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No. No. This couldn't be happening. Randy couldn't know. He didn't know… Right? Max tried to relax and he texted Randy back?

Who do you think I like then? Lol

He sent the text and sighed. If Randy knew… He didn't know what would happen. He couldn't let himself think negatively. If only…

RING! His phone went off and he picked it up.


"It's me, dude. I know it is."

I was short of breath. Randy knew. He knew everything. How did he find out? What was going to happen? Randy was probably super freaked and wouldn't talk to him again.

"Yeah." I simply replied. I couldn't stand it, being all quiet pretending everything was alright. Why wasn't Randy answering me?

"I'm so sorry Max."

Now I was confused. Why was he sorry?

"I don't feel the same way. I-" He sighed in desperation. "I'm not gay Max. Please get over me."

I already knew everything he said was true… But somehow hearing it from him made me cry. I couldn't help myself. I just started crying, right there on the phone.

"Max, please don't cry. This is already hard enough."

I sniffed. "I don't get it Randy. How can I feel like this about you and you not feel anything towards me?"

"Max, you're-"

"No, I don't blame you. It's not your fault you're not gay. I just don't get it. Why did this happen?"

"I don't know Max. And it really sucks. If I could be gay for you I would, honest, but I can't. You're still my best friend, and I still love you like that… But it's not more than that. I'm sorry."

I sniffed again. "It's okay Randy. You're such a great guy."

"And you are too." Randy pressed. "And someday you'll find a guy that loves you as much as you love him. But that guy is not me."

I nodded my head even though he couldn't see me. "Yeah. Hey Randy, things aren't gonna be awkward between us, right?"

"No, of course not." Randy assured me. He was wrong though. Over the next few days, things started to crash and fall. I started noticing it at school.

"Hey Randy, can I spend the night at your place this weekend?"

He looked kind of awkward, and slowly shook his head. "Sorry bro, I got… stuff."

"Stuff?" I looked at him. "Like?"

"Like, my stuff. None of your business." Then he walked away leaving me confused and kind of hurt. I mean, if he really couldn't come then that was fine… But why was he being so weird about it? I tried to pass it off as nothing and tried again the next weekend.

"Wanna hang out this weekend?"

"Sorry, can't." I looked at him. "Why, you got 'stuff?'"

He rolled his eyes. "Geez Max, stop obsessing over me. You don't have to be with me every waking moment." He walked away and I forcefully grabbed his arm.

He turned around and glared at me. "Don't touch me. God, you're so annoying. I'm not a faggot like you."

I looked at him in shock and a tear came to my eye.

His eyes widened when he realized what he said. "Max, I'm so sorry."

But I was already walking away. How could he say that about me? He was supposed to be the one that was there for me. The one that would always catch me when I was falling.

And dammit, when I grabbed his arm I wasn't being sexual. I simply wanted to get his attention. I couldn't believe I had thought he was different than everyone else, when obviously he was just as judgmental.

It's not like I wanted to like him. He couldn't seriously be blaming me for that. Randy was my friend. Randy wouldn't hurt me like that. But he did.

I was trying so hard not to cry but eventually I realized I was about to break. I ran outside into the parking lot even though I needed to get to class and got into Randy's parents' car. But that fact that it was Randy's just made me want to punch something.

I screamed in the car and pulled my hair. It hurt like hell but in the moment I didn't freaking give a crap. Randy was one of the only people I actually trusted. And he just turned on me…

How could he? How could anyone be that freaking cruel?

I didn't want Randy's charity. I got out of the parking lot and drove to Randy's house. I drove it into the old garage and ran out of the car. I ran down the street and I kept running.

Where I was going, I have no freaking idea. But I couldn't be anywhere near where I was.

I felt my phone vibrate and I angerly picked it up. It was Randy.

"What the hell do you want?" I yelled into the phone.

"Max, where are you? Look, I'm sorry about what I said, but I'm worried-"

I hung up the phone. Worried, my ass. Please. To him I was just a "faggot" who wanted to touch him.

I didn't want anything to do with Randy. God, even his freaking name just annoyed the crap out of me.

So why was I still thinking about him? I took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Okay, I did like Randy. I still cared about him so much no matter what he had said.

That didn't mean I was any less pissed, though. I ran back to school but by the time I got there it was already lunch. I hurried into the lunch room and sat down, super far away from Randy.

But of course, he saw me and walked over.

This is gonna be fun. I thought miserably.

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