I finished the House of Hades, and man is it intense.

I hope you enjoy the chapter.

McGonagall looked at him sharply and disbelievingly. "Mr. Jackson, have you lost your wits?"

Percy almost cracked a grin, and shook his head, "Ask Dumbledore. Trust me." He looked up at her eyes.

"He's right." Hermione piped in.

"Yeah." Ron added, "We saw all his memories. He's been through more than us. A lot more than us, in fact."

McGonagall reluctantly lowered her wand, "Since I must attend to the injured students, I shall leave the matter be, for now. However, after this whole fiasco is over, Jackson, you will tell-"

"There will be no need, Minerva." A calm voice cut in to her scolding, and they spun around to see none other than Albus Dumbledore standing, looking serenely at them.

"Albus." She said, looking relieved, "What has happened, how-"

"The wards have been broken through." Dumbledore said, "I'm afraid we are vulnerable at the moment. May I lay the burden of gathering the others, and replenishing the wards, on you, Minerva?"

"But Albus-" she began again.

"What Mr. Jackson has said, is confirmed by me. He is more of a hero than I will ever be, and has been through more than I have ever gone through. I am one of his kind. Now, Minerva, would you be so kind as to go and replenish the wards." He said with a cutting edge to his voice.

McGonagall stepped back, "Very well, Headmaster." She said weakly, and walked away.

Dumbledore closed his eyes, and breathed in. "I am deeply sorry I was not able to make it in time. I had.. other maters to attend to. I trust you handled Tom's followers?" he asked them.

"Percy destroyed them." Hermione said, "He summoned all this water. "

Dumbledore smiled at him, "Very good. Because knowing Tom, he'll be sending his Death Eaters day after day after day, until we get weak. Then he will come here in person, and seek Harry, who, I'm afraid, will have to face off. I assume Harry and Mr. DiAngelo are gone?"

"Yes, sir." The three said in unison.

Dumbledore nodded, "Very well, then. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must attend to the injured and dead."

Percy stood there, twirled his wand with his fingers, and met the stares of the rest of the students staring at him.

"Oh, boy." Percy muttered, "Where are you, Nico?"


Harry dropped to his knees, and groaned.

Nico stuck out a hand, and Harry gratefully took it and got up.

"You don't like shadow traveling?" Nico asked.

Harry shook his head. "There's apparation in our world, you weren't there when they taught it, and it's similar."

Nico merely nodded, and began walking forward, with Harry following him.

Harry studied his surroundings. Nico had taken him to a dark place with a lake on the side.

Harry shuddered as he thought he saw a zombie-like shape rise out of it.

For some reason, it reminded him of Nico.

Nico DiAngelo.

The boy scared Harry. He seemed dark, and emo-like. He was wearing a black shirt with a skeleton on top of it, and had a skull ring on his finger. Dark indeed.

And he wasn't nearly like any Dark wizard Harry had ever met.

When he had asked if Harry liked shadow traveling, he didn't ask it sympathetically, more like… trying to figure out stuff about him.

Whenever he saw Nico's dark eyes lock with his own, he felt like he was being searched; like he was reading his mind. But it was different. This was much stronger.

Harry felt a dark feeling in his body whenever Nico looked at him. Like there were to portions of his body, one dark, and one light. The dark one tingled whenever Nico looked at him, and the light shrunk away. It was a very weird feeling.

Also, whenever Nico talked to Percy, it was like this other side of Nico popped up. His eyes lit up, and he just.. well, seemed more cheerful. A/N: Those who have read HoH will understand.

And to others, he seemed as dark as Voldemort.

"We're here." Nico said, as they entered a dark cave.

Harry gripped his wand tighter, and followed him cautiously through, until they reached a large basin filled with green liquid.

"It's here." Nico murmured, stretching out a hand towards it. "I can sense it."

Slowly, he rested his fingers on the side of the basin.

"No!" Harry yelled, "It's triggered some kind of reaction from these… these." Harry gestured helplessly as some Inferi came walking slowly towards them.

"Fend them off, Harry." Nico said calmly, as if in a sort of trance, "I'll work on summoning the Horcrux."

The word, "horcrux" seemed to have an effect on the Inferi, as they began coming faster, and more and more piled inside the large cave.

