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I wasn't sure where to even start to explain the situation we were in. The smell of coffee and pastries litter the small café near the edge of our particular neighborhood. The coffee sitting next to me has since gotten cold, the pastry Kirino had ordered now sits half eaten, but mostly neglected. We sit at a booth in the corner, away from the other customers. It's Tuesday after school, the late afternoon sun beats down through the windows, warming the establishment. Across from us sit Ruri, Manami, and Saori. Our most reliable friends at the moment; our confidants in our struggle. It's been three days since our mother confronted us with the knowledge of Kirinos and I being lovers and not simple siblings. True to her word my mother had not told our father about us being together.

We spent the entire day after the discussion with our mother looking for apartments for rent. We confided in Ruri and Saori the events of the previous day. They responded accordingly with solid questions about the seriousness of our situation and what we planned to do. I told them honestly, if this is the price to be with Kirino, then I would gladly pay it. I was happy that after I said it they were jumping at the bit to help us. As a team we scoured real-estate agencies and property for rent. It was a very frenetic day filled with disappointment. Most places really weren't looking to rent to a high-school kid with no job it turns out. I still have time before I have to leave so, with a heavy heart, we split for the day and decide to meet up again as soon as possible; for as many times as it takes to find a place for me. That evening was awkward at home. Our mother no longer gave us that strange, blank look. It's only now I can identify it as being one of denial. Every time she looked at us like that she was trying not to see what was right in front of her, but her keen motherly instincts wouldn't let go of what she saw. She didn't try to separate us, or make any extra rules such as being overseen at all times. But just knowing what our mother was going through just downstairs was enough to put a damper on anything intimate to enter my brain.

Monday night after school mother, father, Kirino, and I had a discussion about me moving out of the house. My father voiced some reservations about me moving out the moment I turn eighteen, but was mostly concerned I was doing it to spite the family for some infraction. It took some adlibs on my part, but I managed to smooth over that it had anything to do with family matters. My father grudgingly agreed, especially after Kirino chimed in that she would be staying over at times to keep an eye on me. I guess my father worries about me more than I thought he did, and he sees Kirino as the one to watch me and not vise-versa. He even offered to help find and pay for the place, but remembering the discussion with mom the Saturday before, I quickly cut it off by telling him I need to try this on my own.

Now we sit here, Tuesday afternoon. It's only been three entire days that we were confronted by our mom, and it's really sunk in the direction my life is about to turn. We just brought Manami up to speed about everything. She has always said to come to her if we had any problems, and this was a problem alright. I don't expect her to fix anything at all, but as I said before, she's a rock I can cling to when the waves go over my head. Manami is quiet for right now, I just finished recapping all the important bits to her. From that night in the beginning of December that Kirino and I first confessed to each other, to the events surrounding our current dilemma. As we just left school not long ago, everyone is still in their respective school uniforms; even Saori who, apparently, goes to an 'all girls' private school here in Chiba. I'm now waiting for Manami to say something, she's been silent for just over a minute and I hope she's still supporting us, even now.

"I'll do what I can, Kyo." She finally states with her usual gentle smile. "I'm not sure what I can do though." She sits in thought for a moment and I let out a breath that I was holding. Kirino looks relieved as well and there is tension lifted from the group. Even though both Saori and Ruri have met Manami briefly before, they never really interacted beyond friendly banter. So I'm glad that everyone here is on the same page.

"We've checked the real estate office here in town already. There are a few openings almost perfect for a first place, but none would give me the time of day once they found out that I'm still in high-school." I give to the table.

"Did you check online ads for anything?" Manami adds.

"Yep; nothing there either. Most of them are only either looking for roommates in college or have houses for rent that are way outside my range." Manami looks in thought again. Ruri and Saori both have tried to offer some kind of arrangement with me to stay with them temporarily, but with the fact that they both still live with their families it would be just too much to ask. Besides, this is supposed to be a test for me, for my resolve to stay together with Kirino. I can't fully rely on others, using a little help to find the place is one thing, quite another to simply move in with someone. It is with that in mind I hear the bells above the door ring and someone steps inside the shop. I turn my head to catch sight of a pretty looking boy with medium length, well groomed hair. Mikagami. What's he doing here?

