McCoy had barely had time to get his tricorder and crouch by Scotty's side when a hand faintly grabbed his arm.


McCoy looked down at Scotty's now open eyes.

"Stand still. You took a blow to the head and you passed out. I need to check you up." The doctor said, hovering his tricorder over Scotty's body with one hand as the other reached for a hypo.

"Sir. Don't stick that thing in me. We need to figure out a way to save Jim and the ship and I can't do it asleep." McCoy blinked at Scotty as his heavily accented words made their way through his brain, processing what the Scot had said.

In a normal situation, McCoy would argue that he didn't care what he thought he had to do, but he was going to light out as a candle and sleep to recover - but what they were currently living wasn't a normal situation. It was a crisis. Therefore, critical measures had to be taken.

McCoy looked at Uhura who was clutching Spock's hand on her own as if it would make him wake up faster. He noticed now that she looked tired, and that she probably was tired and the he had been so distracted by all the events that he hadn't even taken the time to give her something soothing. McCoy looked at the Scot again lying on the floor.

"Dammit!" He held a hand to Scotty helping him sit up. "But now that when this is all over I will give you a sedative so strong that you will rest for two weeks!"

Scotty's eyes widen slightly. "Aye Sir."

"So, what do you suggest we do?" McCoy asked later after he had made another round through his patients checking if everything was running smoothly and if the treatments being administered were the right ones. He had moved Spock to a corner so he could be closer to the nurses and he had asked nurse Chapel to personaly keep an eye on the Vulcan. So it was only the three of them in McCoy's office, to where they had managed to escape without their captors noticing.

"We need to get to the transporter room if we want to beam to the other ship." Scotty said.

"But how are we going to get past those guards?" Uhura said. "What about that force field they used?"

"Besides, even assuming we could get past them I think it is safe to assume that there are more on the transporter room." Scotty said.

"What about shuttle bay?" McCoy asked.

"That seems to be our best option, I would say." Scotty said. They fell silent. Passing through the alien creatures would be difficult and none of them seem to have any idea of how to do it.

"I could create a distraction." Uhura said.

"But then you would stay behind." McCoy said.

"And as soon as Spock woke up we could help you from here." She said.

"Look, I'm a doctor not a security officer! I don't know how to fight! So a ship with an engineer and a doctor don't seem to me a hell of a rescue mission!" McCoy said.

"And I'm a xenolinguist Leonard! What makes you think I know how to fight?" She asked.

"I've seen you doing it." McCoy said assertively.

"You have the academy's basic training! And the fact that you are a doctor is precisely why you need to go! What if Jim needs assistance on the spot? You need to be there! I don't speak their language, therefore I don't need to go! I can be of more assistance here especially if me staying is the only chance of you going forward!"

"I must say doctor, her reasoning is quite logic." Scotty said.

"Oh please, one Vulcan's enough! I don't need another one."

I really apologize for the short chapter, but this story has been slowly plotting itself in my mind and with all my coursework this semester I almost have no time to write. Even so, I really wanted to post something, so as always, I hope you enjoy it! :)