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"Hit the deck!" he shouted as he dived towards the wall, all the while his Spider-sense going haywire. The other doppelgangers in the 'room' followed suit, though he assumed that their action was driven by the ringing in their heads as well. No sooner had they all braced themselves than the entire room shook., as if it had been hit by something extremely heavy. Two scenarios ran through his mind. One, was they where in space and had been struck by a meteor. Or two, they had just made planetary impact.

"Can you feel that?" the other version of himself to his left said. "It feels like we're falling!" Due to their ability to stick to walls, none of them where floating, but they could all feel that particular sensation.

"Sh-" peter began as his Spider-sense redoubled it's alarm. Seconds later, all of them where thrown off their feet as the walls crumpled and the lights began to flicker. He quickly rolled to his feet, doing his best to assess the situation.

"Something hit us," one of his doppelgangers said as he got to his feet. "Now, the only things that could shake a building like that are explosions and Hulk on a-" He was cut off by a loud crunching sound. The roof seemed to creak and crack at the seams. Not nearly as loud as before, but much more prolonged, and steadily increasing. "What the-" the spider-man began t say over the noise, only to find his answer in a set of titanic fingers piercing the roof.


"Alright," Carol said to Supergirl as she watched the now titanic Stature tear at the ruins of the now-crashed ship. "That actually worked. I thought she'd just bounce off buACCKK!" Something hit her hard from behind hard, enough to force her to fall down several metres before regaining her composure, and turn to face her attacker. Who turned out to be herself. Or rather, a version of herself that was dressed in a modernized suit of armour.

"Get away from-" Supergirl shouted as she shot forward, towards Carol's doppelganger at a subsonic speed. That didn't do any good, as she was quickly re-directed with a sharp blow to the stomach. Though she's pretty hard to deter, Carol thought as she watched Supergirl redouble her attack, no matter how futile it seemed. With three sharp strikes to the jaw, she was driven back. "ENOUGH!" Supergirl shouted as two beams of red light shot forward from her eyes, and Carol knew that was a huge mistake.

"No!" Carol shouted as she started forward, completely aware of the fact that the attack would do more harm than good. Unfortunately, she was to late. The beams struck home on the doppelganger's face, and the spent energy was absorbed.

"Thanks," the doppelganger replied with an evil smile before returning fire.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With their brawl long forgotten, the mother-daughter duo crept through the wreckage of the crashed ship. Kitty had already tried to phase through the wall, but found that there was a field of electrical energy preventing her from doing so. So, instead, the two of them where forced to sneak around, hoping to not run into any unfriendlies.

Okay...just around here... a familiar voice said inside her head. A voice that she had come to miss greatly ever since being separated from it.

"Peter!" She shouted as she burst forward, around the nearest corner, which was where she assumed he was. She was right. Four times over, in fact. But while the confusion would have gotten to most, it didn't stop her from pulling her husband into a tight hug. "Oh god..."

"Kitty," he muttered into her shoulder as he returned the force of her embrace.

"Not to break up the happy reunion," one of the other Peter Parkers, who looked to be a few years older than her own, said as he pushed past. "But I suggest we get the hell out of here before-" SHHCRAK! A body crashed through the ceiling and landed at their feet.

"Who the hell-" one of the Peter Parkers began to say.

"Kara!" another interrupted as he rushed forward and helped the blonde-haired hero to her feet. "Oh god, what happened to you?"

"So...so strong..." Supergirl muttered, as Kitty noticed the gash on her forehead. But her attention was re-directed as there was a sonic boom in the air, and all present bodies looked upwards,, to see two identical bodies falling towards the earth. A gigantic hand moved to catch one, but the body it belonged to was struck from the side, by the second flying body.

"We've gotta get out of here," May-Anne said as she beckoned to them, "re-group and figure out how to take out Warbird."

"If we leave," Kitty's husband said with half a grunt, "she''l run and take more of us. But...she's gotta have a weakness we can exploit."

"We could stick her in the ground," Kitty replied, "like the lizard incident."

"She's strong enough to rip out of the ground," May-Anne replied with a huff. "And striking her does nothing except make her madder. We need to contain..." she said as her voice trailed off, and she looked at a piece of metal lying on the ground. "Interesting..." she muttered.

"What?" Supergirl snapped, "we-"

"High-grade adamantium," May-Anne replied as she picked up the metal. "Same stuff that coats wolverine's skeleton. Only, more maleable. If we can...we just need a little more, and we might be able to trap her."

"How?" the Peter Parker to Kitty's far right asked.

"In theory," May -Anne said as she hefted the metal, "we use these as handcuffs. If someone can hold her down for long enough, we can phase them on. The electrical field won't be a problem, as it doesn't have a power source."

"So all we have to do is restrain the super-psycho," one of the Peter's quipped, "should be a piece of cake."

"Do we have any other choice?" The Peter who Kitty was happily married to replied.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"He!" CRACK! "Is!" CRASH! "Mine!" THUNK! Carol Danvers had never been in such pain in her life. Every blow hit with force that was enough to split mountains. And even though she had super-durability, she didn't know how long she could hold out. She did her best to hit back, but a combination of her opponent's armour and technical skill, she was relatively unsuccessful. And earned a sharp knee to the stomach.

"Back...off!" Carol shouted as she brought her fists together and swung hard. The blow connected, sending her alternate self back several inches, and earned herself a slight reprive. "I don't know what happened to you, but-"

"nnnggg-aaahh!" her other shouted as she gathered balls of energy around her fists and charged forward, slicing her fists in the air as she did so, forcing Carol to retreat. And out of the corner of her eye, she saw a blur of blue approaching at a supersonic speed. "He's mi-"

"What she said!" Supergirl shouted as she drove her fist into the alternate's ribs, before turning to face Carol. "Get her down there! We have a pla-"

"Stay down!" Carol's alternate shouted as she struck back, hitting the blonde's forehead. "I'll deal with you! I'll take you all-" She was cut off be a gigantic hand pulling her out of the air.

"That's for the punch!" Stature shouted as she slammed her fist into the ground. "And that's for abducting my boyfriend you bitch!" She continued to shout as Carol reached the sight of impact. She landed and saw the body of her other self, lying in a crater, as Carol's improvised allies formed a semi-circle around the crater.

"You haven't won," the doppelganger spat as she tried to get to her feet. "I made sure to be the strongest! All for him! I have all the power!"

"Yeah?"Carol snapped as she stepped forward, "I guess you failed to listen when it mattered!" she finished as she drove her fist into the woman's abdomen.

"I'm sure you had plenty of chances for him to tell you," Stature quipped. Now at the size of a human being, she picked up a pipe and struck Warbird's shoulder.

"That with great power," Supergirl grunted as she drove her foot into Warbird's leg.

"There also comes," the older Shadow-spider snapped as she struck Warbird's nose, "an even greater amount..."

"Of responsibility" they all finished together. All that followed was a bright flash of light, and each and every one found themselves home, back with the ones they loved.

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