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Summary: Sequel to 'Mistaken Loyalties.' Arthur and Merlin are getting ready to finish Uni. Dragoon is his usual self, Dolma has returned, Hunith has some surprising news for Balinor, Ygraine shocks Uther and Valiant wants revenge.

Warnings: Malexmale

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"Papa why can't daddy take us to school as well? It's our first day."

Arthur laughed as he straightened his son's tie. Within six months of proposing Merlin and Arthur had married and less than six months later Merlin and Arthur had adopted twins, they had found a woman who was expecting twins, she had a drunken night and got pregnant, never wanting to have children herself she decided to stay pregnant as it was unfair to have an abortion and decided to put them up for adoption.

Merlin and Arthur met her when she was seven months gone and right away they got on and signed all the papers within a week. It was the middle of the night when Arthur and Merlin got a call that she had gone into labour.

It was now five years later and their son and daughter, their daughter with long blonde hair and their son blond hair also but darker than his sisters, the same as Arthur's. "Because Elijah daddy is already there and will see you very soon. I will take you to the gates where daddy will meet you. Now where is your sister?"


Arthur sighed as he stood up. She was just like Merlin sometimes, all ready to go and when the time came was occupied doing something else.

Arthur hurried upstairs and poked his head around the door to his daughter's bedroom and saw her sat on her bed playing with her dolls. "Come on baby time for school."

"But papa..."

"No buts Ocean. Daddy is waiting for you and your brother at school, come on."

Ocean sighed and placed her doll down and jumped off her bed, allowing Arthur to straighten her clothes. "You ready for your first day at school?"

"Yes. I am excited. I will make lots of new friends."

Arthur laughed. "That you will baby. Come on."

Arthur pulled up and got his son and daughter out of the car and laughed when they went running up to the gate yelling 'daddy!'

"Remember what we said. You have to call him Mr Emrys Pendragon." Arthur said as he caught up.

"Okay Papa." Ocean smiled.

Merlin smiled and crouched down. "You both looking forward to your first day?"

"Yeah!" the twins cried in unison.

Merlin laughed. "Well in you go and play until I call for you."

Elijah and Ocean kissed Merlin before running into the playground.

"Back to teaching six year olds now?" Arthur asked.

"Yep. Now Freya is in the seven year class I am back to teaching my six year olds."

Freya being Merlin's little sister had to swap and teach the seven year olds as he was not allowed to teach Freya with them being related. Now Freya was seven he could go back to teaching the six year olds. "I told the head about Ocean and Elijah so I will be swapping again next year. Dinner and break times I will be watching the six year olds. I can't watch the others being as it is our children and my sister."

Arthur nodded. "It is good of the school to change it like so."

"It is."

"Hello Mr Emrys Pendragon."

Merlin looked down and smiled at the dark haired boy. "Hello Luke. You are in my class this year."

"Can't wait."

Merlin smiled and nodded at the boys mother who smiled and left when her son went running into the playground.

"Looks like the children like you."

"I know I had some crying when they found out I wouldn't be teaching them when they came back."

Arthur smiled. "I better get to work."

Merlin looked over his shoulder. "Elijah, Ocean, come and say bye to Papa."

Arthur crouched down and hugged them both when they both came running over. "Papa see you both tonight. Have a great first day."

"Bye Papa." Elijah said.

"Love you." Ocean smiled, kissing Arthur on the cheek.

"Love you both." Arthur kissed his children and let them run back and play. "Looks like they have made friends already."

Merlin looked to see his children laughing and playing with some other children. "It seems so. Have a good day at work."

"You too Merlin." Arthur kissed his husband and left.


Merlin turned and saw his little sister running up to him, his dad following. "Mr Emrys Pendragon." Merlin corrected. "How are you? Are you being good for mum and dad?"

"Don't let the look fool you Merlin." Balinor said when he caught up. Balinor crouched down and hugged his daughter. "You know that Ocean and Elijah have started today. You know that if you tell your friends that they are your niece and nephew and they get confused, don't do it all the more." he warned.

"Okay daddy." she said, kissing Balinor and hugging Merlin before she went running off into the playground to find them both.

"How is Freya dad?"

"Your mother's double. Double as in got me wrapped around their finger. I say no, they give me a look and that's it. I cave."

