The screen went blank for a moment before coming back up causing Samine to yelp in excitement. She frantically started to type in orders and screens popped up here and there. Typing in a last few keys she turned to Xander and picked up one of the wires coming from the new circuit board and a wire running to the dish.

            "Xander I want you to hold these two wires together and don't let go," she said as he held the two wires together and yelped.

            "I got shocked!"

            "And you will get shocked. You are holding the bridge together and you can't let these two wires separate or we'll have to start all over," she said forcing his hands together despite his protests.

            Ignoring his curses and yelps she punched in the coordinates of the missile and the new coordinates of where she wanted the missile to go. She needed just one more thing and where could she find it.

            "I need…I need…," she mumbled looking around her in the snow.

            Spying the dead guard with the five inch knife still in his chest she ran to him and yanked out the knife and wiped it on her pants leg. Moving towards the console she carefully pressed the blade into the mess of wires and circuit boards. The next second there was a flash of light and the sound and smell of circuit boards frying themselves as sparks flew everywhere. She jumped back as did Xander and watched the smoke start to billow out from the console. Waving her hand to clear the smoke she looked at the screen with Xander looking over her shoulder and she screeched in excitement.

            "We did it X! The missile is heading out to outer space!"

            She spun and jumped into his arms knocking him back a few steps as she tightly hugged him. He laughed and spun her around a few times tightening his hold around her waist.

            "Oh my god I can't believe we did it," she smiled as he gently lowered her to the ground.

            "Uh Samine we may have a small problem," he said catching sight of something coming over the mountains.

            He pointed towards the jets that were coming towards them at a very fast rate. Samine grabbed her binoculars and focused on the jets and the small missiles attached under the wings. A flash of flames exploded from the rear of the missile as they were fired off.

            "Oh shit, run!" she yelled grabbing her bag and coat from the snow and started to run for the trees.

            Xander ran after her as the sound of the missiles neared them followed by a massive explosion. Neither of them looked over their shoulders as they ran between the trees trying to put as much distance between them and the missiles. The explosions seemed to get nearer as they pushed themselves faster. The next explosion knocked both of them off their feet and sent them flying into the air.

            Samine slowly opened her eyes and groaned a bit as she tried to sit up. She was in the middle of the creek and freezing cold as she stood up and slowly walked towards the bank. She sat down next to Xander and lightly punched him on the shoulder as he opened his eyes. He slowly sat up and looked over his shoulder at the burning cabin and the few trees that were in flames. He looked over a Samine as she looked at the destruction and at him. Neither of them said anything until Samine started to softly laugh which started to turn into full blown laughter which eventually got Xander laughing. Both of them were soon lying on the snow holding their sides laughing so hard as Samine wiped away the few tears.

            "Why are we laughing?" Xander asked trying to catch his breath.

            "I don't know," Samine wheezed which only started them laughing again only harder.

            A few minutes later they finally quieted down and laid there watching the cabin burn. Samine pulled her coat over to her and wrapped herself up as she began to shiver from the cold.

            "This has been my favorite mission of all time I think," Xander said watching the burning building as Samine snorted.

            "Yeah I'm sure it has been. Get to blow up things, kill people, go sky boarding and snow boarding. Great vacation," she mumbled sarcastically.

            "Hey you got to do the same things so don't be such a bitch about it."



            They both laughed for a few moments before quieting down and looked in the sky as a set of helicopters flew into sight and landed in the clearing. Gibbons and his own mini army stepped out and they watched as the soldiers split up and went in search for survivors as Gibbons walked towards Xander and Samine. He stopped in front of them as the two of them looked up at him and he looked around at the destruction.

            "I guess it would be fruitless to look for survivors. Both of you has the talent of shooting everyone first and asking questions later" he said looking down at them.

            "Would you have us any other way?" Samine asked sarcastically as she slowly stood up.

            "Honestly? No," he replied before smiling and walking away

            Xander watched him walk away and looked at Samine before laughing a bit and shaking his head. The two of them started walking towards the helicopter in silence as the soldiers piled onto the two.

            "Hey Xander," Samine said suddenly before he stepped onto the helicopters.

            "What?" he replied stopping and turned to look at her.

            "You are one sexy prick if I must say."

            Without warning she stepped up to him and kissed him soundly on the mouth. Her hand held onto the back of his neck as her tongue ran across his bottom lip as she leaned into him. Before he could grab her she broke the kiss and smiled at him before turning and jogging to the other helicopter just as it was starting to lift off. Dazed for a moment he climbed onto the helicopter and watched the other one lead the way as they headed towards a foreign NSA office. He definitely wanted to talk to her after that kiss and went in search of her once the two helicopters landed. As he climbed off the helicopter he looked for her and didn't notice Gibbons walk up to him.

            "She's long gone X," he said startling Xander.

            "What do you mean?"

            "Samine. That is who you're looking for right?" he asked already knowing the answer.


            "She's long gone. I saw the little exchange you two had before the helicopters took off and knew that she'd be gone once the helicopter landed," Gibbons said quietly.

            "How do you know?"

            "She doesn't allow herself to fall in love. Couldn't really in this business but whenever the opportunity presented itself she never acts on it. Everyone she's been in love with died or was killed in front of her. She taught herself to not fall in love, to save those she did care about. And she fell in love with you but to save you she left."

            "She doesn't have to save me."

            "In her mind she has to save everyone else except herself."

            "Where can I find her?"

            "Don't even try X. If she doesn't want to be found then she won't. That was always her talent as an NSA agent. She can disappear with no trace and never be found."


Okay everyone there is the final chapter of the story. But don't worry, I am currently working on the sequel and hope it's going to be just as good as the first one. I already have some good ideas of what I want to do with it. So keep an eye out for the sequel and everyone take care. Peace.