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I really like this, I missed writing BBxRae. Not that I don't like writing johnlock (for those of you who followed me from Sherlock BBC). Anyways, story time! This takes place at the end of "The Beast Within".

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"...Knowing when to use it, that's what makes you a man."
Beast Boy felt a blush dance across his green cheeks and he smiled at the girl sitting beside him. "Teach me."
Raven frowned, confused. "Teach you what?"
"Teach me how you keep your inner demon under control."
Raven looked down at the murky ocean. "I don't think I'm the best person to ask for advice on that. I don't do it very well, and when it works I'm just a creepy stoic shell. My inner demon works off of my emotions, so I restrict them all. I don't allow myself to feel sadness, rage, or even joy. The slightest emotion can slip through, but I can't allow myself to become passionate about something, or my powers could slip. I don't want you to live like that Beast Boy. Your happy personality is what makes you you and I don't want to take that away."
Beast Boy placed his hand over Raven's. "You don't allow yourself to feel strongly about anything, but you want me to?"
Raven nodded, ignoring the heat rushing to her face as she absorbed the warmth coming from Beast Boy's smooth hands.
Beast Boy used his free hand to tilt Raven's head so she faced him. "What if I feel strongly about you?"
The empath tried in vain to avoid eye contact but the deep emerald green lulled her in. "I-I would advise against it. I would never be able to reciprocate and even if I could my powers-"
"Liar." Beast Boy cut her off. "We're touching right now and nothing's exploded. Raven, you're stronger than you think. If you don't feel the same just say so, because I know you're strong eno-"
Raven cut him off this time with a kiss. When they broke apart, Raven timidly looked around.
"Nothing broke?"
The changeling across from her smiled and kissed her again.
"See now was that so hard?"
Raven smacked him lightly before pulling him in for another long kiss.
"We're having a moment here, don't ruin it."

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