"Oh my god..." Sabrina said as she looked at the evidence in front of her.

"I'm so sorry Sabrina." Ellie said just above a whisper. "I never meant for any of this to happen. I never meant for this to go as far as it did. I know nothing I say will matter but I didn't have a choice…." Ellie continued her reasoning but Sabrina couldn't even hear her. It was all white noise at this point. Her disbelief and shock had rendered most of her senses useless.

"Please understand that if I had it all to do over again…"

"Stop!" Sabrina yelled interrupting Ellie mid apology. "I have to find Patrick. We'll deal with everything else later." Sabrina grabbed the paperwork and headed out the door of Maxie and Ellie's apartment. Thoughts racing, she fumbled around with her cell phone to try to call Patrick. She couldn't remember if he was already headed home from his emergency consult or still at the hospital. Realizing that her battery was dead, she decided to try her luck with the hospital. That way she would be able to verify Ellie's claim. Britt wasn't carrying Patrick's baby at all. She wasn't even carrying her own baby! In the parking garage of the hospital, Sabrina got out of her car so fast the keys were still in the ignition. While trying to get them out, she heard footsteps behind her. As she turned her head around and looked up, her heart stopped. She came face to face with a woman she had never seen before but who oddly looked very familiar. The woman had a gun in one hand…. and Emma in the other.

"Wha…. What's going on" Sabrina said with worry in her voice. "Emma, are you ok?"

"She's fine dear" the mystery woman said in a thick European accent before Emma could say a word. "Now… let's go." She demanded, raising the gun point blank at Sabrina's head.

Seeing the fear in Emma's eyes, Sabrina decided to comply. She calmly placed her belongings on the ground next to her car and raised her hands to show she wasn't going to put up a fight. They slowly walked to a parked van with the back door wide open.

"Get in!" the would be kidnapper demanded, nudging both Emma and Sabrina in with her one free hand. In the back of the van Sabrina scooped Emma in her arms like any mother would who was worried about her child

"Are you sure you're ok" Sabrina asked?

"Yes I'm ok. What's going on?"

"I'm not sure, honey. How did you end up with this woman?"

"I was in the daycare at the hospital and she came in and told me she was taking me to see Daddy. She had on the same white coat that Daddy wears at work. I thought she was a doctor too. Are we in trouble?" Emma asked solemnly

Sabrina looked around the empty van. "I think so, sweetie. But don't worry. I promise I won't let anything happen to you, ok?" Emma, not sure if she believed her, smiled and wrapped her arms around her neck anyway.

After what seemed like an eternity, the van finally stopped. Emma, not quite asleep jumped as she heard the front door open and close. Sabrina clenched her so tightly in her arms she was scared she was going to hurt her. "It's ok sweetie. I've got you."

The back doors flew over and the mystery woman appeared once again brandishing the same weapon as before. "Out" was all she said. Sabrina tried to look around once out of the van to see if she could recognize her surroundings. All she could see where shadows of trees blowing in the darkness of the night sky.

Being escorted into an empty dark shack, Emma tried to hide behind Sabrina's legs. "I'm scared!" she cried.

"It's ok honey" Sabrina said stopping to pick her up in her arms.

Once inside, the woman with the gun stood at the door with a smirk on her face.

"Why are you doing this?" Sabrina pleaded.

"I'm only doing what any mother would do for her child." She said plainly as she turned to leave, closing the door behind her. The click of the lock sounded like thunder to Sabrina.

"FELIX! Have you seen Emma!" Patrick screamed damn near giving Felix a heart attack

"No. Why? What's going on?"

"She was downstairs in daycare and now she's gone. No one seems to know where she. I've been looking everywhere!" Patrick said clearly panicked.

