Chapter 10: A lover's night

Son Goku stopped. "WHAT??" Immediately he let his hand drop to his side, not trusting his ears. Was this just another lie, another dark side of the prince? He'd been lied to so often, he didn't know how to trust Vegeta any more.

The prince was still standing there like he had during the past few minutes. He glared at Goku and said: "You're nothing but a low-class idiot, and I am… but… I didn't do it just out of thankfulness or because I thought that I owe you something. I just didn't want to admit that I… I… dammit! Don't make me say it again, Kakarott!"

He laughed softly. "Once sure is enough." He came back to Vegeta and pulled him into a tight embrace. "It's more than enough, Vejita." He smiled with tears in his eyes. These three words were more than he had ever imagined.

"Are you crying again, you crybaby?", Vegeta mocked. Goku noticed that the rain had stopped. Vegeta definitely had to do something with that.

"No… I'm just happy…", he muttered, wiping a hand over his face. Then he let go of the prince and smiled at him. "I would like to continue where we stopped before. Only if you want to, that is… Then I'll show you how beautiful love can be."

"Very well, Kakarott…"

****Sorry folks, there was a lemon here, but FFnet doesn't allow those****

Breathing heavily, the two of them lay on the cool grass. For a long time, they were quiet, only concentrated on regaining their powers. Painfully slowly they returned back to a normal state which allowed rational thoughts once again.

At first, Son Goku didn't even notice the soft sound coming from Vegeta. It was somehow… familiar, almost like the purring of a cat. He didn't know how Vegeta did it or if he was even aware of it, but he took it as a sign that Vegeta was feeling safe and well.

Eventually, when minutes of exhausted silence had passed, Vegeta muttered huskily: "I cannot believe that we just did that."

Son Goku chuckled. "It was good, wasn't it?"

The prince made an undefined sound, which could have been a grunt as much as a laugh. "I never knew it could be like that. It was different from when I slept with Bulma. Entirely. This was really… unexpected, Kakarott."

Goku took that almost-compliment with a smile. For him, this was the most beautiful day of his life (errr.. death?), but it was just as important that this had been good for Vegeta too.

"How did you know it though, Kakarott?"

"Know what?", he asked with a suppressed yawn.

"About the blood… you bit me…"

Goku shrugged. "It just came over me, sorry. It was almost like..."

„...instinct?", Vegeta finished. „That's the proof that your genes are coming through from time to time, Kakarott. For a Saiyajin that's normal. Blood is like… an aphrodisiac for us."

„I didn't know that." With that, the topic was off. Goku looked around himself, without lifting his head though, and muttered: "It's going to be embarassing tomorrow. You ruined my pants, Geta. How am I supposed to get new ones? I'm dead after all."



"Shut up! I just wanna sleep, okay?"

"As you wish, my prince." Goku replied. It was lees then five minutes later, that both of them had fallen asleep.

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