"Stupefy!" Harry shouted, waving his wand.

One lurched over for a second, but then kept on walking towards him and Nico.

"Well, no stunning then." Harry muttered, "Reducto!" he yelled, flicking his wand again.

All it did was push some of them back, with made them angrier.

"Nico, hurry up!" Harry told him.

"Working on it." Nico said, "Almost all of the potion is gone. I can see the locket. But I can't remove the rest. There's something wrong." He looked at Harry gravely, "I'm going to have to drink these last few drops."

"Incendio!" Harry said, swishing and flicking his wand. Fire burst from it, and for the first time, effectively killed some Inferi. "Then do it!" Harry told Nico desperately, "I can't hold them off for that long."

Shuddering, Nico took out his wand, and levitated the last few drops of murky liquid into the air.

He stared at them, his face whitening with fear.

"Do it, Nico!" Harry yelled, casting another fire spell on the zombies.

He watched as Nico flicked his wand, and the drops flew fast into Nico's open mouth.

Nico closed his lips and swallowed it down.

For a second, Harry was sure it wouldn't affect him.

Nico dropped down on a knee, and began crying. "Bianca." He sobbed, "I'm sorry. So, so sorry." And then he fainted.

Harry was so stunned at the son of Hades showing that much emotion, that he almost forgot to protect himself from the Inferi.

"Incendio Maximus!" Harry shouted, waving his wand, and a huge blast of white-hot flames rained down on the undead.

He desperately kneeled down, and shook Nico. "Wake up, Nico! Wake up!"

Harry quickly cast a water spell upon him.

Nico shot up, his eyes wide open. "What happened?" he asked.

"I'll tell you later!" Harry shouted, sending another fire spell on the surrounding Inferi. "Just help me kill these stupid-"

Nico stood up, and wiped some grime of his face with his black t-shirt, and twisted his skull ring.

A hissing noise came, as it grew into a long, pure black Stygian iron sword.

He flicked his other hand, and soon, a black aura surrounded him.

Nico began chanting in a language Harry didn't understand, and Harry watched as Nico released a huge blast of dark enegy.


All the Inferi disappeared into dust.

"How did you do that?" Harry asked nervously.

Nico grunted, "I'm a son of Hades. Those are the undead, I'm their ruler, the Ghost king. How Voldemort managed to control them, I don't know."

"Right." Harry said, and hesitantly asked, "Nico, who's Bianca?"

It happened so fast, Harry didn't have time to react.

Nico's grip tightened on his sword, and he pushed Harry hard onto the wall.

He put his sword inches away from Harry's throat.

"How do you know who she is?" Nico snarled.

Harry gulped. "Erm, when you drank those few drops of that potion, you, erm, mentioned her name."

Nico's grip on his sword relaxed, his shoulders sagged, and he released Harry.

"What else did I say?" Nico asked, "And I'm sorry about that, by the way."

"It's alright." Harry replied, "All you said was that you were sorry. And then you fainted."

"Oh." Nico said, and his eyes grew sadder than they had been for a moment.

"Nico." Harry said quietly, and Nico looked up at him, "Who is Bianca?"

For a second, Harry thought he was going to lunge at him, again, but he just slumped,dropped his sword, and sat down, leaning against the wall.

"She's my sister." Nico said in a low voice, "Was."

"Was?" Harry asked hesitantly, "Y-you mean she's…"

"Yeah." Nico managed to say, on the brink of tears. "Yeah."

His face then hardened, and he wiped some tears that had managed to escape his coal-black eyes.

Nico stood up, walked over to the basin, and picked up a locket.

He examined it for a moment, turning it over in his hands.

He set it down in front of them, and picked up his sword. "I'm going to open it." He told Harry.

"The locked?" Harry asked, surprised.

Nico rolled his eyes," Yes, you dimwit. The Horcrux." He looked at him seriously, "Now, something will come out of it, something dark. Be careful, and don't be lured by it."

"Okay." Harry nodded his head, and got into a ready stance with his wand.

"One." Nico counted, "Two. Three." And he opened up the locket.

However, nothing came out.

Inside it, was a small piece of paper, that read R.A.B.