting beside Tsunade. Minato chuckled a little on seeing his only student's frustration. Both these shinobi had performed well, Kakashi had kept his promise by preventing Kiri forces from entering Fire Country despite facing tremendous losses, but now he had sent Ghost company to aid him.

Tsunade had been a life saver for them, along with Mikoto both of these kunoichi had saved hundreds of lives. It was due to their medical ninjutsu that many injured Konoha shinobi were able to get back on their feet and join their forces again.

Now, the only person missing from this crucial meeting was...


"He always arrives on time. What could have made him delay this crucial meeting?" thought Minato seriously,

There were many things he wanted to discuss with Baku, one of them was pitting innocent children against trained ninja. Baku's methods were questionable, but Minato also knew that if not for Baku, they probably would have lost the war by now.

But the man's methods were getting more dangerous with each passing day...

"It seems things are going our way now..." said Hiruzen calmly, the 'God of Shinobi' was eyeing the world map closely.

"Hiruzen, there can be no victory until we destroy our enemies. But, it is true that we have advantage over the enemy now..." said Danzo flatly, as Kagami chuckled a little on seeing his two old friends having a difference of opinion again.

It had been so many years yet these two were the same,

"Somethings never change, do they?" thought Kagami humorously,

"Where is Baku-dono? Is he busy somewhere?" asked Kakashi curiously, diverting everyone's attention to him.

"We must wait for a few more minutes. He may be late, but we cannot deny the fact that his Blacklight soldiers have turned the tide of this war," said Minato firmly, as the others nodded with his explanation.

"I have heard whispers that Ohnoki is afraid of Ghost Company of Blacklight..." said Jiraiya jokingly,

"Those kids are something else. Despite losing their commander in their first battle, they still defeated 4000 enemy troops. They even defeated two Jinchuuriki under Baku's command..." said Kagami proudly,

"It's still hard to believe that Minato's elder son could prove to be so deadly.." said Danzo skeptically, as a "Tch" escaped from Tsunade's mouth.

"Senile geezer, Naruto is Tobirama-ojisan's grandson, he can defeat old geezers like you easily. Just when would these fools stop underestimating young children?" thought Tsunade bitterly,

Jiraiya noticed the look on Tsunade's face and gave her a reassuring smile which eased her tension. At least there was one person she could always count on.

"What is the latest report from Koharu and Homura? Is the village safe?" asked Hiruzen worriedly, as a small smile came on Minato's face.

"Yes, the village is safe, Hiruzen-sama. There have been no incidents so far, and life is going as usual. Although the people are worried for their loved ones..." said Minato grimly,


Everyone was surprised when a person stepped inside the room. It was none other than Baku himself, however Minato's sharp eyes instantly picked up the defeated look in Baku's eyes.

"Apologies for arriving late, Hokage-sama," said Baku truthfully, as he kneeled before Minato.

"You don't have to apologize, Baku. I'm more interested in the reason which made you arrive late at such a crucial meeting..." said Minato sternly, as his dark blue eyes narrowed at the old man.

Everyone in the room watched curiously when Baku got back on his feet and started walking towards the world map in the center of the room.

Danzo's eyes widened in shock when Baku placed a small cross on Miyasato island. He also heard shocked gasps escaping from everyone.

Miyasato island was one of the most powerful stronghold of Kiri, it not only was the base where their naval ships used to dock for repairs but was also the place where their destructive missiles were stored which had wrecked havoc on Kakashi's division.

"They captured that island? How in the seven hells did Kurenai manage to do that with just a single battalion?" thought Kakashi in shock,

Even Minato was astonished on hearing this, now his soldiers could easily infiltrate into Kiri. The war had reached its final stages now...

"Ghost company of Blacklight along with 2nd battalion of Kakashi's division have captured Miyasato islands. All enemy forces have been neutralized and the missiles have been seized" said Baku seriously, as Tsunade got a little worried.

"How many casualties on our side? Capturing such a crucial post would have costed many lives..." said Tsunade worriedly, but she was surprised when Baku shook his head in disapproval.

"We only lost 5 Blacklight and 30 ninja of Kakashi's division. The Nidaime Taichou made sure that his forces took minimum losses..." said Baku silently,


"That boy is really something..."

"You have a wonderful son, Hokage-sama"

However Minato's eyes were still fixed on Baku while ignoring the various praises being showered on Naruto and him. Baku was definitely hiding something...

''Complete your report, Baku..." said Minato seriously, as Jiraiya got a frown on his face.

