CH 34

"THIS is plan c?" Patrick asked concerned.

"Do you have a better idea?" Sonny replied.

"No, but…"

"Listen, we have this under control. We just have to keep mindful of the time, that's all. 20 minutes. In and out."

"And if something goes wrong?"

"I won't allow it. We go in, we get Sabrina, Juan and Lily and we get to the airport as fast as humanly possible."

"And you're sure that is going to work?" Patrick said watching Sonny fill his briefcase.

"It'll work long enough." Sonny replied.

"Well, Alexis definitely made it look legit" Patrick said referring to the forged extradition papers she faxed down to the only modernized hotel in Bogotá.

"Boss, everything is in place" Shawn said entering the hotel room.

"Good. Here" Sonny said handing a gun to Patrick.

Patrick examined the gun in his hand and wondered if he would have to use it. The lives of Sabrina and his unborn child hung in the balance and if he had to, he would kill anyone who stood in his way of protecting them.

"Let's ride" Sonny said as they left the hotel to get their girls.

"Is this really necessary?" Sabrina asked Mendoza as he smoked a cigar

"Hey, it was your dear old dad who brought this on himself. We were living a peaceful life until he began sticking his nose in places it didn't belong."

"All he wanted was to give me a chance to meet my mother."

"Yeah, I'm sure it started out that way but he got too close for his own good."

"We still want to see her by the way" Juan added.

"My Elena is otherwise occupied at the moment."

"Please…" Sabrina pleaded with tears in her eyes.

Mendoza sighed and rolled his eyes "Fine. Melendez, go get Elena" he instructed one of the guards who did as asked.

"I'm kind of nervous" Sabrina whispered to Juan.

"It's ok. She'll love you" Juan said placing his hand on her shoulder.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, the doors finally opened again. Melendez entered first with Lily close behind him with her head lowered.

"Ah Elena my dear" Mendoza said "Come on in. You have visitors."

Lily lifted her head to see Juan and Sabrina standing in front of her. She stared at them blankly for a minute before again looking to the floor.

"Lily? It's me, Juan" He said slowly stepping towards her. Juan looked back at Sabrina when Lily didn't respond and motioned for her to come closer. Sabrina stepped forward and studied the woman who had given birth to her. "This is Sabrina. You're daughter" Juan said.

The word daughter made Lily's head shoot back up. When she had entered the room she recognized Juan but thought the girl must have been his wife or something "Daughter?" She whispered.

"Yes. Yours and Sonny's. She's all grown up as you can see" Juan chuckled.

"Hi" Sabrina smiled.

Lily stepped forward and placed her hand on Sabrina's cheek and examined her from top to bottom. It was like looking into a mirror. "Mija?"

Sabrina returned Lily's gesture by placing her hand on her face also feeling as though she was looking into a mirror. The pictures didn't do her justice. Sabrina thought her mother was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen "Si" She replied.

Lily pulled Sabrina into her arms with such force that it initially startled her. Sabrina wrapped her arms around Lily as she felt her body begin to tremble slightly as she cried "Let me look at you" Lily said running her hands through Sabrina's hair "My god your beautiful. Isn't she, Juan?"

"Yes, she is" Juan smiled.

Lily kept one arm around Sabrina and pulled Juan into their hug with her other "Mis bebés. How?" She said wiping away tears. "How did you find me?"

"Well" Mendoza said interrupting their reunion "You have that damn Sonny Corinthos to blame for that."

"Sonny knows?" Lily asked.

"Yeah he knows… Everything" Juan replied giving Lily a look that only she could understand.

Lily looked back at Mendoza and lightly smiled. She knew that if Sonny was involved that she would finally be free of this hellhole and that the man who had held her all these years wouldn't be long for this world.

"Sir, Corinthos is here" One of the guards announced as he walked into the room.

"Is he alone?" he asked

"No he has a guy with him. Says he's a doctor."

"Patrick…" Sabrina whispered thinking back to hearing his voice on the phone when she was allowed to talk to Sonny. She still didn't understand why on earth he came all the way down here.

"Why the hell does he need a doctor?" Mendoza asked.

"He said the girl has something. I don't know."

"What wrong with you?" he asked Sabrina.

"I um…" Sabrina thought of something to say other than that she was pregnant. That was the last thing they needed to know. "I'm anemic and I have a blood pressure condition. I haven't had my medication in days."

"You look fine to me."

"Actually I haven't been feeling well since I got here but I didn't want to say anything." Sabrina said trying to make herself sound fragile.

"Fine, the doctor can come in. Last thing I need is for her to keel over before I get what I want."

Lily looked at Sabrina with concern on her face. Sabrina winked letting her know it was just an act. After a few minutes Sonny and Patrick walked in the room holding a medal bag and a briefcase. The minute Patrick saw Sabrina with his own two eyes, he wanted to run to her, but he didn't. He couldn't let on that they even knew each other. Sabrina followed his lead and pretended not to know who he was.

"Mr. Corinthos, come on in. May I get you something?" Mendoza asked.

