Gibbons turned when the swinging door were forced open to bang against the wall drawing attention to the person who entered. With a slight frown he turned his attention back to the massive screens on the walls in front of him without a sound. The new entry stepped into the bright lights and stayed a few feet away from Gibbons and crossed his arms across his broad chest. The white wife-beater shirt allowed his tattoos be proudly displayed against his naturally tan skin as well as the three Xs on the back of his neck for which he was named. Triple X.

                "Good to see you again Triple X. Thought that last mission might have done you in," Gibbons said without looking, knowing that he was listening.

                A deep chuckle was the only response he got from the figure. Glancing over his shoulder, Triple X; also known as Xander Cage; held a slightly cocky glint in his eye. Gibbons knew that it would be difficult to ever 'do in' Triple X; he was their best agent he could ever ask for. But there always was a chance.

                "What do you want Gibbons? All you said was to get here as soon as possible," Xander said as Gibbons turned to look at the secret agent.

                "I did say that but we're waiting for your partner for this mission."

                "So where is he?"

                "Last I heard she was just leaving Kiev. But that was a while ago."

                "She? My partner is a woman?" Xander asked his deep voice rumbling through the room.

                "Last time I checked I still was one."

                Gibbons shifted to look past Xander as Xander turned to see who spoke. Standing in the door was probably the sexiest thing he ever saw in his life. The woman wore a slim fitting knee length tan skirt which enhanced her seemingly endless legs. The blue button down shirt was opened at the neck revealing a light tan and a slim neck. She slid her suit jacket off he shoulders and arms as she walked towards the two men and tossed the jacket on a control board. Sliding into a rolling chair she rolled the last few feet to Gibbons and crossed her long legs as she looked up at him.

                "Can I help you Gibbons?"

                "Where have you been Agent 99? You were supposed to have left Kiev four days ago."

                "Yeah well I got a bit delayed. What are you to do?" she asked shrugging her shoulders as she smiled.

                "Yes well Triple X meet Agent 99, you can be more personal later. You both are here to work on a job together. The man you see on the screen is Sebastian Monoclay, he is well known in the black market among a few other rouge areas. He has been laying low recently staying out of the grapevine but he has been buying up computer chips."

                "It's not illegal to buy computer chips Gibbons," she said and Gibbons looked down at her in the chair.

                The look he shot her made her sink deeper in her seat. Gibbons was the only guy that could actually scare her into silence. When he was sure that she wasn't going to interrupt again he continued.

                "The chips he is collecting are manufactured by small private companies for a variety of things. We're talking heavy duty, high tech chips. The kind used in submarines, spaceships, missiles, planes, units of destruction. We want to know what he's planning on doing with them if anything. Both of you will be sent to Prague tomorrow via our private jet and don't kill each other. Report back when you have something."

                He turned away from the two agents effectively ending the meeting. She stood up and picked her coat off the board and walked past Triple X and out the door as he followed.

                "Hey, hold up," Xander said as he jogged after the woman.

                She turned and looked at him as she slipped into her coat and waited for him to speak.

                "Since we're gong to be working together I'm Xander Cage," he said and held out his hand to shake.

                "Nice to meet you."

                She ignored his hand and continued to walk down the hallway. Xander stared after her before walking after her again.

                "So do you have a name or do I just call you 99 or bitch?"

                At that she slowed and looked over at him with a small smile. With a slight nod she motioned for him to follow her and they both continued to walk.

                "My name is Samine Nalia and I'm only interested in doing this job so don't try to seduce me because I've heard all about you and how smooth you are with women. You try to even brush against me intentionally and you'd wish you never met me. You cover my ass and I'll cover yours."

                "I'm already wishing it," he muttered watching as she disappeared around the corner.


Okay so there's the first chapter, hope you like it so far. I have an idea of where I'm going to take it but it's not set in stone yet. Give me feedback if you have a good idea of where it should go. Look for the next installment.