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Summary: Sequel to 'Mistaken Loyalties.' Arthur and Merlin are getting ready to finish Uni. Dragoon is his usual self, Dolma has returned, Hunith has some surprising news for Balinor, Ygraine shocks Uther and Valiant wants revenge.

Warnings: Malexmale

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Merlin was running, he skidded to a halt when he reached the end of the corridor before turning to the right and started running again, saying 'sorry' or 'excuse me' to anyone he bumped into, his books tight under his arm to stop them from slipping, his phone beeping, telling him he had a message, no doubt from Arthur asking him where he was.

Seeing someone kneeling on the floor Merlin quickened his pace and jumped over the lad kneeling down. His arm out, Merlin pushed open the door, stumbling in.

"Mr Emrys you are late."

I know. Sorry Professor."

"Not to worry. I am sure Mr Pendragon will fill you in on what you have missed."

Merlin smiled and hurried to his seat next to Arthur, kissing his cheek as he opened his book.

"You haven't missed much. I'll fill you in after."

"Thanks Arthur."

"What did Dragoon want that had you talking so long?"

"It wasn't my granddad. Grandma got home last night. She wanted to ask how I was and wants us to go there for dinner tonight."

"Me? Why me?"

"Granddad told her everything that happened between us each time they talked on the phone. She said she wanted to see her favourite grandson."

Arthur frowned. "You're her only grandson."

"Grandma's little joke."

"So what is your grandma like?" Arthur asked as he lay on their bed in their dorm, Merlin sat at the desk already starting the paper they had been given.

"She is a female version of granddad, only..."

"Only what?"

"You'll find out when you meet her."

"Tell me Merlin."


Arthur leaned over and pulled on the chair Merlin was sat on, smiling when it wheeled towards him.

Merlin smirked. "It won't work Arthur."

Arthur pulled Merlin from the chair and onto the bed with him. "Are you sure?"


"Let's have some fun then."

"But the paper..."

"Isn't due in for two weeks. Just relax."

"And let you have your way with me?"

"Yes if you won't tell me what I want to know. If I am to find out on my own then fine, can you at least tell me your grandma's name so I know how to address her?"

"Her name is Dolma."

"What is your grandma really like then Merlin?" Arthur asked after they had both come down from their high.

Merlin panted and moved over to Arthur. Cuddling up closer to him, Arthur holding him close. He loved how Merlin loved a cuddle after sex, gave him a chance to hold him more.

"I told you she is like a female version of my granddad."

"Anything I have to be weary of?"

Merlin laughed. "Weary of? What are you expecting?"

"I don't know but what I thought of what your granddad was like and then how he was when I met him were two very different things."

Merlin laughed. "Grandma is just grandma."

"That isn't true, you said she is like Dragoon. I am dreading tonight."

Merlin laughed. "Don't. Let's sleep a little before getting ready."

That night on their way to Merlin's grandparents' house, Merlin turned his head to look at Arthur. "Okay a few warnings on grandma."

"Warnings?" Arthur pulled his car over. "You said there were no warnings."

"Well of course I did otherwise you would not want to come."

Arthur sighed. "What are they?"

"Grandma likes to flirt when she can. A male says something remotely nice to her she blushes and wants them to compliment her more. So be careful what you say to her."

"What? I have to compliment her to get her on side."

Merlin laughed. "She knows granddad trusts and likes you so she will."

"Anything else?"

"Don't mention her dress. If she mentions it or asks you about it I will cut in."


"Grandma loves her dresses, she has been trying for a while to get granddad to buy her some. He says they are fine so she has started to make them look a bit tatty if you will. Now if you say 'nice dress' she will think you are taking granddad's side and if you agree with her then granddad will hate it."

"What? Merlin by what you are saying no matter what I say I can't win."

Merlin smiled and leaned over to kiss his boyfriend. "Just follow my lead Arthur."

Arthur sighed when Merlin knocked on his grandparents' door, wishing he could be anywhere but here.

"Merlin. Still as gangly as ever."

Arthur smiled at that, he saw the woman known as Dolma, long grey hair, and Merlin was right about her dress, what he saw of it before dragging Merlin into a bone crushing hug.

"Let our grandson breathe Dolma."

"Hey Dragoon." Arthur smiled, shaking his hand.

"Oh hello."

Arthur turned and saw Dolma stood there, her arms folded, looking him up and down with a smile on her face. "Hello." he replied, smiling politely.

"Grandma this is Arthur."

"Arthur? Sex on legs suits him better."

Arthur's eyebrows shot up. "Excuse me?"

"Dolma. Bloody woman. I told you not to be yourself too much. You will frighten the boy away."

Dolma walked over and stood in front of her husband. "Like you did you mean?"

"I meant to do that as he hurt Merlin."

"Can we eat?" Merlin interrupted. "Me and Arthur are hungry."

"Well I have cooked plenty. Dragoon loves my cooking; how he went those weeks without it whilst I was away I don't know."

"I ate nice and unburnt food for a change." Dragoon mumbled as he followed his wife into the kitchen.

"How long do we have to stay Merlin?"

"Don't you like my grandma?"

"Oh I do. Don't get me wrong. She just makes me nervous."

Merlin laughed and kissed Arthur. "You will get used to her. If you grew to like my granddad then liking and getting along with her will be no problem."

"Merlin she called me sex on legs."

"She is right. You are. Now let's eat and talk some more. Once you get used to her like you did granddad you will be fine."

Arthur smiled and nodded as he took Merlin's hand, letting his boyfriend lead him into the kitchen.

When Arthur and Merlin walked into the kitchen Arthur saw Dolma just sitting down and Dragoon placing a bowl full of salad on the table before sitting down next to his wife.

Arthur moved forwards and held the chair out for Merlin to sit down before sitting down himself when Dolma hit Dragoon on the arm. "When was the last time you did that for me?"

"When I wanted to get my leg over." Dragoon answered, making Arthur choke on his food and Merlin shake his head a little.

"So. Sex on legs. What are your plans with our Merlin here?"

"I love him."

"I know that. Dragoon here and my grandson has told me that, I want to know when the wedding is."

Arthur who was just about to swallow a mouthful of food started choking.

"Grandma really." Merlin sighed as he began patting Arthur hard on the back, handing him a glass of water with a small kiss on the cheek. "Feel better?"

"Yes. Thank you Merlin."

After dinner Merlin and Arthur thanked them both for the meal. Merlin hugged his grandparents. Arthur shook Dragoon's hand and got pulled into a hug by Dolma, jumping when he felt a pinch on his arse. He stepped back to see Dolma laughing that sounded more like a cackle.

"Stop pinching his arse woman, you want to pinch an arse then pinch mine."

Dolma turned to face her husband. "Your boney arse? No thank you. I prefer something with a bit of flesh."

Dragoon scrunched his face up. "Bah."

Merlin laughed. "We have to get back but thank you granddad, grandma."

"Any time my boy you know that." Dragoon said, smiling as he hugged his grandson one more time. "Drive safely."

Merlin seeing how Arthur looked took his car keys and decided to drive them back. "You okay Arthur?"

"Is that how Dolma is?"

"Oh yes."

"You look more like Dolma and Dragoon then you do Balinor and Hunith."

Merlin laughed. "Thank you. Never been told that before. I have been asked where I come from as they can't see my parents in me. I know next time I can tell them to look at my grandparents. She hasn't put you off has she?"

Arthur reached over once Merlin turned the engine off. "Merlin nothing and no one could put me off you." he said, kissing his boyfriend slowly.

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