Chapter 1: The Secret

Wednesday's POV

My mother had just gone with our faithful butler, Lurch, to the kitchen to prepare dinner that I shot earlier…now is my chance to tell my father the news.

"Daddy, I have something very important to tell you. Can you keep a secret?" I ask.

"Of course, paloma." Father replies.


"If I didn't know any better I'd say that looked like an engagement ring."

I just look at my father and he says, "What are you saying?"

"Oh daddy, Lucas wants to marry me!"

"What?" my father exclaims.

"Lucas Beineke loves me and he wants to marry me, daddy."

"Do you want to marry him?"

"Yes, I think so."

My father looks a bit confused, "You think so?"

"Well…I've never even met his parents, and he's never met mine, and…I just need to be sure."

"You're hesitating a little, there more to this?"

"Well...we're who we are, they're from Ohio...and..."

"Ohio? A swing state!" father raises his saber in the air, then lowers it, "Wait…there's more?"

I place my hand on my stomach, and father looks at me, confused. I groan and place one of his hands on my stomach.



"You're...How did this happen?! You're just a baby! We just brought you home from the hospital!"

"Daddy, I'm grown up."

Father sighs, "You're right...this is important. Let's go tell your mother."


"No? But we have to tell your mother that you're getting married and...…"

"Daddy, please! She'll ask a lot of embarrassing questions and wreck the whole thing. After dinner and we're all friends, we'll tell her."

"But…I've never kept anything from your mother…"

"Daddy, please?"


"If you love me?"

Father sighs again, "Alright."

I kiss his cheek, "Thanks daddy!"

I walk out of the room, smiling.

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