"Ah! Finally, you took your time getting here." Kirino pips up next to me. Huh? Did she call him here? Obviously or she wouldn't have responded like that. Mikagami is, without a doubt, a pretty man. His hair a shade of auburn, he just seems to radiate a certain gentle confidence around him. He once pretended to be Kirinos boyfriend in her attempt to make me jealous. I took a dislike to him during that small window, but now I see him differently. He is very successful, especially for someone my own age. He has a private tutor for the moment even though he attends a school nearby. He runs a small company himself and is also a male model working for 'Eternal Blue', Misakis modeling agency. He also has the same hobby as Kirino, minus the eroge, and is very dependable; and also surprisingly innocent. I once asked him when it was okay to touch my girlfriend's chest (long story) and his reaction wasn't anything short of shocked and flabbergasted. When pressed he let go that he wouldn't know anything about those kinds of activities. I now see him as something close to a friend, though I still find him a bit odd at times.

Now that I think of it, he always suspected me and Kirino were together so letting him in on the secret could actually help us. I make room and signal Mikagami to sit next to me in the booth, now making the total count of us six.

"Hello Kyousuke, Kirino." He greets optimistically. "I came to help."

"Help with what?" I ask hesitantly.

"Well your parents found out about you and Kirino right?" God dammit! I give a harsh glance at Kirino, who has the graciousness to at least look guilty. Whatever, it saves me the time of explaining it again I guess. I rest my chin in palm and wait for him to continue. "Well, I think I can actually help."

"I'm listening." I say suddenly perking up, hope spreading in my chest.

"After Kirino filled me in on the situation I decided to make a few calls. Long story short, I found a land-lord who is willing to take you Kyousuke." Really! That's incredible! "There is a catch however." Of course there is. "The rent isn't expensive; I managed to talk him down a bit and he is asking to receive three months' rent before move in." I lean back in the booth and let the news wash over me. It doesn't sound like I have much of a choice considering my position as I knew that finding an apartment would be tough. As someone with a shaky financial background it would be even harder to rent without a stable co-signer. Also, three months' rent up front is very reasonable. Most Japanese real-estate offices want up to ten months' rent at first signing. Then there's the reservation fee, the deposit against damages, key money, and even service fees. What did I dive into? Suddenly Mikagami being in my life is a blessing. I sit up straighter again and grin with confidence at the man.

"Please, show me." I say, suddenly reenergized. We get up after paying for our respective refreshments and head out of the café. The apartment complex that he has in mind is relatively close, as in I don't have to take a train to get to it. About thirty minutes to the train station, and about the same to walk from the café, it's in a very good locale for prime real-estate. I wonder how much this would actually cost if I came off the street? We arrived with little display and see in front of us a small two story building. It has white side paneling all around and what looks like a small patio section off to one side with a bench and area for outside grilling. I could spot a couple of bikes tied to post in front of it and a few empty parking spots for vehicles. We followed Mikagami up and around into a tiled walkway and passed some metal mailboxes attached to the wall. He simply walks right into the office and I follow in step behind him, Kirino hot on my heels. Everyone else decides to wait outside for us as not to interfere. No sooner did I stop walking into the front office did a man I didn't recognize stand and quickly make his way over.

"Mikagami! I'm so glad to see you again. Did your friend consider my offer?" He pumps Mikagamis' hand up and down enthusiastically. The man is somewhat older than my father, most likely entering his late forties, early fifties. But his smile is young and energy seems to poor through him. He's not a large man, around my height with patches of grey showing in his otherwise dark hair. He wears a pair of small rimmed glasses that he seems to peek over more than thru.

"In fact he has; this is him right here." Mikagami motions to me and I step forward, hand stretched out in greeting. Right away the man grabs my hand and starts the same ritual with me.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Kyousuke Kousaka." I say warmly. What an animated man.

"I'm Mamoru Shigeru, but most people here just call me 'pops' or grandpa. I'm the owner of this building. It's very nice to meet you." I like this guy. A little odd, but I seem to attract the oddest people around me. I introduce Kirino, who has been standing oddly silent this whole time, but leave the introduction vague and don't say she's my sister. After confirming I'm interested in the room he disappears into his office for a moment and emerges with the key. We follow him out as we leave to explore the new place and listen as he explains the rules to live here.

"No dogs, no cats. Utilities are paid through the front office. Vehicles must be registered with the complex…" He keeps the list coming.