"What is left now? We won, the enemy has been defeated and most of our shinobi are safe..." said Jiraiya confusedly,

"Not all of them..." said Minato flatly, as everyone now looked at Baku curiously making the old man avert his eyes.

"You're right, Hokage-sama. The Nidaime Taichou sacrificed his life to capture this island..." said Baku darkly,

Everything seemed to have stopped, there was pin drop silence in the room as the people freezed in shock.

Kagami couldn't believe that his grandson was killed in action. The boy was strong, this could not be true, it just could not be...

Danzo closed his eyes in respect for the fallen shinobi, Konoha had lost another useful asset but the boy had performed his duty, something which Danzo respected.

Hiruzen's hands clenched tightly as another young child had now fallen. He had failed again, he could not protect the legacy of his beloved sensei again...

Kakashi was extremely disheartened on hearing this, Naruto was the person who gave hope to them where there was none, he led them to victory...and now he was gone?

A small tear slipped from Tsunade's eyes as another one of her family fell in the line of duty. She could not even fathom the pain which Mikoto would go through, the boy did fight with all he had and kept his promise of defending Konoha at all costs.

"Baku, stop this nonsense right now..." said Jiraiya furiously, that boy just couldn't be dead.

"It's the truth, Jiraiya. Naruto Namikaze sacrificed his own life while protecting his soldiers against your student!" accused Baku sternly,

Jiraiya took a step back in shock, his student?

It couldn't be...

But the person who was most heartbroken was none other than Minato himself. His son was killed and on top of that- Kushina, the women whom he considered as his best friend was the one to kill his son.

What was she THINKING?

Everyone in the room were blown a few feet away, the entire table split into pieces as the walls started to crack. The pressure in the air was so high that Kakashi couldn't even breathe.

He hazily saw his sensei's entire body engulfed in blue chakra as his murderous eyes glared at Baku, never in his entire life had he felt such a malicious KI.

Even Baku had to take a step back in caution as Minato rose from his chair, so this was the true power of the Fourth Hokage.

"Baku, say the truth NOW!" commanded Minato murderously,

The other ninja in the room tried to get back on their feet but failed miserably. Even Hiruzen and Jiraiya were shocked on seeing so much anger burning in Minato, but they also knew that it was his son that was killed...and by none other than Kushina.

Someone was going to pay in blood.

"It is the truth, Hokage-sama. Kushina attacked your son's forces and knocked them out within seconds. She would have killed all of them, if your son didn't lead her away. Both of them fought fiercely, your son tried to reason with her but she didn't listen. In the end, she proved to be too much powerful due to the Kyuubi. Naruto fought till his last breath and forced her to flee, saving the lives of every soldier at Miyasato but at the cost of his own," explained Baku in detail, as he saw the sea of anger burning in his eyes.

"You should have brought him to me, I could have saved him..." accused Tsunade weakly, as Baku snorted in disappointment.

"Considering he has a hole in his chest large enough to stick your head in it, I fail to understand how you could have saved him...he was dead by the time his comrades found him," said Baku flatly, as she averted her eyes from him.

She was surprised when the murderous KI in the room vanished, her gaze shifted to Minato whose eyes were full of regret and grief.

"Where is he?" asked Minato sadly,

Kagami's heart broke on hearing the truth, on one hand he was proud of Naruto for protecting his comrades, and on the other hand he was furious at Kushina for killing him. He just didn't know what he would say to Mikoto and Shisui, more than that what would he say to Itachi...that boy had patiently waited for his brother to return home since the past 6 years, only to find out that he would never return home...

"His body is being held at Miyasato island, as per the Blacklight code we must burn it. Although, there is the issue of his eyes..." said Baku suggestively,

Danzo saw Baku's signal and immediately decided to grab the opportunity...

"I'm sorry for your loss, Hokage-sama. But we have to consider the fact that your son had the Mangekyo Sharingan, we must preserve it for Konoha's sake.." suggested Danzo slyly, but Tsunade glared at him furiously.

"Do you two have any humanity left in yourselves?" asked Tsunade angrily,

"I'm only saying what is right. We must protect the future of Konoha..." said Danzo nonchalantly, as Tsunade got up to punch the piece of shit.

However Jiraiya quickly grabbed the furious Senju, as she struggled to get out of his grasp. While Kakashi was trying to hold Kagami off...

Hiruzen saw Minato standing motionlessly in the center of the room, uncaring about the commotion around him. The old man knew how Minato must be feeling right now, he too had lost his elder son to this war and as such he could understand the Yondaime's pain.

He slowly stepped beside the broken young man and gently put a hand on his shoulder...


