This is the sequel to Repercussions, but don't look for Dinah and Helena in this one. This one is going to center around Diana and Shayera, the Amazons, the Olympians, and even a few Titans...there is going to be a lot of mythological beings mentioned, and the co-author and I are going to take some liberties where the relationships and historical events are concerned, but not too many. I hope you enjoy nonetheless...

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Silently she watched as the Queen slept in her bed, and for as long as she could remember, it was always this way. The Queen's long blonde tresses spread out in a fan across her favorite pillow. It was more akin to the spreading of a peacock's plumage, an analogy the watcher preferred anyways. Her bare shoulders peeked out just above the covers, exposing skin that was so close to touch, but eons away at the same time. Her breaths were even, peaceful, and although the watcher had seen and met many angelic beings, nothing compared to the one woman she could never pursue. Countless nights had passed into years, and never did she fail to check on the human she valued beyond all others. Never once, however, did she linger during the more private moments. She always turned away while the Queen disrobed, bathed, or for even the moments that were of a sensual nature. She was no voyeur in that regard. There were times when she wondered if the Queen knew she was there. Sometimes she heard her own name whispered into the night, but not on a prayer. There were times when her name was uttered as a silent tear fell. But she never made mention of these events, nor questioned the queen about them in any way. She simply watched.

During the normal course of the week, she would visit occasionally. She tried desperately to control the amount of time spent in the other woman's presence. Sometimes she would visit under the guise of spending time with her daughter Athena, who had married one of the Queen's generals. Other times, it was on no pretense whatsoever. She simply enjoyed the Queen's company, and her presence was never questioned. One would hardly question their patron.

But if she had to be totally honest, she more than enjoyed her company. She was genuinely in love with the Queen of the Amazons. And that was a problem…

Hera couldn't deny how she felt, but she never once uttered it to another soul, to the wind, to the elements, to nothing. To do so would be the ultimate betrayal to her husband, the father of the gods. And while Zeus had been known for his multitude of affairs, love was the line that was never crossed. He simply had flights of fancy, scratched his itch, and moved on. But to fall in love, especially with a human, would bring disgrace to the Lightning Wielder. He had only assented to his daughter's marriage to one because of her purity, and wise judgment. However, to find out his wife had fallen in love with one would bring a wrath unimagined. Hera would never risk Hippolyta, or the Amazon nation in such a way.

And there was more. She had to consider her daughter as well. The Amazonian Princess knew she had been a gift from the gods to her mother. What Diana and the Queen didn't know, was that Hera had given a part of herself in the creation of one of Earth's greatest champions. A gift yes, but not from all the gods of Olympus, only hers. No one questioned why Diana was stronger than others; it was just assumed it was because of her heritage through her human mother. In truth, Diana was a demi-god, hidden in plain sight.

So, she kept quiet, and harbored a yearning that burned brighter than any fire Prometheus could give, burned hotter than any fire Hephaestus would stoke, and longer than any eternity anyone had ever believed they had lived through. And to a goddess, an eternity was a hell of a long time.

The marriage of Clio and Artemis was still a few days away, and the island was buzzing with excitement. The hardheaded, stoic General was going to commit herself to the one woman on Themyscira who had shown her unconditional love and support. Loyalty was a trait that was valued amongst the Amazons, and in Clio, Artemis had found someone who was unwavering. Countless nights spent debating the different meanings of a variety of things, and coming to the conclusion that they weren't likely to agree on everything was an endearing quality that Artemis loved about Clio. They didn't have to agree on much other than the fact that they were hopelessly in love. And there had been no argument there. The very thought of Clio brought a pure joy to Artemis' soul, and a warming feeling that infiltrated every sinew of her being. Clio had stood by Artemis in her most pigheaded moments, lightly chastising, cajoling, and in some cases, resorting to threats to get her girlfriend "guided" in the right direction. It wasn't that Artemis wasn't in control of her emotions; she just had moments where her mouth hadn't been contained. And so Clio was her balance, tipping the scales back to even.

Often Artemis would ask, just in the moments after they had made love, how she had gotten so lucky. Clio would smile, cuddle to her fierce protector, and just sigh, "I'm the one who's lucky…"

Usually that spurned Artemis into another round of demonstrating how much she adored the woman who shared her bed and her heart. Other times, the redhead would just snuggle closer, and laugh when Clio put her cold feet on the back of the General's knees. Artemis shivered at the icy contact, but made no move to stop the act, instead laughing, "You keep me around to keep your feet warm."

"Funny, you know you shouldn't complain. If it's the only thing about me that isn't perfect, I'd say you were getting a pretty good deal." There was nothing conceited about the comment, as Clio teased Artemis all the time when the redhead would swear that the librarian was perfection personified.

"Let's not forget how short you are…" Artemis teased. The height difference between the two was comical. Standing at over six feet tall, the general was an imposing figure, even amongst the Amazons. Clio, however, had not been blessed in that department, barely registering above five feet herself. The little jibe was met with more laughter, and a deeper snuggling on Clio's part.

"You realize that in three days' time, you'll be marrying a midget."

