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Naruto is like Hashirama. He's kind, just, caring, brave, and loves his people. But at the same time he does not hesitate to take heart breaking steps for the greater good (Just as Hashirama had to kill Madara, Naruto had to kill the villagers). The only difference between them is that Hashirama was able to hide his guilt behind his cheerful personality while Naruto also has such a personality in himself, but he has not accepted him yet (Guess who?)

As some of you have guessed, Itachi is like Tobirama. He is a ninja who follows rules and believes discipline is necessary. He does care about Konoha, but he won't hesitate to sacrifice people or even himself for the greater good. His only weakness is his brother. (This is the explanation which Blackwolf provided when I asked him this question).

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Chapter 41


Two people could be seen walking through the dark hallways of the Akatsuki base. Both of them were walking in peaceful silence, they were even wearing the same orange spiral mask and similar cloaks...but the only difference was that one of them was totally drenched in blood.

Madara keenly observed as his new soldier walked slowly, he had passed the final test with flying colors and now Naruto was a true member of the Akatsuki.

A true criminal.

The boy had not said anything since they left the now 'Ruined' Narita village, he was not crying or showing any sense of anger towards him...he was just walking...

"You probably think I'm a monster?" asked Madara mysteriously, as Naruto continued to keep on walking.

"Probably? Are you fucking nuts?" asked Ikiryo sarcastically, as his partner ignored him too.

"I have no interest in such things, I am a soldier and I follow my orders" said Naruto flatly, as the older Uchiha chuckled a little.

"You remind me of someone..." said Madara nostalgically, as he remembered a person from his past.

"What's so funny?" asked Naruto in an irritated tone, he really was not in any mood for jokes.

"You really are something else, Naruto. You are willing to do anything to bring peace in this world...but what will the world think about you?" asked Madara curiously,

He watched silently as the boy stopped walking as his eyes shifted towards the ceiling of the base, it was as if he was searching for an answer in that darkness.

"I don't know...for some I would be a monster, for others I would be a hero. I can't see the future, but true peace is not possible in this current world. The only thing I can do is follow the path which I chose for myself until the very end..." said Naruto calmly, and only Ikiryo could feel how hurt Naruto was from his actions.

"Even at the cost of your humanity?" asked Madara crudely, as the boy started walking away.

"We don't have a choice...this world is cruel," said Naruto truthfully, as he slowly started to vanish into the dark corners of the base.

"There is a meeting in a few hours, our plan to destroy Konoha will be unveiled. Don't be late," said Madara seriously, as the boy gave him a sharp gaze.


Madara watched curiously as Naruto disappeared in the shadows, just what was the boy's true goal? He had been sure about the boy being a spy, only to be proven wrong by witnessing Naruto's loyalty by massacring innocents on his orders.

"You are quite mysterious, Naruto Namikaze..."

He gently opened the door of his room and was about to walk inside when he slowly closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

"I know you're there..." said Naruto coldly, as the pressure in the room increased.

An evil chuckle was heard and soon after a person emerged from the floor of his room. He had silky black hair, and slit yellow colored eyes...one look at the man's face could scare even the strongest ninja's. People were scared of this man, but not him.

After what he did tonight, there was nothing he feared...not even death.


The said man was watching him with an intrigued look on his face, it was as if he was surprised that he passed the test which Madara had made him go through.

"So, Zetsu has revealed our identities to you...so irresponsible," said Orochimaru disappointedly, as he was surprised on hearing this.

"It seems none of them know that Madara is the true leader of the Akatsuki...except Kushina," said Ikiryo seriously,

Naruto looked at the Snake Sannin coldly, so this bastard had suggested Zetsu to test his loyalty who in turn passed this message to Madara...who ultimately made him destroy an entire village with the people.

"Once, my mission's done...I'll give you such a death which no man has ever seen. You will walk through hell but you won't have any eyes, you won't be able to listen or to speak...because I will take your eyes, your ears, your tongue, even your very soul. And you'll be remembered in history as the fool who thought he could defeat...Naruto Namikaze," thought Naruto maliciously, even Ikiryo was surprised by the amount of hatred which Naruto had for this man...and with justifiable cause.

