Patroclus was unresponsive for two days. During that time, Achilles kept vigil, feeding and bathing his little cousin. Finally, with a groan, Patroclus woke up slowly, his eyes blurry.

"'Killes?" he looked at his cousin and guardian.

"Good morning," Achilles smiled brightly, relieved that his Little One was all right, "How are you feeling?" immediately, Patroclus teared up, "Shh... it is okay..." Achilles took him into his arms, "Just rest. When you feel up to it, I would like to purge your stomach to make sure you did not ingest something that will make you sick again."

Patroclus' vision cleared as the words registered, and he began to panic, "What? No! Zeus no! Please no!"

As the boy began to fight with everything his body had, which wasn't much at that moment, Achilles caught his flailing arms and gently bent both arms up to the boy's chest and laid down next to him, shushing him.

"Shh, shh..." Achilles rubbed the boy's stomach in calming circles, "I can give you some Valerian when we do this if you would like?" Patroclus nodded slowly, breathing in relief, "Do you want to do it now?" Patroclus nodded again, reluctantly.

Achilles helped him sit up against the pillows before giving him some Valerian tea to drink, making him drowsy, but Achilles made sure to keep him awake.

"It's time, Little Man."

Patroclus moaned, but allowed Achilles to do what he had to do. Seconds later, Patroclus began to retch into the bowl that Achilles held over the side of the bed.

"Good boy, good boy, good boy!" Achilles praised.

After about thirty minutes, with rest points in between the heaves, it was over. By that time, Patroclus was sweating, his hair drenched. Achilles wiped his mouth with a wet cloth before pulling away and finding his bile clear. So he wasn't poisoned. Achilles gave a silent sigh of relief.

Then he went to take care of his cousin, who was drowsy enough to fall asleep after a few soothing strokes of his hair by his devoted guardian.

AN: The calming herb I use here to make Patroclus half asleep and calm is Valerian. According to Wikipedia, was used since the time of Ancient Greece and Rome. The purgative I mention is Cassia fistula, or the golden shower tree was from India, according to Wikipedia.