In the end none of the restrictions apply to me, but I'm sure to point out that not only will I not turn eighteen for another week and a half, but I currently I'm unemployed and may have a tough time on rent. 'Pops' simply nods and smiles but says nothing. He demonstrates how to unlock the apartment door, a combination of a key pad and actual key, and opens to door to have me inspect the place.

The floor is hardwood and a chestnut brown, no carpet or tatami here. I can see that it has only two rooms, excluding the small bathroom I can make out just to the right of the entry way. The main living room is medium sized but cozy. I pass the 'kitchen' on the way through to the small off shoot bedroom. I say 'kitchen' as it's really just a single counter on the wall, a sink, and a single stovetop burner. I can see the bedroom isn't so much a bedroom as a cubby. Probably was a walk in closet at some time it now was slightly bigger than my body. I loved everything about it. It smelled of…promise; of the fact that here, without reservation, Kirino and I could be a couple without fear.

"I'll take it." I declare.

The signing process was fast. Turns out Mikagami just turned eighteen a few weeks ago so he helped by co-signing the apartment. I have no idea why he would go this far for me, but I remind myself to thank both him and Kirino later. It wasn't until the manager asked for the three months' rent up front that I was brought back down. I had forgotten about that facet of it. I was so caught up in my own thoughts about me and Kirino that I had forgotten what money I had could only pay the first month, but not after. I was about to voice the fact when Kirino opened her purse and pulled out a card.

"You can just keep this card on file, if you don't mind." Kirino says coolly. If my jaw could hit the floor it would have. My sister; I had forgotten that she is a model for a world renowned agency. Hell, we could have called Misaki and told her about the situation and been done with this from the beginning. I guess Kirino saw my face.

"What? Did you forget who I am?" I nearly laugh. I did, I really did forget who she was. She clicks her tongue indignantly and turns her head. "This means that I can't preorder my games this week. You think I'm not willing to sacrifice for this?" The manager scans her card and it's approved. I see it passed back and note it's a check card, not credit. How much money does she have? She's a model, has bestselling novels on shelves, and is executive producer of a popular anime that airs on prime time television. And she picked me? What's WRONG with her? …She must really love me…

"Okay then, Kousaka, you're the proud new owner of 13B."

We leave the manager's office after 'crossing the t's and dotting the i's'. We catch the others, who were patiently waiting, up to speed on the fact that I now had a residence to live. Everyone is ecstatic that this problem has been remedied so quickly and I make sure to thank Mikagami for putting his neck on the line for me and Kirino.

"Well…now here's the catch." He states. I knew it. "I was told by a certain someone that you have managerial experience with a certain idol here in Chiba. I wanted to employ your services. The pay will easily cover your living expenses and I can even arrange lessons with my tutor to help with your studies so you don't fall behind." No way did that happen just now. Do I deserve this? Three days ago the floor beneath me fell away, with the discussion we had with our mother, leaving me falling and scrambling for purchase. Now this man, this odd and fantastic man, in front of me is gently putting the floor under my feet again, giving us the capacity to stand.

"Why? Why are you helping me so willingly?" I ask. I have to know, he's done so much for me with this. He beams wistfully, his features sincere and welcoming.

"Would you believe that you and Kirino are my only real friends? You have provided a way for me to live outside of the modeling world. A few months ago I was no different than Kirino was. Except I have no older sibling to take comfort in. You both not only accept my hobby as an Otaku, but befriended me when I had no one else. What I've done is simply opened a few doors for you Kyousuke, and given you some opportunities. I'm out nothing but a couple hours on the phone. I don't expect you to be something you're not, I just expect you to try, for both you and Kirinos future together." His words are a wellspring of clarity for me. He's right of course. I need to get my head into the game here. I let the confrontation with our mother blow away my usual thinking process, which can sometimes cause me to panic, but has yet to produce anything but the best results.

"I agree then. What would you have me do?" Mikagami hands me his business card and programs his cell phone with my number.

"I want to take some of the pressure off of Misaki for the time being. She might not look it, but she's been getting quite overworked lately. I simply want you to act as Kirinos manager on photo shoots and search for new and upcoming talent." With that I believe I see Mikagami's eyes shift slightly to Ruri, who is standing nearby. I catch it and file it away for later consideration. "I will inform Misaki of the arrangement we have and she will be paying you directly. I will just be a humble friend who wants what's best for everyone." I have no idea what I did in a past life to deserve such loyalty from people. I don't know if god finally decided to give us a break, or we are just that lucky to have such wonderful friends in our lives. What I do know is that this is the start of something, something magnificent and wonderful. I shake Mikagami's hand, too emotional for words at the moment. He excuses himself, saying he must go now to speak with Misaki and make me a certified employee of 'Eternal Blue'.