Merlin laughed. "Ocean is just learning that with Arthur. You or mum picking her up?"

"Your mum. I am at work at ten until six. See you later son."

"You too dad."

Five minutes after the last bell Merlin's classroom door opened and Ocean and Elijah came running in. "Hey how was your first day?"

"Good daddy." Elijah smiled.

"We listened like you and Papa said and we made new friends." Ocean added.

Merlin smiled and looked up when the door opened again and Louise, who teaches seven years, came in with Freya. "Your mum can't make it."

"That's okay. She can come home with me."

"She has arranged for someone to come and pick her up. They should be here soon. Are you alright waiting at the gates with her?"

"Yeah of course. You get going." Merlin had packed everything up and stood up. "Come on then kids."

Ocean and Freya ended up playing whilst Elijah stayed with Merlin. "Did you make friends son?"

"I did. His name is Michael. Daddy? When does Elisa come to school?"

Elisa was Gwaine and Percival's daughter, like him and Arthur, Gwaine and Percival had her since birth. "Next year darling."

"Hello midget." came a voice.

Merlin looked up and saw his granddad walk over to them.

"Gramps!" Elijah beamed, letting go of Merlin's hand and hugging Dragoon's leg.

Dragoon sighed and looked from his great grandson to his grandson. "I hate your husband for teaching them to call me that."

"Why? They don't like to call you 'granddad' as they know that that is what I call you. Is mum alright?"

"She's fine. She told Ygraine she would go with her to the hospital and the hospital is running late." Dragoon explained.

"What do you think?" Merlin asked.

Dragoon grinned. "I think after seven years Ygraine has got her way and is pregnant."

Merlin laughed. "You are just hoping she is as you know how Uther will be."

"He will pass out." Dragoon laughed.

"Where does Uther think Ygraine is?"

"Out shopping."

"Granddad!" Freya called out as she went running over to Dragoon along with Ocean.

"Hey squirt." Dragoon laughed as he got hugged tightly by his granddaughter.

Ocean waited until Freya pulled away before hugging Dragoon. "Hello grumpy."

"Sorry granddad but if you want someone to blame for that then look no further than gran."

"That bloody woman. I'll have her." he threatened as he took Freya's hand. "See you Saturday laddie?"

"Definitely. Me and Arthur wouldn't miss it for anything. Fifty five years of marriage."

Dragoon scrunched his face up. "Bah! Met at sixteen, together at seventeen, married at twenty two."

"So altogether you have been together for sixty two years. You must really love her granddad."

"With everything that I am. Only don't go telling her that."

Merlin laughed. "Don't worry granddad. Your secret is safe with me."

"Good lad."

"Actually granddad can we come back to yours? The kids can play."

"Of course. Dolma will be happy. She loves the house full of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Did she tell you what she has bought?"


"Ah. Well you will see when you get there. Bloody woman had me putting it up."

"Hello nanna!" Ocean and Elijah shouted as they opened the door and ran through, right past Dolma and outside to the back garden. "Hi gran!" Freya smiled.

Dolma smiled and sat down. "Hello darling. Want to go out back? Me and grumpy have bought you kids something."

Freya smiled and kissed Dolma and ran outside.

"I'll swing for you." Dragoon growled as he walked into the kitchen, Merlin following, walking to the window smiling when he saw his kids and little sister playing on the new swing and slide set.

"Oh thank you gran, granddad."

"You are welcome laddie." Dragoon said, smiling at his grandson before going back to glaring at his wife.

"Oh what a face. What's up with you ugly?"

"Teaching Ocean to call me grumpy."

"It's what you are."

"If that's how you want to play it. I would teach the grandchildren to call you what you are only that would be swearing."

"Now now granddad what did you tell me about gran at school."

"I know laddie and I mean it. She knows it which is why I don't say it much."

Dolma stood up with a smile on her face. "Ah. Did he say he loved me?"

Merlin smiled. "With everything he is." he answered, smiling when he saw his gran kiss his granddad.

An hour later Arthur turned up and kissed Merlin. Only parting when he felt his legs being hugged. He looked down to see Ocean hugging his right leg and Elijah hugging his left. "Hey Papa missed you."

"How was your first day at school?"

"We were good Papa." Ocean said.

"We listened and made friends." Elijah answered.

"Good. I am glad you enjoyed your first day."