Over the course of time Ikiryo had realized that he and Naruto were two sides of the same coin. And in reality, Ikiryo was not the source of Naruto's hatred...rather it was Naruto himself.

Naruto was a kind person, but in the end he was an Uchiha who were known for their vengeance. He still remembered the way Naruto murdered those Kiri shinobi who had killed Armin and Kotetsu...he had butchered them like animals and his hatred had not been satisfied until he killed two Jinchuuriki.

And that behavior came out when his friends were killed in a war, but Orochimaru had made him commit genocide. Ikiryo knew the man's fate was now sealed, as not even Kami would be able to save him from Naruto's hatred.

"Get out" said Naruto darkly, as his KI increased to an extent that cracks started to appear in the walls.

Ikiryo was further surprised when instead of going out that idiot Sannin started chuckling, did he have a death wish?

"So how did it feel to kill those people? I am sure you enjoyed their screams as they begged you for mercy...you relished that power, the power to be a god and pass judgement on people, didn't you?'' asked Orochimaru slyly,


The walls outside the room developed major cracks as pieces of rock started falling down on the ground. The amount of KI had increased to a whole another level as Naruto's sharingan flared to life.

"This is bad.." thought Ikiryo quickly, as his Mangekyo flared to life.

"Switch" whispered Ikiryo in his mind, as he regained control of their mind and body.

Orochimaru was surprised when the KI vanished as Naruto slowly took off his mask, and he was smiling?

"You're right...I did enjoy it" said Ikiryo happily, as Orochimaru was taken aback with this sudden change in the boy's attitude.

"If Naruto was a spy then he would have attacked me by now...I know the boy, he is an emotional wreck. There is no way he would say such a thing...unless he is still pretending to save his cover," thought Orochimaru tactfully,

But there was something missing, and it would be foolish to accuse the boy of being a traitor after he had proved his loyalty. He just didn't have any concrete proof right now...

"So, you need a hand there...Jiji?" taunted Ikiryo mischievously, and a small smile came on his face when Orochimaru's eyebrows twitched on that insult.

Both of them glared at each other, although Ikiryo had that unique mischievous glint in his eyes which was making the Snake Sannin really angry.

Finally, after a few moments of a intense staring match Orochimaru finally relented and started walking towards the door...but he stopped just beside Ikiryo.

"I'll be watching you..." said Orochimaru darkly, he really hated mysteries that were not known to him...

"Eh, I'm flattered?" asked Ikiryo cheekily, as a small victorious smirk came on his face when Orochimaru left the room with a frustrated look on his face.

He waited for a few more moments until the Snake Sannin's chakra vanished from this part of the base, signifying he was out of range.

"Damn, that was close..." said Ikiryo in a relieved tone,

"And here it comes..." thought Ikiryo sarcastically,

"IKIRYO!" yelled Naruto furiously, as his alter ego just scratched the tip of his ear in boredom.

"Yo..." said Ikiryo jovially, as Naruto's eyes went wide in disbelief.

"Don't fuck with me..." said Naruto knowingly, as he knew that Ikiryo was aware about his reason for being furious.

"Believe me, that is the last thing I would want to do...besides I'm not gay," said Ikiryo nonchalantly,

"What the fuck are you saying, you moron?" asked Naruto in confusion, but he was a taken aback when his alter ego glared at him.

"It is exactly what you think...I took control because you almost fucking blew our cover!" accused Ikiryo murderously, as any trace of innocence vanished from his voice.

"You're wrong..." said Naruto defiantly,

"Am I? Tell me, you were not going to attack that man right now?" asked Ikiryo flatly, as Naruto's fists clenched tightly.


"You're making this personal..." accused Ikiryo defiantly, as Naruto's own Mangekyo flared to life.

"You're damn right this is personal...I will kill him," said Naruto madly, as Ikiryo started chuckling further increasing his anger.

"Look at yourself...you're pathetic. Acting like a spoilt little brat...because something didn't go your way" said Ikiryo disappointedly,

"You were not the one who had to kill those innocent people, their screams..." said Naruto devastatedly, as Ikiryo's glare softened.

"And their deaths would be in vain, if you blow your cover. Naruto, I don't blame you for acting like this...you're a good person and a damn fine commander, but the truth is you're not fit for this mission anymore," said Ikiryo truthfully, as his partner was shocked on hearing this.