Hiruzen saw him absorbing the sea of tears inside his eyes, he sealed the father in him and straightened himself as he realized he was the Yondaime Hokage, his son wouldn't have wanted this...


His firm voice instantly stopped the quarreling leaders, as he glared at each and every one of them.

"This is not what Naruto would have wanted...so all of you will shut up. Baku, guard his body I shall..." said Minato silently,

"Yes, sir" said Baku quickly as he understood the unsaid message.

"This meeting's been adjourned till further notice. Get back to your respective stations except you Kagami-sama..." said Minato flatly,

"But.." said Kakashi in protest, but one fierce glare silenced him.

"There is still a war going on, we've all got jobs to do." said Minato sternly,

Before any further argument could start, Hiruzen stepped forward and commanded his two students to follow him outside. Tsunade was reluctant at first, but Jiraiya's pleading eyes weakened her resolve and the trio silently went out of the room.

Baku quickly gave a bow to Minato before vanishing in a puff of smoke in order to make the arrangements for a proper funeral.

Danzo was next to follow the others out of the room but not before giving his condolences to the grieved father.

Kakashi looked at his sensei for a few moments, he didn't know what to say and Minato was not in the mood to chat. So, with a quick bow he too exited from the room leaving Minato and Kagami alone.

There was pin drop silence in the room as Minato slowly edged towards his chair...

"This was not supposed to happen..." said Minato grievously, as Kagami understood the pain behind his words.

"Why did Kushina kill him? Why?" asked Kagami painfully, as Minato punched the broken table loudly.

"Because of ME! She killed him because of ME!" yelled Minato painfully, as a look of shock spread across Kagami's face.


"She loved me, but I didn't love her and instead married Mikoto, who was my true love. For years, I believed something bad happened to her making her leave the village...only to find out she killed my son for her revenge. My son was killed due to MY mistakes!" shouted Minato in self loathing, only if he had not let her go, his son would be alive today...

Kagami shook the broken father harshly, and looked him in the eyes.

"This was not your fault, every person makes his own choices. You made the right choice by marrying my daughter because both of you loved each other, you raised two wonderful boys- that was the right thing to do. Naruto made the righteous choice of saving his comrades, the only person who is wrong here is Kushina...and she will pay for this!" said Kagami tearfully, as tears freely slipped from his son-in-law's eyes.

It was true that during peace the sons buried their fathers...

...but in war, it was the father's who had to bury their sons.

"What will I tell Itachi? That his brother's gone and he's not coming back? What will I tell Mikoto? That her son's dead with a fucking hole in his chest!" said Minato sadly,

"You will tell them the truth, you will tell them that he was a brave commander who sacrificed his life to save his comrades, that he was a boy who valued family and friendship. A person who walked the right path until the very end..." said Kagami weakly, as even a few tears slipped from his eyes.

Minato looked his relative straight in the eye, as both the men understood the unsaid message which they wanted to convey to each other.

"I'll go to her, and Itachi. You inform Shisui...we have to complete the funeral by tonight," said Minato blankly, as he slowly got up to leave the room.

Kagami bit his lip in frustration as he had to ask that question, no matter how much his heart was telling him not to...

"What about his eyes? I know it's not the time-"

"My son came in this world with those eyes, I shall see him parted with them. This is my order, Konoha has survived without the Mangekyo till now and it shall survive in the future too. This is the least I can do for my son..." said Minato seriously, as he slowly exited from the room.

Kagami watched as the once brave Fourth Hokage aimlessly walked away with painful memories of the past, and the future he would have to live without his son.

This was the harsh truth every ninja knew, but it didn't help in easing the pain of losing family.


Two shinobi could be seen standing on opposite sides, while one of them was in his early 30's and a Jounin, the other was wearing his black t-shirt proudly with his family's crest proudly etched on his back.

A kunai holster was strapped on his dark blue pants, while his hands were covered by finger less gloves.

His spiky golden hair combined with his dark blue eyes, made him look as the spitting image of his father, The Yondaime Hokage.

Itachi Namikaze was no ordinary 13 year old boy, he hailed from a family of powerful ninjas. His father was the Yondaime Hokage, while his mother was one of the most powerful medical ninja of his village, his elder brother was a great leader and a strong ninja.

Each of them had proven themselves as fine shinobi, and now it was his turn to live up to their expectations and continue the legend of 'Namikaze' clan.

He was already the best student of his generation and had graduated at the top of his class. His skills were on par with a chunin, the only thing he lacked was experience.

Which he was going to gain right now!