"OK ok let's calm down. I adore the little scamp but she does tend to wonder off sometimes. Remember when she ran off to the Pier? She probably got bored and decided to come looking for you. I'm sure she's around here somewhere. Let's split up"

"No need for that" Epiphany said rushing up behind them. "One of my nurses said he saw Emma leaving with a woman with dark hair wearing a lab coat. They thought it was another doctor"

The pang of fear hit Patrick so hard he almost buckled over. "I… I don't understand. Was it Sabrina? Did she maybe pick her up and forget to call me?"

"No. My nurse said he had never seen the woman before. Older lady. Definitely not Nurse Santiago. I've already called the police. You may want to call Anna now, Drake Jr!"

"Yes. Do that Dr. Drake. I'll call Sabrina" Felix said while dialing Sabrina's number.

"Anna, its Patrick. I think Emma has been kidnapped. Get to the hospital as soon as possible." Patrick yelled into Anna's voicemail. "Sabrina?" he asked Felix.

"Voicemail too" Felix replied with a puzzled look on his face.

"What?" Patrick asked

"In all the time I've known that girl, she has never turned off her phone."

Patrick didn't even have time to respond before he saw Anna and Mac flying off the elevator. "Well that was fast. I just called you." Patrick said relived to see his once mother in law slash Police Commissioner.

"I was already on the way. I heard Epiphany's 911 call come over the scanner."

"Emma is missing, Anna. We have to find her." Patrick said with tears filling his eyes

"She's not the only one" Anna said matter of factly.

"What are you talking about" Patrick asked puzzled

"When we came in through the parking garage, we spotted a car with the door open, keys in the ignition and purse and cell phone on the ground. The ID inside was Sabrina's."

Patrick's heart sank to his feet.

"I had them run the plates and it's definitely her car. Keys, wallet, cell. All left at the scene. I'm having my guys run prints now and pull security footage. We are going to find them, Patrick" Anna said trying to be reassuring.

"I can't believe this" Felix said to no one in particular.

"Anna what the hell is going on?! Are you telling me someone kidnapped my daughter AND the woman I love? Why? Who would do something like that?" Patrick screamed. Before anyone could come up with an answer to his obviously rhetorical question, He spotted Britt coming off the elevator.

"What?" Britt asked confused as to why everyone was gawking at her.

"Listen to me very carefully, because I'm only going to ask this once. Where the hell are Sabrina and my daughter?" Patrick demanded.

"Patrick, I have no idea what you're talking about" Britt responded

"Sabrina and Emma are missing. The only person I know who hates them enough to do anything to them is you, Britt. Answer the damn question."

"Patrick, I'm here for my final check up. I'm due in a week. Or have you forgotten about our baby already?"

"About that…" Anna chimed in. "Patrick, you need to see something." Anna reached into her back pocket and pulled out what looked to be a sheet of paper in a clear plastic evidence bag.

"What's this?" Patrick asked taking the paper from Anna.

"It's proof. The baby Britt is carrying is not yours. We found in on the front seat of Sabrina's car. We don't have all the details but it looks like Sabrina learned the truth and was on her way to tell you when someone…. intervened."

"That's a lie!" Britt screamed realizing her plan was unraveling. "This is your baby, Patrick!"

As he read the lab report, all the color in his face washed away. Everything he thought was true was a lie. As upset as he was, the only thing he could muster to say was "Where are they?" Looking Britt dead in her soul less eyes. "I don't care about anything else, Britt. I already knew the type of person you were. I don't have time to do this with you right now. Just tell me where my family is, ok? It's over. This game you're playing. The lies. The deceit. It's all over. I just want my girls back. I love them more than my own life. If you ever cared for me, you'll tell me where they are…. please" Patrick pleaded with tears streaming down his face.

Seeing how much Patrick loved Sabrina finally brought a dose of reality to Britt. Everything she ever wanted Patrick to feel for her, he already felt for Sabrina. All her scheming didn't matter. Because no matter what Britt did to try and change Patrick's feeling for her, she realized that it was never going to change his feelings for Sabrina. She couldn't make him fall out of love with Sabrina any more than she could make him fall IN love with her. He was right. It was over.

"Fine." Britt said defeated. "I'll tell you."