Hermione, unlike Ginny, had gone to class for the whole day. By lunchtime her stomach was almost back to its old self and only stuck out a few more centimeters than normal. Although her stomach was no longer full she still felt like she was. Well she did, until she entered the Great Hall.

"So Hermione will you be coming to watch quiditch tryouts then?" Harry had asked as they walked over to Gryffindor table.

"Oh thats right," she responded, "Your captain this year, aren't you?"

He nodded his head, "Yeah. They're after dinner, if you care to come."

She nodded, silently agreeing to join.

As she sat down at the table next to Ron and across from Harry. She would never tell anyone, she had barley wanted to admit it to her self; but she had come to understand, over the course of her stay at the Weasley's that summer, that she herself Hermione Granger..had feelings for one, Ronald Weasley. And she couldn't for life of her understand why? Its not like theres anything really impressive about started grabbing food and placing it on her plate. After last nights supper and this mornings breakfast, she did not want to eat too much even if she was feeling hungry. So she settled for a bowl of soup, a sandwich, and a cup of pumpkin juice. She finished it fairly fast and found that she was still quite hungry. She saw that both Ron and Harry were going back for more and they had more than her to start with. So she figured; how could a little bit more hurt?

Well if you go by Hermione's 'little bit more' it could hurt a lot. One more sandwich turned into two more, then two turned into three more, and so on until she had finished off the plate that was in front of her. She looked over at Ron and Harry, sure that they would be disgusted by the amount she had just eaten, but to her surprise they were still sitting there eating their second plate. Suddenly the large bowl of soup looked so delicious, she just had to try some more. She ladled it into her bowl, filling it to the rim. She scooped the creamy liquid into her mouth, slurping with each bite. This went on for quite sometime as she continued to ladle more soup into her bowl and gulped down pumpkin juice. She felt her stomach gurgle and a sudden wave of nausea washed over her. She felt as though she were going to throw up.

"Excuse me," she muttered as she stood up and ran to the bathroom.

She couldn't throw up. Then all the food she had just ate would go to waste and bring no more flab to her belly. Her wonderful tummy that never seemed to stop being hungry. No, he couldn't let that happen. A little stomach remedy should do the trick. He noticed that RedHead wasn't here for lunch. He heard a rumor that she left class on account of a head ache. He couldn't let her starve, so he'd have to bring her up some food himself.

That was strange, Hermione thought, just a few moments ago she felt as though she were going to puke her guts out. But now, she felt a little hungry..

Looking down at her stomach, she knew she shouldn't be eating anymore. After all, 7 sandwiches, 8 very large and very full bowls of soup, and over a liter of pumpkin juice should really be enough to fill a girl of her size up. And her belly -which had almost been back to normal- now stuck out just as much as it had this morning. She examined herself in the mirror of the bathroom she noted that her belly puffed out over the top of her skirt. She undid the top button, relieving some of the tension. Looking down at her watch she saw that it was almost time to leave for classes. She rushed out of the bathroom and over to Harry and Ron.

"You guys," she said, "We better go if we don't want to be late for class."

They headed off to herbology.

Hermione felt very uncomfortable the rest of the day. She had eaten so much soup that even the slightest movement cause the liquid to slosh around her belly. She almost couldn't take it. It hurt so much that she sat there all of class without doing any work. Not very Hermioneish. By the time supper came around her tummy had rarely made any difference in appearance or sloshing. She decided to skip the meal and went to Gryffindor Tower to lay down. As she changed into something more comfortable she looked at her reflexion in the mirror. She groaned in disgust. Her stomach was a mushy flab of skin that stuck out more than she cared to admit. It jiggled when she walked, and when she bent over to retrieve her skirt, it squished itself into rolls. She really didn't like this and vowed to herself never to eat like this again.

As she pulled on her baggy sweater and jeans (which were harder to button than normal) she felt a pang in her gut. Hunger. She really didn't want to eat anything else for the rest of her life but as the seconds ticked on the feeling became more and more pronounced.

As she was contemplating wether she should go down to dinner or just go to sleep, three trays appeared before her. On top of one of the lids a note said;

Dear BushyHair,
I noticed that you had left dinner before eating anything. Please take this as a token of my affection
From Your Secret Admirer

Hermione flung the note aside not really caring who it was from, and uncovered the first tray. Beneath it was a huge amount of ribs with a delicious BBQ sauce covering it. She sat down on the floor and began eating. She ate it all, just hoping to end the hunger pains. As she wiped sauce off her face, she could feel the pain still becoming more pronounced. She uncovered the next tray and saw a yummy looking platter of greasy, cheesy garlic bread. She didn't even hesitate as she stuffed them into her mouth, two at a time. Slowly she could feel her stomach begin to bloat, as her belly began to roll over the top of her jeans. Its was quite uncomfortable she noticed. Still shoving bread into her mouth, she undid her jeans button with one hand, relieved as some of the tension went away. She rubbed the angry red line that had been cause by said tension, and found her self quite upset as she polished off the last of the cheesy goodness. Not being able to stop herself, she uncovered the last tray and was delighted to find a rather large frosting covered, chocolate filled assortment of pastries; her favourite. Of course she had to finish this off too, and she didnt even seem to notice as her once baggy sweater became too small for her bloated belly. It now only covered her breasts and rested on top of her calorie filled muffintop.

After ten racks of ribs, three dozen garlic bread slices, and four dozen pastries, Hermione was finally full. And she looked it too, with her belly sticking out a good 8 inches. Not even her school robes would be able to contain her massive tummy.