"Are you ready, Itachi?" asked the older shinobi seriously,

This person had short, black hair that reached to his shoulders and onyx-coloured eyes. He wore the standard Konoha flak jacket, along with a black shirt with the Konoha Military Police Force symbol on the shoulders, shin-guards and a black, open-front apron with white diamonds on the bottom.

He was Fugaku Uchiha, leader of the Uchiha Police force and a trusted shinobi of Itachi's father.

As Kagami's entire family was on the war front, with Shisui in the Commando Squad and Mikoto in the Medical Division...the Police Force needed a new leader. Kagami was also busy as the head of the 5th division and had left it to Minato to chose a new leader, displaying the Uchiha clan's faith in the Hokage.

Minato noticed Fugaku's popularity among the younger Uchiha, and after a consultation with several other clan members he named him the head of the Police Force during the war.

This was one of the reasons why Minato was considered to be the greatest Hokage of Konoha. He listened to his people and honored their wishes, but at the same time he also took necessary steps to protect Konoha. The Uchiha clan had been brought back into the village, and Minato had changed the mindset of the people of the village by projecting the Uchiha Police Force as a "Peace Keeping" force, that made sure that the citizens of Konoha could live peaceful lives.

And today the Uchiha clan was loyal to the village, and almost all of its members were happy under Minato's rule. The fact that most members of the Police Force were there to see this spar, and had wished him luck was a good sign.

However, there was another problem that was growing every day...and sooner or later, it would cause great problems in Konoha.

"I'll talk with father about that...but right now, I have to concentrate. I cannot let my guard down" thought Itachi cautiously,

"Let's do this..." said Itachi seriously,

Fugaku was surprised when in a blink of an eye, the boy was right in front of him. Reacting on his instincts, he quickly blocked a right hook that Itachi had sent towards his chest, but what happened next shocked everyone in the area.

As Fugaku blocked Itachi's attack, the boy quickly capitalized that moment and spinned quickly towards Fukagu's back and delivered a crushing roundhouse kick that sent the Uchiha tumbling a few feet away.

"He's almost fast as the Yondaime..."

"Did he just score a hit on Fukagu-sama?"


Itachi was unfazed by the praises showered on him, and quickly prepared himself just in time as Fugaku jumped at him unleashing a torrent of kicks and punches. The level of the fight had just been raised as Fugaku had his sharingan active now.

Itachi quickly back flipped away and threw few smoke bombs in the way, blocking Fugaku. But the older Uchiha was prepared, as the young Namikaze instead of hiding pounced right back at him, but this time there were 3 of him.

"Bunshin (Clones).." thought Fukagu tactically,

The spectators watched in surprise as Fukagu unleashed a torrent of kunai in the sky instead of hitting the 3 clones on the ground that were heading towards him.

Metal clashed against metal, and the members of the Police Force watches in fascination as Itachi was up there countering Fugaku's attacks.

Fugaku's sharingan quickly spotted a set of hand seals, since when did he start performing jutsu?

It was true that ever since Naruto left the village, Itachi had never rested a day. He had trained every day, working hard just so he could be as good as the members of his family. Just so he could be strong enough to fight by his brother's side in the war and maybe someday even protect him from the enemies.

He still remembered the day when Mikoto left Itachi to him before going to war. Since that day, Fugaku had acted as his mentor, trainer, and as his teacher. Itachi had became an integral part of his family and his own son, Sasuke was one of Itachi's best friends.

Though, Sasuke nor Fugaku never understood the reason why even after becoming the best student of his class...Itachi never stopped. The only reason he gave Fugaku were three words "It's not enough".

"Fuuton Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough Jutsu)"

Fugaku quickly performed his set of hand seals as Itachi unleashed a powerful gust of wind that destroyed every projectile heading towards him.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu(Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu)"

A large fireball was released from Fugaku's mouth which collided quickly with Itachi's attack. Both the jutsu were equally powerful, and the people were surprised by this phenomenon as Fire style was supposed to be stronger than wind style.

"What is he up to? His fighting style is purely based on speed, Naruto was a power house but Itachi not only looks like Minato, his speed and reflexes are the best I have ever seen in any person other than Minato." thought Fugaku seriously,

Fugaku had heard stories about Naruto's prowess in ninjutsu from Itachi. The boy practically considered his brother as a god who could not be defeated, Itachi was not a powerhouse but he had exceptional abilities which no other person in his family ever had.

A lone kunai was passed through Fugaku's fireball and was now heading towards the older Uchiha.