Kirino and I showed everyone upstairs to our new apartment. Yes, theoretically it would only be mine in name, but as far as I'm concerned Kirino is the other half. It was her money that paid for it after all. The tour ends pretty much as soon as it begins. The apartment isn't really small as much as barren. As I stated before, the living area is not huge, but it's spacious enough to fit the five of us without feeling claustrophobic. I exaggerated on the compactness of the bedroom, it has plenty of room for all of the bedroom furnishings I have at home already minus the desk; which would fit easily in the living area against the wall. It actually reminds me of the old apartment my father placed me in for my studies way back when I had my exam. After some time we decide to call it a day. Saori and Ruri head off to the station to catch the train back to their side of town, and Manami takes her usual split home when we come to it. Kirino and I don't go straight home yet either. We take the time we have now to talk and hold hands shyly. That day that we almost went too far was the last time we were in any way intimate together, so we skirt our neighborhood and simply bask in each other's company.

After we finally get home I sit mom and dad down and explain how I found an apartment within easy walking distance to the house and school. Part of me holds back my actual address, just in case I need anonymity for any reason. The rest of the evening is spent at family dinner, taking a bath, and finally spending some time with Kirino. We don't do anything intimate, in fact she's helping me study. I will definitely take Mikagami up on his offer to have his tutor help me, but I don't want to appear lazy and disregard my studies before then either.

The next few days are spent packing and moving my belongings to my new apartment after school. Dad is too busy at work to help, so he ended up hiring a moving company to help me. It didn't take that long as it turns out that I really don't own that much. We take the opportunity to move a few things of Kirinos as well. She won't be moving in officially till later, give our dad some time to recover first I guess, but she will need some clothes and assorted possessions there for the time being. We also decided to have her move her 'eroge' collection as there isn't a way I can be blamed for them if I no longer live there. All in all it was a simple move, the living area now with a small table in the center and my desk in the corner. The bedroom we furnish with two dresser drawers, one for each of us, and my bed. We still have the fridge that Kirino purchased for my old apartment so we move that in as well. It took half the time allotted, but by Friday night I'm fully moved into my new apartment.

It's been a week since the final move in day and my birthday is tomorrow. Kirino had stayed over that Saturday, it was a pleasant evening actually. My cute little sister actually attempted to make a celebration dinner as a welcoming gift. I say attempted as I'm not sure what was put on my plate is classified as 'food', more like 'evolution in terror'. I'm pretty sure whatever she was trying to make wasn't supposed to be purple. I attempted to eat it though, to make the poor girl happy, which was a mistake. I don't really recall much else of that night. I remember an anxious looking Kirino, a vehement sickness that seemed to open up a portal to the last vestige of hell itself, and once waking up in bed being held by her. I guess the evening itself wasn't good, but that last memory was worth it a little. Since then though Kirino visited every day, but I send her home before sunset. My mother's wish was for us to not be a couple in her home; even though dad hasn't noticed anything yet I am still hesitant to give him any food for thought, so her staying on the weekends only is the best bet. At least for now. It was agreed upon that any time during the week if I want to come home to visit I can, so that Sunday I went home for a family dinner. During said dinner Kirino brought up the possibility of maybe staying at my place more often, as it allowed her more sovereignty for her promising career in modeling.

My father is noticeably against such a large change taking place in such a short time span, but he's taking his children's stride for independence in step. I was actually afraid of what he would do if Kirino started staying over, as my dad seems very protective of his 'little princess'. It seems though, through moms involvement maybe, dads actually considering it and for now she has approval to stay as long she doesn't bother me. Mom looks a tad defeated at that, as if she secretly wished that dad would put his foot down and say no. It's odd that she helps dad get talked into it, then expresses regret. Maybe this 'a mothers love'. Covertly helping us and regretting it at the same time.

