EDIT 2017:

I have decided to come back to this and update the story. I will be going through chapter by chapter; making tweaks and such now I am more experienced. I plan to be a particularly large revamp of the final arcs. I was never really fully happy with them, but I felt like I was dragging the story out too much so brought it to a swift close. But reading back on things now, it feels like a letdown that I wish to fix.

Current Update Position: Chapter 3 complete


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This disclaimer sounds really stupidly worded, but the site rules say it has to be here.

This story is rated T.

- Death and death threats

- Shipping [And this being Touhou, Yuri Shipping, however, there are NO sexual scenes. The most there will be is some suggestiveness.]

- Scenes of moderate/high violence

- Bad Language

- References to abuse, although there are no actual abuse scenes.

If you do not want these things, do not read, as many of these are plot-critical, so I cannot drop them because you don't like them!

This story is based upon a long-running forum roleplay, where the main character was Rumia. Unfortunately, activity on the forum died down just before the ultimate climax of the story, so this inspired me to change the roleplay into a fanfiction format, to tell the whole story, as well as fixing continuity errors which cropped up due to the RP's needs. [Such as choices I had not expected]

The story will be split into several arcs. The first arc [First few chapters] may seem somewhat slow, but this is because that was just testing the waters and attracting a playerbase at the time. Things plot-wise should pick up in the 2nd arc.

In terms of canon, this story takes place shortly after Ten Desires, and everything until then is 'canon' for the story's base. HM and DDC are NOT canon for this story, as they was released after the roleplay began.
[Despite this; I may make efforts to add characters from these games in]

The idea of the story was to 'investigate loose ends in back-stories' and 'tie up plot issues'. I won't talk about most of them here, for spoilers' sake, but as Rumia is the main character, and ZUN himself has said the ribbon is a seal, Rumia's ribbon is one of several major plot elements.

I am heavily open to constructive criticism of how to improve my writing style. Comments which are just flame will be ignored and deleted, however.

Story Structure:

Overall, the story can be split into 8 'Arcs', each with a different incident. Within this, there are 3 'Sagas' which interlink, and a Prolouge. Of course, there is buildup all throughout the story to the finale.

Arc 1 - Prologue

Saga 1 'The Rise': Arcs 2~5

Saga 2 'The Inheritor': Arcs 5 ~7

Saga 3 'The Past's Ripples': Arcs 7~8 [With buildup in 5~6]

The overlap is not a mistake, as the arcs flow together.