Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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Song: A Bad Dream by Keane


On a cold winter night in Ontatio Canada, a young woman was driving through the streets of Toronto. The February snowfall was making it a difficult drive for the tiny old Saab. The roads were unfarmilliar and hard to navigate through. Her patience was wearing thin and her fuse was getting shorter and shorter as she dealt with all of the bad drivers on the road. she groaned as her GPS nagged at her in its robotic brittish accent.

"Uhh one way street! I can't turn left you stupid thing!" Ren cursed at the electronic for the umpteenth time tonight. Part of her blamed her ex boyfriend for this mess. If he hadnt moved to this city, then she would not have to deal with the traffic he knew she hated. She sighed as the traffic came to a dead stop , and put her car in park as to not waste gas. It was a nice little break and it gave her a chance to take a look at her ex boyfriends new neighborhood. It wasn't so bad, definitely too crowded for her liking, but for Collin it was perfect. She knew he needed the busy life of Toronto, and she was glad he was able to find it. She noticed a playground not far from where she sat in her car "Good," she muttered quietly to herself, knowing she was not far from his house. "Yaay.." she sarchasticly cheered as the traffic started moving again.

One block over she pulled into a town complex and held up the paper with his house number on it, squinting at each house. The thick snowfall made yet another difficult task. Finally coming upon the right number she pulled into the driveway and took her keys out of the ignition. She sat in silence for a moment. This was never easy, this wasn't how things were supposed to be. The three of them were suppsed to be together. That was the plan. She cut off her thoughts as she felt her eyes warm up with tears. 'No, he has seen enough of this. Get it together'. She got out of the car and walked up to the door. Before she could knock the door opened with Collin on the other side, he put a finger to his lips as he held their 18 month old who was asleep against her fathers chest, already with her coat and boots on. She could hear people and music coming from the inside of the house. She looked at the other cars in his driveway, recognizing them. Their mutual friends. "House warming?" She asked, he didn't answer. As usual she was talking to a wall.

"Here, let me put her in the car for you." Collin Slipped his shoes on and walked out to Rens car. She opened the back passenger door so he could buckle her in her carseat. After closing the door he looked at Ren. "You're late." she sighed.

"I know, do you see this weather?" She said with an annoyed smile. "And you're house isn't exactly the easiest place in the world to get to." She stopped herself as she looked at the sleeping toddler in her backseat. "Im sorry. It won't happen again."

"No it's fine, Just worried was all." He smiled sadly. " So about next week, I will be going to B.C for a month-"

"I remember, just let me know when you get back and we'll go from there. Call whenever you want but just be consious of time zones." She heard the baby stirring in the back seat. "Sorry, its past her bed time, Im going to get her home."

"Yeah! Sure," Collin walked around to her side of the car and gave her a quick, awkward hug before she sat down. "Drive safe. Even though you drive like a paranoid 90 year old woman, you have precious cargo back there." They both smiled. Ren started the car and backed up, but before she got back to the road she rolled down her window.

"Collin!" He turned around from the doorway and tried to see her through the snowfall. "You're house is great, Im happy you're here." He smiled a genuine smile and went back inside to their friends as she continued to drive away.

Once Ren was back on the highway towards Woodstock, she started to get sleepy. "No way. Not in this weather." She turned on the radio and made sure it wasnt too loud to wake the baby, not that anything ever did, she slept like a log. Going through the stations she stopped on one of her favorite songs, and turned it up a little, singing quietly to herself. "She's got electric boots, a mohair suit. You know a read it in a magazine ohhh. B-b-b-bennie and the Jets. What the-" the station started to get static and eventually was nothing but white noise. "Oh come on Elton!" Ren checked the other stations, and it was the same white noise on each one. "Stupid storm." She turned off the radio entirely. Without music Ren felt a little uneasy, it was always a way to keep her calm and relaxed while driing on the highway, and without it now she started to get nervous. Suddenly she heard crying in the back seat. "Quinn, are you okay?" She turned her head quickly to look at the screaming girl, before turning around and seeing a huge bright light engulfing their car.

It was the last thing she saw before her world went black.

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