"What did you say!"

"The truth, we had a deal that I would help you in protecting Kaa-san by exposing the Akatsuki and ending this war. But as of right now, you're in no condition to continue this mission..." said Ikiryo flatly,

"I'm a Blackops captain, you idiot!" said Naruto furiously, why couldn't this fool understand?

"Who has been at war for 6 years, if you're fine...then why can't you sleep at night, why do you always keep on saying your deceased friends and comrades names in your sleep, sometimes you wake up scared like hell. Naruto we are up against S-ranked criminals and even a little mistake can jeopardize the mission...you'll even put Kushina under risk," explained Ikiryo briefly,

"Why do you even care about her? You just want to get inside her pants..." said Naruto accusingly, and for a moment he saw a hurtful look appearing in Ikiryo's eyes.

"You won't understand...the pain of being rejected, the pain that comes with loneliness," thought Ikiryo silently,

"I don't care, she trusted you...and I'm not gonna let you put her life in danger," said Ikiryo defiantly,


"Naruto, listen to me..." requested Ikiryo, but it just increased Naruto's anger.

"Listen to you? Why should I listen to you...after you said you don't want me on this mission. How can I even trust you?" asked Naruto insultingly,

"Because of everything we have been through, you moron! For 12 years, I have been by your side...waiting for you to accept me, that I'm more than just a stupid side kick alter ego...that you are me, and I am you," said Ikiryo angrily,

Silence prevailed between them as Naruto was a little shocked on hearing this...while Ikiryo was panting harshly after that outburst.

Both of them knew that they were incomplete without each other. Only by accepting each other they could be a whole real person...and anything other than that was just a lie. But it was not that simple either, as Ikiryo considered Naruto to be an emotional fool, while Naruto felt that Ikiryo was a selfish, cold bastard who only cared about Mikoto and himself.

"Do you really want this?" asked Naruto calmly, as Ikiryo was surprised on hearing him speaking in such a manner...it was as if,

"All the hatred and chaos in this world is currently caused by Madara and his Akatsuki..." said Ikiryo seriously,

"Then all we have to do is expose him and his goons and bring an end to this war" said Naruto calmly, as a small smile came on Ikiryo's face.

"Naruto, you already are a hero of Konoha by now. You have the power to win people's hearts...the fact that you reached Kushina's heart despite her being under being Madara's genjutsu shows your true power. If you expose the Akatsuki, and are able to persuade the other Kages...it won't be long before the entire world is united not through military power, but because people would have understood true pain by now...and the world can finally embrace the future," explained Ikiryo briefly, and somewhere deep in his heart Naruto was really touched by those words.

"And that's..."


"Our Dream!" said both of them in unison, as a small smile came on Naruto's face.

''Through this war...we realized that people desire a future," said Naruto with a small smile, as he remembered Armin's dream.

"Hey, Naruto...do you think wishes can be fulfilled by trusting each other?" asked Ikiryo curiously,

"I do, because the things I couldn't accomplish by my own...were fulfilled with the help of my comrades and my wish came true," said Naruto honestly,

"Wishes...huh?'' asked Ikiryo contently,

"Yes, I want to put my faith in people's wishes...for the sake of this world's future," said Naruto hopefully, as Ikiryo gave him a firm nod.

"Then in order to create this new world, let me remove the evil from this world," requested Ikiryo honestly, as Naruto closed his eyes.

Ikiryo was surprised when Naruto's presence started to vanish inside their mind as a small smile came on his face, and the respectful look which he was giving Ikiryo warmed his heart.

"Kick some ass" said Naruto encouragingly,

"(chuckles)...it is possible that we may get killed while fulfilling this dream..." said Ikiryo truthfully,

"Only those willing to be killed should think about destroying true evil..." said Naruto with determination, as he slowly vanished into their mind scape.

Ikiryo watched peacefully as Naruto disappeared deep inside their mind, as a strange feeling spread across his entire body. It was totally accepting him, there was no fear or hesitation...did Naruto really,

"Thank you,"

(Medical Base)

In a small tent a person suddenly bolted up from her bed, her deep blue eyes quickly started to observe her surroundings.

Soon the memories of the previous battle came flooding back in her mind, and only one thought crossed her mind.


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