Sonny slowed his stride when he laid eyes on Lily. The flood of emotions that came over him wasn't as easy to hide. It was as if he had seen a ghost. Sonny looked as Sabrina and Juan who gave him a look that said they were ok. "Let's skip the pleasantries and get on with it. Is it ok if I have him examine my daughter?"

"What is it that you think I did to her?" Mendoza asked faking outrage.

"With you, who knows." Sonny replied.

Patrick slowly walked towards Sabrina, placed a medical bag on the floor and took out a blood pressure cuff. He wrapped it around her arm and began to pump the air through the nozzle. "Are you ok?" He whispered to which Sabrina nodded her head.

"I know" Patrick stated plainly. Sabrina read his eyes and looked to the ground. "It's ok. I love you…. And our baby." Sabrina looked up and lightly smiled as he took the cuff back off her arm.

"Ok let's do this" Mendoza said. "Do you have what I asked for?"

"It's all in there." Sonny said handing him the briefcase.

Mendoza opened the briefcase to find legal documents and a few thousand dollars in cash. "Nice touch, Mr. Corinthos."

"For your troubles" Sonny smirked.

Mendoza looked over the extradition papers and nodded in approval. "Well a deal is a deal. They can go." Mendoza said motioning to one of the guards who began pushing Sabrina and Juan towards the door.

"Wait a minute!" Sabrina said turning back. "What about Lily?"

"My Elena wasn't part of the deal. You've met, now you can leave."

"Sonny, no! We can't leave her!" Sabrina cried. Lily turned away to hide her matching tears.

Sonny took Sabrina by the arm and mouthed the words trust me. "I'm sorry, but he's right. She wasn't a part of the deal. Let's go."

Sabrina looked back at Lily and decided to comply. Once the four of them were back outside of the walled in fortress, Patrick scooped Sabrina up in his arms and finally broke down. "I thought I was going to lose you." He mumbled.

Sabrina pulled away to look at the man she loved "What are you even doing here?" She smiled.

Patrick took her face into his hands and kissed her lips "Did you honestly think I would just sit by and let harm come to you or our baby?"

"I guess not" She smiled.

"Not to break up with precious moment, but we need to get out of here, now!" Sonny said already in the car.

"Wait, Lily?" Sabrina asked.

"Sabrina, trust us. Let's go." Patrick said as they all pilled in the car and began speeding towards the airport. Sabrina kept turning around to look out the back window expecting to see another car following them but saw nothing.

"Hey, it's ok" Patrick said holding her hand. We're almost there.

"Yeah but…" Before Sabrina could finish her sentence the car jolted as if the ground had moved beneath it. She looked again out of the back window and saw an orange fire ball and mushroom cloud coming for the direction they were speeding away from. "No!" She screamed realizing what she was seeing.

"Sabrina it's ok." Patrick said trying to calm her as they drove onto the runway of a private airport.

"A bomb?! Sonny, Lily is in there!" Sabrina screamed as she jumped out of the car. "What the hell were you thinking? How the hell did you get a bomb in there?!"

"The medical bag" Patrick replied thinking back to plan c.

"Sonny! How could you?!" Sabrina yelled.

"Just wait a minute!" Sonny said. The four of them stood there by the private jet waiting for something to happen. Anything. After what seemed like forever they finally saw a car turn into the airport and stop in front of them. Shawn climbed out of the driver seat and Mendoza's guard Melendez climbed out of the passenger seat.

"Everything work out ok?" Sonny asked.

"Like a charm" Shawn replied as he opened the back door. Lily stepped out of the car and smiled.

"Oh my god…" Sabrina cried as she ran into her arms

"It's ok, Mija. I'm here now and I'm never leaving you again." She said holding on to her daughter.

Sonny approached Lily and gently pushed her hair back behind her ear "Hi" He whispered.

"Hey there, handsome" She smiled.

"Can we continue this once we're in the air?" Shawn joked.

They all boarded the plane and began their journey back to Port Charles. Sonny filled Sabrina in on everything from the bomb they hid in Patrick's medical bag to forging the extradition papers to finding one of Mendoza's guards who was willing to turn on him to get asylum in the US, and how he snuck her out of the compound and into an awaiting car shortly after they left.

"Wow…" Sabrina said turning to Patrick "I can't believe you did all of that for me."

Patrick smiled and took her hand into his "Sabrina Santiago, I love you. I would walk through fire for you. Don't you know that by now?

"I do now. I love you so much" She said pulling his lips to hers. All the doubts she had in their relationship had vanished. Patrick was hers and together they would bring a new life into this world. A little piece of both of them and a symbol of their love and devotion to one another. They didn't know exactly what the future held for them but they knew they would face it hand in hand. Sabrina looked at her mother and reflected on being a mother herself. She couldn't wait. Patrick placed his hand on her stomach as if he were reading her mind. There may have still been a lot of unsettled things waiting for them all when they got home, but they were ready to face anything as long as they were together.

The End

*The sequel, Side Effects Of You, coming in a few weeks!*