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Chapter 1 – The Red Coach Purse

8:15 am….

Kensi took the turn into Deeks' apartment complex parking lot almost on two wheels. Damn him for calling at the last minute for a ride. He better have a flat tire like he said or she was going to have to kill him. Sure enough, his car was in his spot, leaning slightly to the left with a flat tire on the driver's back. He was lucky; he could live for another day.

The door of his apartment opened just as she was about toknock. She was greeted by an excited Monty and Deeks hopping on one foot trying to get his boot on.

"Sorry I called so late. It wasn't flat when I got home from surfing. I left my towel in the car and noticed the flat….."

He continued to talk but she was focused on the red Coach purse sitting on the end of the kitchen island and the black boots Monty knocked over. She could hear the shower turn off somewhere in the apartment. "Kens, you ready?"

She nodded her head and gave Monty a final pat. The last thing she wanted to do was come face to face with whoever that was. As they headed out the door, seeing she was a little distracted, Deeks grabbed the keys from her hand and ran laughing down the stairs.

She caught up to Deeks just as he was about to open the driver's door. With her boots on, he wasn't much taller than her but when he stretched his arm over his head the keys were just out of her reach. He braced himself for the punch he knew was coming.

She reached for the keys again and decided to change tactics. She ran her fingers down his skin from his wrist to his hip, stopping at his belt. It set his senses off. She gave him the sexist smile she could. He leaned down and his lips softly touched hers. She deepened the kiss and then abruptly ended it. They were both breathless. Deeks leaned forward again, foreheads touching. Kensi leaned back, looked into his blue eyes and then up to his apartment.

Deeks sighed. "It's not what you think."

Before either could say another word, both their cell phones rang and they broke apart. Nell and Eric had texted Kensi and Deeks respectively requesting coffee from their favorite coffee shop. The partners smiled, shook their heads and got into the vehicle.

3.5 hours later….

Kensi parked in front of the boathouse. She was still reeling from the kiss this morning. "It's not what you think" kept playing over and over in her head. What did he mean? Since his and Sam's rescue a couple months ago, Kensi saw definite changes in Deeks. He wasn't as quick to flash that smile of his that she loved and was much quieter then she liked. She knew he was talking to Nate over the phone but not sure how often. His relationship with Sam was more strained than usual. She had spoken on several occasions about it to Hetty.

Hetty had advised her to let them work it out themselves but be there to support Deeks whenever possible. She had also talked to Hetty about her and Deeks relationship but it was awkward, like having that talk with your Mom. Kensi had spoken to Nate about it too. He had advised to be patient. Let Deeks know she returned his feelings but have him set the pace. A kiss here and there, a little hand holding and some suggestive looks had been it so far but now, he had a woman in his apartment early in the morning and using his shower. Evidence of breakfast was still on the counter and a comment like "it's not what you think" made her not sure what to think.

From the rushed start of the day at Deeks to now, the day didn't improve much. They hadn't had time to talk about it and it didn't look like they would anytime soon.

A young Marine was murdered outside a Reseda homeless shelter/medical clinic. Deeks had gone to pick up the witness. At Hetty's suggestion, Kensi had stopped and got lunch for everyone. Callen and Sam were right behind her as she was opening the boathouse door. As she entered the boathouse, she stopped in her tracks. On the table was THE red Coach purse.

In profile the resemblance was noticeable, straight on it was remarkable. Same Norwegian nose although Deeks' nostrils were bigger, birth mark under the left eye, shape and color of eyes and same hair. The woman's hair was longer and slightly redder. The five stood staring at each other.

Callen recovered first and said quietly to Sam, "So that's what Deeks would look like in drag."

Before Sam could reply, Hetty's voice came over the TV monitor behind them. They all jumped and Kensi, Sam and Callen turned around.

"Mr. Deeks have you introduced our guest?"

"No, not yet. My cousin Dr. Sophie Cooper, this is my partner Agent Kensi Blye and Agents Sam Hanna and G. Callen."

Sophie stepped forward to shake each of their hands and politely added "Nice to meet you" to each and added to Callen, "I heard that."

Callen looked puzzled at first then realized that she had heard his comment. Damn she heard that? Bat ears like Hetty? He looked at her to see the same goofy grin. Yep, definitely related to Deeks.

