Here's a little one shot I decided to write because this idea had been bouncing in my head for a little while and I dint want to forget it

Disclaimer: i don't own any thing R&R

A changeling and a half demon. Polar opposites. Not in a million years did anyone think that they would get together. But in the end they did. Everyone was shocked when this happened but grew to accept it for what it was. Once they grew used to it they learned some very important things about them. One major thing they learned was that they had each others backs. You hurt one of them and the other will make you wish that you never had. If someone tried to hurt the half demon while the changeling was near then the changeling would let out the Beast. Now if you hurt the changeling near the half demon then her true demon would come out. You do not want either of these to happen so anybody it did happen to was considered lucky if they had all 4 limbs after it was over.

They also had each others backs in different ways. If one of them was feeling sad or something then the other would go and comfort them. If the changeling got into an argument with one of the others and got hurt emotionally bad then the half demon would go to the changelings room and comfort him. When the half demon had nightmares you could guess that either the changeling would come to her if he heard her, or she would go to him and fall asleep in his room. Polar opposites, yes ,but no matter what they still had each others backs no matter what. He was her guard dog and she was his dark angel looking over him. The perfect combination.