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Percy groaned and turned in his bed he blinked a couple of times the darkness slowly faded from his vision. he yawned and stretched in his bed. Percy took in his surroundings as he lay there what happened he asked himself and then as if that one question had been the trigger all his memories seemed to flood back ; he turned so he was lying on his back as he remembered it all. He must have passed out how embarrassing he thought. He sat up pushing his ruffled hair out of his eyes.

"Good morning sleeping beauty" Percy jumped and looked sharply to his left Orion sat in a little chair eating a bowl of what looked like fruit loops. "You know this future cereal stuff is pretty good"

Percy's still slightly asleep mind was confused "wha…" he asked blearily

Orion laughed "nothing, never mind how are you feeling?


"Good you had a lot of us worried"

"It's not like you didn't know that would happen"

"We knew you would feel pain but nothing like that" Orion stated "anyway come on, the others will want to see you're ok" Percy nodded and stood up he yawned once and went to his closet pulling on a pair of blue jean cargo shorts and a white shirt that said 'someday we'll look back on this; laugh, and then change the subject'. Orion laughed at his brother t shirt and shook his head. Percy smiled back and together they left the room.

"By the way, where is everyone?"

"In the dining hall eating"

"Why weren't you with them?"

"I volunteered to stay and wait till you woke up"

"Why I would have been fine"

"Athena suggested one of us be there she said you might be disorientated when you woke and it would be best to have someone there. So here I am."

"Well thanks"

"No problem"

"Hey everyone" he said walking into the dining room, Percy following behind him. Percy smiled and raised his hand in greeting the others waved and although they didn't show it out right Percy could see the relief in his friends eyes and he smiled at them reassuringly and he thought to himself that he was so lucky to have friends like these. He sat down and ate with his friends. Hazel looked at Percy and shook her head

"You have had one hectic life" she said Thalia and Nico laughed

"You haven't seen anything yet" he commented

"I can't wait for this next book I think it's when I come in" Thalia said

"Well I'm glad someone's excited" Percy grumbled slightly

"Are you blushing Percy" hazel asked

"It's just its embarrassing you know with you guys reading my thoughts and all" Percy said Nico snickered and Percy tossed a slight glare his way. After breakfast Percy took hazel and showed her around Olympus hazel marveled at everything

"Wow you know so much about this place its remarkable" Percy's eyes had a deep sadness in them "Its Annabeth isn't it"


"She's the one you learned all this from"


"Is she ok I mean last I heard she was on her way to us did something happen" Percy smiled

"No nothing she's with me in the future I guess I just miss her I mean you know me being here"

"I understand" she said dropping the subject the two of them walked in silence Percy thinking of Annabeth and hazel thinking about what Percy had said and she knew something must have happened in the future something Percy wasn't willing to talk about.

"Percy" hazel and Percy turned. Hazel bowed as she caught site of Poseidon he smiled at her Percy was as straight backed as ever.

"Yeah dad"

"Can we talk?"

"I'll just be over there looking at…stuff… bye Percy, Lord Poseidon" and with that hazel walked away at a quick pace. Percy snickered at her quickly retreating back

"She was in hurry" Poseidon laughed

"She's still new to actually talking to gods, you know since they go to camp Jupiter and well…"

"Yes we gods don't communicate with the romans as much as the Greeks"

"Why I mean were all your kids"

"Yes but well if you've been to the camp then you know how the romans treat the gods they don't like a few of us are a bit well angry about that" Percy grimaced he could kind of understand I mean there were plenty gods that the Greeks didn't like but they were all treated with respect the romans on the other hand didn't exactly hold to that "but still they're your family"

"Percy we may be gods but we aren't perfect that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about"

"I know you're not perfect trust me, but dad it's not you…well this you, it's the future you"

"Could you tell me what it is I've done?"

"Dad your great you really are and it's really…"

"Perseus James (I don't know what his middle name is but this sounded good enough) Jackson don't you tell me it's nothing"

"Its complicated dad there is so much happening in the future and everyone thinks I can save them but what if I can't what if I fail?"

"Percy if anyone can do this you can. I have complete faith in you"

"Do you" Poseidon didn't know what to say "because dad I used to think you did, but now I don't know what to think; I was so lost and I prayed so much asking for anything even just a sign that you were listening and there was nothing, and maybe I'm being selfish I mean I know plenty of heroes with worse relationships with their godly parent but I can't help but feel just a little abandoned" Percy trailed off he looked down concentrating on his feet he hadn't meant to say all that and now that it was all out he couldn't look at his dad what would he think would he say he was spoiled or stupid what Percy wasn't expecting was for a warm set of arms to wrap around him and pull him into a hug.

"Percy I'm so sorry for anytime I ever made you feel like you don't matter you are my son and you mean more to me than anything and I know it's hard for you, I can't be there all the time and I'm not allowed to always help you when you need it …"

"Thanks dad" Percy interrupted his dad he didn't need to hear anymore he hugged his dad back and stepped away Poseidon held him by the shoulders looking at his son he felt so proud.

"Percy I may not always be the best at showing it but I am so proud of you and I care so much; so in light of that in this next book please tell me it won't be as bad as the last one"

"Umm sorry dad" Poseidon looked bit pale "I don't think I'll pass out in this one"

"Well at least there's that" the rest of the day was spent hanging out and relaxing. Percy went to sleep content for once in a long while.

*Next day throne room**********************

"Ok who read first last time"

"I did" Hermes stated he grabbed the next book that had no title just a golden number 2 on the spine the opened the book. Hermes took one look at the title and laughed "wow Percy I had no idea, congratulations"

"What" Percy asked sounding confused?

"My best friend shops for a wedding dress" Hermes read out.

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