Things were starting to become clearer to Kensi. Yes, it wasn't what she had thought at first. She gave Deeks a smile and he nodded in reply.

Lunch ended and they were still waiting for the preliminary report to come in from the Medical Examiner and from their own crime scene analysis team.

After taking a sip from his water bottle, Callen started the questioning. "What do you remember from this morning, Dr. Cooper?"

"Please call me Sophie, I feel like I know all of you already. Marty has told me so much about you."

"Has Marty now?

"Yes, but I won't hold it against any of you." There was that grin again. Sophie continued not missing a beat. "I took a taxi this morning, Marty has been dropping me off on his way in but the car has a flat. Because of road repairs at the front of the building, the driver let me out on one of the side streets. I walked across the parking lot and noticed a shoe and a Marines hat near the alleyway behind the building. There is a popular bar the next block over and we find items in that lot in the mornings. Single shoes, shirts or baseball hats all the time but a Marines hat was a little unusual."

"The bar doesn't attract the military type?" Sam asked trying to get a sense of the area.

"No, the area is better known for gangs" Deeks added.

"Right, the clinic is a neutral zone. Years ago, one of the former Directors of Care made a deal with the gangs in the area. We would treat any non-gun related wounds, no questions asked, as long as our staffs is never harmed in anyway and they keep the gang wars out of the building and off the property.

Kensi looked a little skeptical. "And this works?"

"Has as long as I can remember. The clinic is only one part of the services offered. There's a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, employment centre and a YMCA.

Kensi looked over at Deeks. Arms crossed on his chest, chair tipped back on two legs, he looked slightly bored. Or maybe it was something else, was he uncomfortable with this conversation?

"Anyway, I started down the alleyway and that's when I saw the man propped against the side of the dumpster. I called out to him several times. I approached him but he was dead. I called 911 and waited for LAPD to arrival and the rest you know."

"Well, I guess that's all until we get in the reports." Sam stated as he start to collect the remains of lunch from the table.

"I took pictures." Sophie said reaching for her purse.

"Nice purse" Kensi commented.

"Thank you. My kids gave it to me for Mother's Day."

"You have children?" Callen asked.

"Yes, three boys and a girl."

"Great more little Deeks running around" Kensi smirked and looked at Deeks. He was looking a little uncomfortable where this conversation was going. She picked up some garbage off the table, as she passed him; she touched his arm and smiled.

He smiled in return, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He looked over at Sophie.

"So Cuz lets see the pictures. Why did you take them anyway?"

"Don't know really. Just thought things didn't look right, I was going to show you later."

"We'll get Eric to download them and see what you mean." Deeks stepped closer to his cousin.

Sophie handed the phone to Deeks, who went over to a computer on other side of the boathouse. As they waited for Eric to download the pictures, Sophie explained, "First, I noticed his jacket and shoes were missing. Second, one of his pant legs was rolled up.

"Rolled up?" Callen interrupted.

"Yes, like that rapper dude back in the 80"s. You know the guy Marty. You used to walk around with your pant let rolled up all the time. What was his name?"

Kensi laughed at the visual. Deeks clearly not as amused replied. "I didn't do it all the time and that has nothing to do with the case."

"No, I guess it doesn't. And thirdly..."

"Third." Kensi replied automatically. That got a chuckle out of Deeks.

Sophie looked at Kensi over the top of her glasses and continued, "He had scars on his leg like at some point he had been tied up. The wounds weren't completely healed."

"That's strange." Callen commented and nodded his head to the TV monitor. "Eric, can you bring up the picture of his leg."

"No problemo."

"Can you bring it in tighter?" Sam asked

"It will make the quality worse." Eric did as asked.

Everyone stepped closer to the monitor.

Sophie pointed to the leg. "See, I would say the wound is a month old maybe. Whoever he was, he wasn't taking care of the wound though."

"Hmm, all three of those things are kind of strange when you put them together." Kensi stated.

"Oh, but that's not the weirdest one. Can you bring up the picture of the neck?"

"Sure" Eric replied. "Oh that looks like bite marks. What would make that kind of mark? It looks like a vampire bite."