Merlin smiled and looked at his husband. "Have you heard from your mum?"

"Yeah. Hunith is on her way here now to get Freya."

"Well is she or isn't she?"

"She is twelve weeks gone. She just has to tell dad now. She said I can tell whoever I like just not him. She said she will tell him before the party on Saturday otherwise he will be wondering why she isn't drinking."

Merlin smiled and hugged Arthur. "Congratulations big brother."

"Thanks." Arthur laughed. "I can just imagine my dad when he comes round from hearing the news 'I am forty nine the age for me to stop having children ended years ago'."

"How is Ygraine?" Dragoon asked.

"Ecstatic. She sounded ever so happy on the phone. She has wanted a baby ever since Hunith and Balinor had Freya.

Later that night Arthur sat on the edge of the bed and started to unbutton his shirt. Merlin placed his book down and watched as Arthur took his shirt off and chucked it onto the chair nearby. Not being able to resist, Merlin threw the covers back and made his way over to an oblivious Arthur who had just lifted up to pull his trousers down. "Kids asleep?" he asked.

"Out like a light as soon as their heads hit the pillow. I think school has tried them out." Merlin hummed as he got comfy behind his husband. "But it hasn't tired me out." he huskily said.

Arthur turned slightly and joined lips with his husband, without parting lips he turned and got onto his knees, smiling into the kiss when he felt Merlin pushing his boxer briefs down past his hips and down his legs, moaning when he felt the brunet's hand on his cock.

Arthur pulled away and looked down to see that Merlin was already naked.

"I prepared myself Arthur whilst waiting for you." Merlin panted as he lay back down on the bed pulling Arthur with him.

Merlin flat on his back, Arthur crawled up him and straddled his chest. "Suck." he said, holding onto the headboard.

Merlin lifted his head up and took the blonds cock into his mouth, using his hand to stroke what he couldn't fit into his mouth. Arthur thrust his hips back and forth a few times, fucking Merlin's mouth before pulling back and moving down the bed, pushing Merlin's legs up so his feet were flat on the bed, spreading his legs at the knees.

Arthur moved down and placed himself between Merlin's legs, kissing him sweetly on the lips as he thrust forwards making Merlin bite back a moan. "Fuck Merlin I thought you said you prepared yourself." he gasped.

"Only with one finger. I wanted to feel you stretch me with your cock." Merlin panted.

Arthur moaned and started to thrust his hips back and forth hard, his hand moving down his husband's stomach, stopping when he reached Merlin's cock, stroking it vigorously as his thrusts got faster.

Merlin reached up and took hold of Arthur's shoulders as he brought his legs up, wrapping them around Arthur's hips. "More Arthur... harder... please."

Arthur did as Merlin asked and soon they were both coming, joining lips to moan into each other's mouth as they came. Merlin reached over and picked up a cloth and cleaned the come off his and Arthur's stomach as Arthur pulled out of him.

Once Merlin placed the cloth down Arthur dropped onto his side and gathered Merlin into his arms. "Where did that come from?" he asked.

"I don't know. I just saw you and that was it. I have been good lasting this long. You know what you in a suit does to me."

Arthur chuckled and held Merlin close, kissing him on the lips as he let his hand run down his husband's back "I love you Merlin."

"I love you too Arthur."

That Saturday found Arthur and Merlin at Dragoon and Dolma's fifty fifth wedding anniversary party, Merlin smiled at Arthur who had just come back from the bar with a drink in each hand. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Have you seen our daughter?"

Arthur sat down and looked over to where Merlin was pointing and saw Ocean in Uther's arms, laughing as he danced on the spot to the music, turning every now and then making her laugh even more. "Your dad must have taken the news well."

"Mum hasn't told him yet."

"What? I thought she was going to tell him before tonight."

"How could she? Dad has been working late every night to secure this deal and when he got called in this morning he came home in a right foul mood, she needs him to be in a happy mood."

"He looks in one now."

"He always does when he is surrounded by his grandchildren. Where is Elijah?"

"He is at the buffet table Arthur. He eats like you do."

Arthur took a sip of his drink and placed it on to the table behind him. "Dance with me husband?"

Merlin smiled and took Arthur's hand. "Happy to."