"So, that's what he was up to!" said Fugaku in shock,

And right on time, the kunai was quickly replaced by Itachi himself as he quickly substituted himself with the weapon and was now just a few inches away from Fugaku.


The Police Force members were astonished when another Fugaku jumped on Itachi from above, but their surprise didn't end there as the Fugaku clone passed right through Itachi before violently dispelling itself as it crashed on the ground.

Realizing the truth the 'real' Fugaku quickly turned around only to face the sharp edge of Itachi's kunai being pointed on his forehead.

"It's over, Fugaku-sama" said Itachi respectfully, as a small smirk came on Fugaku's face.

"So, it seems..." said Fugaku calmly, he was not sad about his defeat...rather he was proud of the boy's skills.

"But how? What happened?" asked one of the Uchiha, as Fugaku turned towards his subordinates.

"He tricked me, the kunai which he threw towards me was just a distraction. In reality, as soon as the kunai came near me he substituted the weapon with his Bunshin (Clone), but it was not a shadow clone like mine...it was just a simple clone" explained Fugaku briefly,

"But with your sharingan, you could have easily spotted the fake clone?" asked a female Uchiha curiously, as Fugaku shook his head in negative.

"Under normal circumstances it would have been possible, but the fireball which I had launched in the sky against his wind attack had shadowed the entire area on which I was standing preventing me from seeing the shadow that normal clones usually have. As such, even with my sharingan I was unable to see the Bunshin and he had created a perfect one. It was too late, before I realized what he was up to" said Fukagu curtly,

"But still his speed is quite remarkable, Captain.." said Inabi Uchiha seriously,

"You're far too kind, Inabi-san. Fugaku-sama trained me for all these years, he's one of the people who made me strong" said Itachi politely, as some of the Uchiha chuckled on seeing the boy's honesty.

"He's a polite one, Captain. We shall return to our duties now..." said Inabi heartily, as Fugaku gave him a curt nod.

Soon, every member of the Police Force left to perform their duties but not before congratulating Itachi. As soon as they were alone, Fugaku turned towards his student as the boy gave him a thankful bow.

"You've done well..." said Fugaku proudly, as a small smile came on the boy's face.

And just like that, Fugaku too vanished from the area leaving a satisfied Itachi behind.

"You can come out now. I know you have watched us this entire time..." said Itachi murderously, as his sharingan flared to life.

The sound of footsteps could be heard as a person slowly started to appear from behind the nearby trees. But Itachi's eyes widened in shock, on seeing who this person actually was...

"Tou-san..." said Itachi in shock, as his father gave him a small smile.

Minato watched silently as Itachi ran towards him, he had seen the entire spar and to say he was proud would be an understatement. Itachi was magnificent, a perfect carbon copy of Minato himself. His speed, intellect were so much like him.

But at the same time, it also reminded Minato of his elder son who too was magnificent in his own way.

And now he was dead.

Itachi quickly hugged his father, as the older Namikaze gently patted his shoulders. It had been years since they had seen each other, Itachi was now 5ft 1 inch tall, his spiky blonde hair now reached up to his neck. He had developed quite a physique and his muscles were well toned, and his beautiful blue eyes had grown even more attractive. He was also wearing the Konoha headband proudly on his forehead.

"It seems just like yesterday...when I had given such a headband to Naruto..." thought Minato sadly, but he steeled his heart as he knew he would have to be there for his family now more than ever.

"You've grown stronger, Itachi..." said Minato with a smile, as his son just scratched the back of his head shyly.

"It's nothing, in comparison to Nii-san I'm just..." said Itachi nonchalantly, however Minato put a firm hand on his son's shoulders.

"Itachi, you must never compare yourself to your brother. Both of you are amazing in your own way, I know you feel guilty for not participating in the war...but it was out of your hands, but you made us proud by becoming a fine shinobi and keeping the village safe. You even became the best genin of your class, you were able to defeat a Jounin with your intelligence...and I'm proud of you," said Minato honestly, as a happy smile came on his younger son's face.

"Thanks..." said Itachi happily, but he didn't miss the sea of sadness in his father's eyes which the man was desperately trying to hide.

As he waited for his father to say something, he got a real bad feeling about the whole situation. Just what could have possibly made Minato possible leave all his duties as the commander of their forces and come back to the village?

Surely, it must have been something more important than just visiting his son...

"Your brother..." began Minato hesitantly, as an excited smile came on Itachi's face.

"Has he come back? Is he hiding somewhere?" asked Itachi excitedly, as his sharingan searched for any faint trail of chakra...but there was nobody in the entire area besides Minato and him.

"...has been killed"

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