I've deliberately left everyone who doesn't know about Kirino and me in the dark as far as the fact I moved out of my childhood home. Kohei would ask too many pointed questions and the game club would attempt to make it a makeshift club hangout. Once again, I'm pretty sure Ayase would murder me if she found out about Kirino and me, so I don't want her to have my new address yet. I've seen Mikagami a hand full of times since then as well. He's stopped by to see how I was holding up and even helped me move a few choice pieces of furniture to open up room in the apartment. It turns out his father knows the apartment manager and sometimes works out deals for temporary leases for overseas models and managers to stay within his property. I was wondering how they knew each other. Mikagami is now also a staple at the game club whenever he seems to have time and, even though he has odd affinities, he actually has very imaginative ideas for game design and promotion. That trait must originate from the experience of managing his own side company.

The apartment is quiet now. I'm expecting Kirino tonight. She was out shopping with Ayase it seems. I'm glad she still maintains her connections with her friends. Not just as a cover either. Her friends are one part of the whole that is Kirino, take them from her and she's not the same anymore. I can't help but get jealous of men being around her, but I'm not the possessive sort that wants her to only be with me and never out with her friends. I'm actually presently working on my homework. After the weeks of studying I'm caught up in most of my subjects and plan to keep it that way. I stretch my body out a bit, cramped from sitting at the desk since I've been home. I'm lucky that my birthday falls on a Sunday. I get to sleep in, have a nice breakfast with Kirino, and enjoy her simple presence. I already told her that I don't need any actual gifts from her. She's already helped with the apartment as it is, plus her company is all I want...well, maybe a little more than just company. I fold up my books and arrange my desk in a neat and orderly manner. I hear my door open and shut and turn to see Kirino taking her shoes off at the entry way.

"Hey, Kirino." I call out to her. "How was your shopping trip?" I turn and put the concluding touches on my desk.

"Fine. We bought some cute clothes but left them at home." She answers casually. She makes her way into the 'kitchen' and places a few things from her bag into the fridge. She still has her school uniform on at the moment. She keeps a handful of outfits here for when we want to go out together so didn't bother to change at home. She seems to pause before continuing on. "Ayase has been asking where I've been spending my time lately." I blanch a bit at that. Kirino is aware of the peculiar fear I have of the model.

"What did you tell her?"

"Nothing much; just a flimsy excuse about me needing to study." She moves to the living room table and has a seat. I decide to join her, scooting my desk chair into its place. I sit across the table from her and make myself comfortable. "I don't like lying to her about us though."

"Me neither, but we still have to be careful. Our relationship has to be safeguarded for right now. I just moved out and if Ayase finds out about us things could become…sticky." Kirino gives a nod of understanding but doesn't seem fully satisfied. I just sigh and think about how to explain things to those left to know about Kirino and me. I mean my best friend, Manami, is aware of the relationship and is supportive. It must weigh on Kirino that Ayase doesn't know anything.

"It's fine for now." Kirno ultimately says. "Besides, tonight is special for us." Huh? "You turn eighteen at midnight tonight, right? Well I decided to give you your present once the clock strikes, so be prepared." She says back with an assertive, and yet for some reason slightly uncertain, smile.

"Kirino, I said you didn't have to buy anything. Plus, you being here is good enough for me." I say sincerely. She beams a little embarrassed at that.

"I know. But you're my boyfriend right? What kind of girlfriend can't dote on her boyfriend every once in a while?" I grin awkwardly at that. I used nearly the same argument on her for my studies, so I can't really protest. I just let out a contented sigh. "I'll cook you a little something, okay?" Panic shoots through my body and my brain activates my fight-or-flight response.

"NO!" I shout out too fast. "I mean…we can order out maybe? Or I can cook something?" I want to be cognizant at midnight for my present dammit. Kirino just gives me an annoyed frown. She knows she can't cook, if she were to pour milk over cereal the flakes would probably burst into flame, but she wanted try anyway it seems. Looking at her putting on that sulking face I feel my guard shatter. "Fine. Just please keep it simple." With a self-assured laugh she stands and sets about her task. To be honest I'm a little stunned she wanted to do this. Maybe being in this relationship lets her act a little more girlish for a change. I just sit back and watch, ready to leap up if she decided to do something strange to the meal.

But surprisingly she sets about the task with confidence and is done in short order. It's just a simple ramen dish with egg and chicken breast meat slid into the mix. Interesting; a strange mother and child thing there, but whatever. She sets the bowl in front of me and, I must admit, I'm awestruck. Kirino just smiles back at me, but I'm a little apprehensive to actually eat it.