As the night wore on it was time for the speeches and Dragoon got everyone's attention. "I want to thank all of you for coming. If it was down to me I wouldn't bore you with me talking but Dolma wants it and you know my wife, what Dolma wants, Dolma gets...eventually." Dragoon paused when people laughed, some laughing louder when they saw Dolma hit him on the arm.

"What? I said I would give a speech; you didn't say what I had to say. Anyway I can't actually believe how long we have been married. It may be fifty five years but altogether it is sixty two years. It just shows I love her if I am still here and it also shows I have done something right if I am still standing."

Dolma stood up. "Sit down fool." When Dragoon sat down, Dolma started to speak. "Thank you to each and every one of you for your gifts, we can not thank you all enough. When people asked what we wanted and we said money you never questioned it, you just gave."

Dolma looked at her husband who smiled before addressing the crowd again. "Me and my husband are grateful for that as it will come in handy because to celebrate cabbage head here actually lasting this long in a marriage to me and to me, him, we will be going on a cruise for two weeks." she said, smiling when everyone clapped, laughing when Uther shouted out. "Resist temptation to shove him overboard."

Dragoon scrunched his face up and stood up. "Thank you Uther. I am actually surprised. I owe Dolma here ten pounds."

"Why is that Dragoon?" Uther asked.

"Well Dolma said you would be over the moon with the news of being a father again, I said you would pass out."

Uther went silent before dropping onto his back. "Money please." Dragoon said, holding his hand out to his wife who handed over the money.

"Dragoon I didn't tell him." Ygraine said as Arthur and Balinor lifted Uther up and sat him on a chair.

"I know that. I overheard Arthur telling Merlin earlier, that'll teach him. Telling my wife to resist temptation of pushing me overboard. He is putting ideas into her head and she is daft enough to do it."

When Uther came around the first thing he saw was his wife with a worrying look on her face. "Please tell me the old coot was joking."

"Old coot!" Dragoon screeched.

"He wasn't love. I am twelve and a half weeks pregnant. I found out on Tuesday, I didn't go shopping I went to the hospital with Hunith she went with me to find out. I tried to tell you before tonight but you have been so busy and then you got called into work today and came home in a mood so I left it." Ygraine explained.

"But... Ygraine I am forty nine years old the time for me to stop having children ended years ago."

Ygraine narrowed her eyes. "You should have kept your cock in your trousers then." she snapped, making Dragoon and Balinor laugh.

Uther sitting there not saying anything Arthur decided to lead his mum on to the dance floor whilst Merlin and Balinor talked to Uther.

When the song had ended Arthur looked over his mum's shoulder to see that his dad was still talking, Merlin saw him looking and gave him the signal to keep on dancing.

"Look at your wife Uther." Balinor said. "Look how happy she is. It took me a while to come to terms with the news when Hunith told me about Freya so I just watched her and she was so happy so I wasn't bothered. I know I would do it all again to have her happy."

"It is not as if you are new at this Uther, you have Ocean and Elijah a lot and they adore you so much."

Arthur stopped dancing when he saw his dad and Merlin approach, seeing Dragoon and Dolma walk onto the dance floor and start dancing along with Hunith and Balinor.

"May I cut in?" Uther asked.

Ygraine turned around and faced her husband.

"I am sorry love it was just a shock but I am over it now."


"And I want another baby with you. I would do it over and over again with you. I am just sorry I said no when Hunith had Freya."

Ygraine smiled and kissed Uther, allowing her husband to take her into his arms.

"Dance with me?" Merlin asked once Uther and Ygraine moved away to dance.

Arthur smiled and took his husband in his arms. "You never have to ask me anything my answer is always yes." when they started to dance Arthur started talking again. "Despite the name calling and arguing look how happy Dragoon and Dolma are."

Merlin looked over and saw his granddad whisper something to Dolma who laughed before kissing him.

"Merlin we have two gorgeous children." he paused to see his children dancing, Ocean on Gwaine's feet and Elisa on her Papa's Percival's feet with Elijah dancing with Freya. "We have great jobs and a home. Merlin sweetheart if we are only half as happy as Dragoon and Dolma in fifty five years I will count myself the luckiest man on earth."

"Me too." Merlin smiled as he moved forwards and gave Arthur a slow, passionate kiss.

"I love you Merlin."

"I love you more."

Arthur smiled and shook his head. "Not possible."

The end

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