Spider-man: Forever

A/N: This story draws heavily from five of my other stories and contains spoilers for each.

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May-Anne Parker/Shadow-spider (II): Earth-7193

She watched him fall, with a gaping wound in his chest. A scream escaped her lips as she tore out of the iron grip of her captors and rushed to her father's side. Her hands hovered over the bleeding would as her idol struggled to form coherent words.

"...baby girl..." he wheezed, "I don't think...I'm gonna make it, hun..." he said as she did her best to not let tears fall on his chest. "Li...listen to me..." he choked, "you gotta be strong now...for your Mom..promise...?"

"Oi! Wake up," a man's voice said from the utter blackness. She let her eyes flutter open, only to be greeted by the sometimes pleasant, sometimes annoying sight of her partner Ronin, also known to her as Francis Barton. "M-A, you in there?" he said as he prodded her with his bow and arrow. M-A, god I hate that name, she thought as she got to her feet.

"I told you to never call me that name again," May-Anne snapped as she gave him a gentle push backwards, "Legolas."

"Hey, I'm cool with my nickname," Francis replied with a shrug. "Bad-ass, handsome archer who all the ladies love. Describes me in a nutshell. Now where the hell do you think we are?"

"No idea," she replied as she looked about. Buildings where trashed as far as the eye could see, and no sounds of humanity could be heard. Only one landmark remained. "Well," she said pointing in the distance, towards the only skyscraper that remained standing. "There's the Daily Bugle. So we're definitely in New York still."

"You think this has something to do with Warbird?" Francis asked as he pulled out a pair of binoculars.

"Undoubtedly," she replied with a semi-shrug, "can you think of any other dimension-hopping threats currently occurring?" She looked at the ground, taking note of the copious amounts of rubble.

"Well the way Valeria puts it," Francis said as he placed the binoculars against his eyes. "Everything's happening at once. So, yes. There's the Kang incident from two years ago, the zombie incident seven months ago, and apparently Crozanon's dealing with some time-travelling freak from the year 2099."

"Fine," May-Anne muttered, "I get your point. Can you think of how your girlfriend did it?"

"Well the Helicarrier has all sorts of gizmos in it," Francis said as he stored his binoculars in a tiny satchel. "It could be any one of those. And we've got incoming. And she's not my girlfriend. Franklin threatened too leave me in a pocket dimension if I even considered the possibility."

"Where?" she replied, tensing her muscles for a fight.

"About a mile in the air, over the water and coming our way," he said as two streaks crossed over the stranded S.H.I.E.L.D agents. "And it looks like they're both hot. Maybe you could hook up with one and I the other?" Francis finished before May-Anne struck him in the ribs with her elbow.

"Hopefully one of them will have the answers," she said as she began towards where she assumed the two combatants would make landfall.

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Kara Zor-El/Supergirl: Earth 7193

"Where is he? She shouted, driving her bare fist into the chest of the blonde woman wearing a black bodysuit with a yellow lightning bolt before her. The force of the blow forced the woman to begin to fall towards the ground slightly before recovering.

"Hit me one more time bitch and I'll..." the woman snarled as a bright yellow energy gathered around her hands. Kara responded in kind, firing twin beams of energy from her eyes, just as Kal-El had taught her to do. The woman responded in kind by launching yellow energy from her fists, which slammed right into Kara's own beams, locking them in a stalemate.

Kara knew she couldn't keep up her attack forever, and decided to veer to the left before driving a punch into the woman's stomach. Only, the woman was to quick for her and managed to dodge and counter with a sharp knee to the stomach. Maybe I do need to train more... she thought as the blonde woman grabbed Kara's cape and threw her into a building with a mighty crash! Failing to recover in time, Kara was on the receiving end of a flurry of heavy blows to the face and chest. Summoning her strength, Kara brought her fists down on the woman, sending her to ground level as she followed.

"This is the last time I will ask you!" Kara bellowed as she struck the woman hard. "Where is Spider-man!?"

"That's exactly what I want to know," the blonde woman replied as she headbutted Kara, forcing her back several feet. The woman continued as she thrust her hands forward, blasting Kara with a strange, yellow energy.

"Enough!" a stern female voice shouted as something bounced off of Kara's shoulder. She turned to see a man holding a strange weapon with a string supporting a stick. Arrow and bow! That's what Batgirl called it. Beside the man was a woman in a purple and black bodysuit. Using her x-ray vision, Kara could see very feminine features hidden beneath the woman's mask.

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Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel: Earth 7193

"Enough!" a sharp, female voice called out, and Carol turned to face the two S.H.I.E.L.D agents who had been assigned to watch over her doppelganger, Ronin and Shadow-spider.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Carol snapped as she turned her attention away from the young woman with the ornate 'S' insignia on her chest and onto the two S.H.I.E.L.D agents. "And where's..."

"kwentra amin manke Spider-man ie'!" The young woman shouted in a language completely foreign to Carol as she shot over to be in Shadow-spider's face. Despite Carol's personal opinion of the agent and her partner, the military part of her wouldn't allow for such disrespect towards fellow service men and women.