"I ate out with Ayase, so please, dig in." She sits across from me at the table again, waiting for me to take a bite. My little sister….fine, she went through all the trouble.

"Thanks for the food Kirino." I mutter out and proceed to take a bite. It's salty, a little harsher than it should taste as well. The egg she used is still a little runny, and is there supposed to be something crunchy in it? No, defiantly not. But it's a huge improvement over the enigmatic meal she prepared a week ago. "Much better, Kirino." I say out after I managed to swallow. She seems content with that and just embarrassedly grins. I managed to choke the rest of it down and surprisingly stay conscious with no ill effects apparent…for the moment. Kirino swiftly takes my bowl and plunges it into the sink to soak.

"Ayase showed me how to prepare that. I couldn't tell her who it was for of course, but she said that it has lots of nutrition and is good for energy." Kirino says matter-of-factly. I just hope that the chicken was fully cooked. I didn't see any pink in there still, but you never know. "Go ahead and take your bath. Leave the water for me would you." I give a grunt of affirmation and go about the task of preparing the tub and showering. Afterward I alert Kirino to her turn and clean up the small kitchenette area. I check the clock I have hanging up in the living area and see that's half-passed ten already. I'm actually kind of excited for whatever Kirino got me for my birthday. She should know better than getting me any 'eroge' by now, and I didn't see her with any large packages either, so something like that is off the table as well. I take my mind off of it for the moment though; I don't want to spoil my surprise by figuring it out. There's not a lot to do in my apartment at the moment. I have Kirinos other laptop here, but no television or game systems of any type to occupy time either. As a matter of fact, what did I have planned for the night? We could always play on her laptop together, but we've always done that. Usually when she visits we just embrace quietly either in the living room or on my bed. We hold each and kiss, letting fleeting small moments of passion come and go, but never to that level we had that Sunday we almost…

I shake my head of those thoughts for the moment. I'm still not sure if I'm ready for that level yet. We were letting out bodies speak for us and not our minds, and I mean to be aware when it happens. The actions would not have been regretted, but how soon we acted would have been. It was a wakeup call about how we felt though. That…deprivation we felt for all those years just about overwhelmed us. After a few minutes of my brain reliving that Sunday afternoon, Kirino comes out of the bath finally. She refuses to wear pajamas here. Whether some form of intimacy or the fact she just likes to tease me, but she prefers to wear only my button-up shirts for a night shirt. I think it's the latter as she still wears her blue shorts underneath. I think she might suspect that they're my favorite to some degree. She plops down next to me at the table and nudges close. This is her first actual time sleeping over here, with me conscious that is.

When dad asked about where she'd sleep when over here I told him that she would sleep in my bed and I would crash on the living room floor with a spare bed roll I had purchased. I really had purchased that bed roll too, in case I ever had to sell the lie. The truth is obvious that we would share the bed together, something I miss from the few times we have actually done this. She props her head onto my shoulder I just sit, enjoying the contact between us. I'm still a little awkward at initiating anything intimate. I just want to maybe cuddle up in my bed, her back pressed to me with my arm draped over her.

"Aniki." I hear her mumble. I give a noise of confirmation that I heard her. "Do you love me?" Where did this come from?

"Of course I do. Look where we are." I say as I motion to the rest of the room. I see her nod and she stands up slowly.

"Can you hold me for now?" Damn she can be so cute. I let out a small mocking sigh and stand up as well. She leads the way into the bedroom as I turn off the living area's lights. I watch as she dives into the blankets and I follow suite close behind. I face Kirinos backside and pull her close to me with an arm draped around her. It's warm and cozy like this. I still feel a little nervous too, being in this close a proximity to her just reinforces the memories I still have about our other…activities together. I begin to idly play with her hair and I hear her let out a pleasured sigh. I grin at that, it's nice to be able to do something this small for her at least. I hold her and play with her hair for a while. We mostly lay in silence but every once in a while Kirino would ask me small questions.

"What are we going to do now?" Do now, huh. The obvious would be to simply live like this. But neither of us would be satisfied with that answer. We have just been reacting really since day one. First to Ruri and Saori, then to Manami, then to ourselves and the apparent hunger we had for each other. Then our most recent, our mother's confrontation about the two of us.