"Back off," Carol barked spinning the woman around to face her and staring her down. Almost simultaneously, Ronin re-focused his weapon's attention towards the woman.

"Ksa'maki etaoch!" The blonde snapped as she swatted Carol's hand away, "leave me alone!"

"I told you to back off," Carol barked as she gave the woman another push backwards, clear with intent. The blonde woman stared back, with a red glow beginning to form in her eyes, and her fists curled into tight fists. A smile twitched in the edge of Carol's mouth as she said, "wanna go another round, bitch?"

"Everybody calm down," Ronin said coolly, as Carol saw him edge his bowstring back slightly. "Let's not say or do anything we might regret later on, k?"

"Ksa'makoeli toshcma ile lunkani!" the blonde woman shouted as she swatted Ronin's bow out of the way with a swat of her hand. Shadow-spider reacted in turn by grabbing and twisting the woman's arm, throwing her over her shoulder. She pinned her opponent to the ground by stepping on the woman's shoulder while still holding her arm in a firm grip.

"Move at all and your arm breaks," Shadow-spider said coldly, with a strength of will that shocked Carol. "No matter what powers you've got. And no matter how strong you are," she continued with a nod towards her partner, who trained his weapon on Carol as she continued, "what's gonna happen now is we're going to set up a temporary base of operations. Then either you or Ms Marvel are going to do some areal reconnaissance, looking for any other bodies who've been caught in this mess. Then we can compare notes and..."

"On who's authority?" Carol quipped as she crossed her arms.

"Mine," Shadow-spider snapped.

"Major Carol Danvers of the United States Air Force," Carol said with extreme authority as she stepped forward. "And I am ordering you to tell me what the hell is going on..."

"Level four S.H.I.E.L.D special agent," Shadow-spider shot back without glancing towards Carol. "Now that we've got all of that cleared up," she continued mercilessly. "You have your orders, Ronin, take point at seven o'clock."

"Yes mam," Ronin replied with the voice of a soldier as he moved to where she indicated. Carol looked up towards the sky and thought to herself, where did you go, Peter Parker? Why aren't you here?

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Katherine Parker/Shadow-spider (I), Earth 7193

"Just like that? A bright flash of light?" The blonde, teen girl blurted. Beside her, the shorter, dark haired girl shifted her feet and scowled slightly in Kitty's direction.

"Like I said," Kitty said as she exhaled with a sigh and folded her arms across her chest. "One minute, I was beside my husband. He was playing with our two year-old daughter and flash! He was gone, she was gone and I was about half a mile from here." We're getting nowhere with this! She thought as the two girls whispered to each other in an attempt at secrecy that was nullified by Kitty's enhanced hearing, courtesy of her husband.

"Think she's trustworthy?" the blonde asked.

"Her heartbeat did not accelerate," the dark haired girl replied, "so she is not lying, or is talented enough to keep it under control."

"So, you've got nothing?" the blonde said with half a smirk.

"I can hear you," Kitty offered with a shrug, earning both of their attentions, "Just so you know that. And I don't think we've got much of a choice when it comes to trust. At least not until we figure out where we are."

"Fine," the blonde said as she nodded to the dark haired girl. "As a sign of trust, I'm Cassandra Lang, codenamed Stature. And she's..."

"X-23," the dark haired girl muttered.

"..very rude, as well." Stature continued as she lent out a hand for Kitty to shake. Which she did, as Stature continued, "Next question: Why are you dressed like Spider-man?" she said, indicating to Kitty's outfit.

"Well he is my husband," Kitty scoffed with amusement.

"Husband?" Stature replied with a tilt of her head, "two things." she continued as she advanced on Kitty, "One: He's nineteen, barely out of High school. You look like you're bordering on thirty. Two: we're dating. I think I'd have noticed if he was slipping away to..."

"Okay, we're dealing with a cross-dimensional event here," Kitty smiled, placing a hand on Stature's shoulder. "My Spidey has been out of high school for seven years, and I'd definitely know if he was cheating on me." She smiled, remembering Peter's attempts to explain the awkwardness he had felt when he had a run-in with two alternate versions of himself, one younger and one older.

"Oh, and our daughter does end up with the best of both of us in her," he had smiled as he stroked her belly, which showed signs of a healthy four-and-a-half month old fetus. "I think we've made ourselves a little superhero."

"You're hilarious," she had smiled, "I told you, I'm not living through her. If she wants to follow in our footsteps, fine. If not, fine."

"Good," Stature smirked, "now I don't have to grind him into the sidewalk with my heel. I just need to find him and get home."

"That's something on all our minds," Kitty said as she looked towards the setting sun. "But it'll have to wait until tomorrow, as it'll be dark too soon to do anything." The trained X-man in her overrode her maternal instinct that told her to search until she found her family. That and the knowledge that either Peter was with her, or one of their friends would check in with them and notice that they where gone. "I think I know place we can stay the night," she said as she started off towards the north.