"We need to plan out how to tell the rest. Namely Ayase, and Kohei for me." I feel Kirino relax under my arm a bit from that. She really is worried about her friend, isn't she? Guess it can't be helped. "Just leave it to me, Kirino. I'll figure it out." I hear the clock strike midnight outside in the living area. Happy birthday to me.

With that she turns to face me; I can smell her body and feel her breath against my neck. She's having trouble meeting my eyes; I guess she still gets embarrassed too. Her face begins to flush heavily as her eyes shift up to mine. We've shared a bed before, why is she so nervous now? She takes a breath and maneuvers and pushes under me. I lay on my side, propped on my elbow head in hand. Kirino nestles under me the rest of the way and wraps her right arm around me. I begin to play with her hair a bit while she's thinking.

"I've decided." She starts uncertainly.

"What's that?" I ask.

"I won't lie to myself anymore. I won't hesitate to have what I want. Even if it's my games, track, writing, modeling, my friends…or you." I'm a little speechless. "I want you nii-sKyousuke. I love you." She reaches up with her free hand pulls me down to kiss her. The signal is definite, if nothing about how she said my name. "Happy birthday." She reaches down to her shirt and undoes a single button at the top, and places my hand right above her waist, on the rest of them. She still can't quite meet my eyes, but what I see spells out a very clear picture.

My brain doesn't shut off like I thought it would, and I'm glad. There's no raging hormones, nor destruction of my reasoning. I'm right here, right now. My heart beats faster, my blood pumps harder, sure; I know that this time we wouldn't be stopped. No friends knocking at the door, no parents calling us or barging in. We were alone together and the only way this wouldn't happen is if we didn't wish it. She uses her hand to caress my forearm and I press my lips to hers gently. I can feel her anticipation and disbelief as she hesitates a moment, then I feel her arms wrap around my neck and her lips press against mine with a fervent passion, her tongue dancing lightly. Was it always this hard to breathe? I fumble with the buttons of her shirt and feel the smooth skin of her stomach. I'm nervous, I realize with surprise. Really nervous. With this joy and free passion in me, I realize I actually have no idea what to do. I've never done this, or anything like this, before. Kirino, beneath me, must have felt my hesitation as she wraps an arm around mine and gently grabs me above my elbow and breaks the kiss.

"Kyousuke…" She murmurs out, her voice quiet even in the silent room. And in that whisper I could see that she had the same amount of expertise as I, which is none. But she loves me, is willing to fight for me, she accepted me and felt accepted by me. I know of guys in school who have had sex, bragging to each other about their exploits, but I don't think any of them have ever been in the position to love as I do now. There was a tenderness emanating from her eyes so deep that it made me ache. I could see it on her face, she is embarrassed; but there is strength there, and above all else, love. So in our mutual ignorance we are experiencing something most never have the opportunity to. There is no awkwardness, even in our small fumbling as there is no fear of judgment. I want this and so does she. Her shirt open she lay exposed to me; I pass my gaze over her now, taking in and preserving everything that I see. Her chest heaves in small breaths with anticipation, already a thin sheen of sweat appearing over her.

"Kirino. I love you, more than I can say." I have no other words. As I kiss her lips I allow my hands to explore; I can feel the smoothness over her stomach, her arms reaching up around me. I caress her legs, taunt with muscle from her years of running. I hear plaintive sighs and moans escape her lips unbidden and uncontrolled as I kiss the nape of her neck, her collar bone, down her breasts, to her stomach, and further. I enjoy the tastes and smells of her, allowing it to have its effect on me. Disrobed and still nervous I look down at her for a silent confirmation, to which I receive a slight nod. I'm as gentle as I can be, but there's no way to eliminate all the pain. She winces at the beginning but when I attempt to pull back she whispers for me to continue. After a time her pants fill my ears, her legs wrap around my waist, holding me in. Her warmth encompasses all of me and her arms wrap around to my back, pulling me downward. I can't comprehend the time we are together like this, and I don't dare even try.

When most people have sex they put on a mask; pretending to be someone strong or fake being weak to appease the other, they put on a personality that is not the original. There would be fear of not being enough, of not being up to the task. We have no such fear, we do this as ourselves. Nothing fake, nothing to pretend. This is who we are. My night is filled with the sound of Kirino in my ears, the taste of her on my lips, the feel of her skin on mine, and a peace in my heart I secretly never thought I would obtain.

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