Artemis snorted in response. "And you'll be marrying a giant. I can look past it if you're willing to."

Tracing small circles on Artemis' collarbone, Clio was the most content she had ever been in her life. "I'm excited that we're finally going to be wed. I think I've been looking forward to this longer than I can remember."

Artemis nodded, slowly closing her eyes, "It'll be a beautiful ceremony, and it'll be nice to be surrounded by our loved ones."

"I think Alindra is more than ready for us to be married. Your constant worrying about every small detail has to be driving her crazy."

"Well," Artemis yawned, "she doesn't get a vote. She's my best friend, and I can't see that she would ever believe my personality would change simply because you and I were getting married. She's used to me harping on the small details daily about a lot of things."

Clio stopped the light touching, and ran her hand down Artemis' chest, settling it across her well-toned abdomen. "Artemis?"

"Hmmm?" came the light response.

"I love you. Whether or not we were getting married, or simply just living the way we are now, I…"

Artemis squeezed Clio tighter to the side of her body. "Clio, I love you too. And I can't wait until the whole island witnesses me marrying the most beautiful woman ever."

Clio smiled in the dark, and found herself quickly drifting into slumber.

Alindra smiled, as she watched her goddess stand up from their couch with a look of incredulity on her face. "Athena," she lightly teased, "why is this a big deal?"

"It isn't." Athena fumed. "Go ahead, and have your party for Artemis. I just don't understand why I'm not invited."

Alindra bit her lip to keep from laughing. The Goddess of Wisdom was a lot of things, but she had never pegged her for having a small jealous streak. It was…

Athena pouted slightly, "It isn't cute Alindra. You and Artemis are going to be doing only the gods know what, and you don't want me to come."

Alindra took Athena's hand, and grinned, "It's a party celebrating her last day of being single. There won't be that many in attendance, and I can't imagine what kind of trouble you think we'll get into. I obviously can't hide anything from you, nor would it even cross my mind. I didn't say you couldn't come, I only suggested that since you and Clio have become friends, you might want to do something with her along the same lines."

"And you wouldn't worry about what we would be up to?"

"No, because I trust you."

"And if I said that I was going to invite Aphrodite?" A small smile crept up on Athena's face, as Alindra suddenly frowned at the thought of the Goddess of Love being involved in any party.

"You're inviting Aphrodite?"

Athena shrugged nonchalantly, knowing she was getting to Alindra. "Why not? She certainly knows how to have a great time. Far be it from me to not make sure that Clio has an amazing last night being single."

Alindra shifted uncomfortably, "And what exactly would you all be doing?"

Athena grinned coyly, "Why bore you with details? I'm sure Aphrodite will cook up something good."

Alindra's response was lowly uttered, "That's sort of what I'm afraid of."

Since the union of Athena and Alindra, Aphrodite had spent countless hours amongst the Amazons. She had earned quite the reputation for being a little reckless with her inhibitions, something that Alindra wasn't even sure she had. There had been one or two times when things had gotten a little out of control, and some serious debauchery, and naughty fun had ensued. Alindra and Athena had never taken part, always excusing themselves early in the evening, but the stories that Alindra had been regaled with the next day, made her a little nervous for what the event would entail.

"So, I guess it's settled," Athena teased, "you go off and have fun with Artemis, and I'll let Aphrodite plan something for Clio."

Alindra's eyes shot up, meeting the cool brown ones of Athena, desperately trying to convey an air of confidence she didn't believe. "You're bluffing. You know Artemis and I won't do anything even remotely inappropriate."

Athena lightly patted Alindra's cheek, "Of course, love, I trust you."

Having her own words flung back at her, albeit in a teasing manner, did nothing to assuage the nervous feeling in the pit of Alindra's stomach. "You know, uh, we could always combine the two parties. This way no one feels left out, or feels obligated to attend one over the other."

Athena leaned over and pecked Alindra's lips. "How very wise of you…"

Alindra sighed, the beginnings of laughter starting to come, "You did this on purpose."

Athena smirked, knowing she was going to win this all along. "Did what?"

"That thing where you get me to do whatever you want. It's not fair."

"I did no such thing."

Alindra full out laughed. "I realize you are the goddess of many things, but is there really strategy involved in this simple of a conversation?"

"Learn something did we?"

Alindra opened her mouth to reply, but closed it instantly. She had been beaten, but she was not to be outdone. Slowly her hand stroked the bare thigh of Athena, and she grazed her lips across the divine being's. "I did," she replied haughtily. "You don't fight fair."

Athena inhaled sharply as she felt Alindra's hand slowly move up to cup a perfect breast. Words failed the Goddess of Wisdom as she felt the blonde's thumb barely brush her taught nipple. "Consider the lesson learned." And with the utterance, Alindra backed away, turned, grinning from ear to ear, and walked over to their bed.

Athena stood flustered, and hot. Simple touches from Alindra literally had her skin feeling like it was on fire. The goddess stood wide-eyed, and then chuckled, "Touche' dearest. Now who's not fighting fair?"

Alindra shrugged and began shedding her clothing, all the while her back was turned, knowing exactly the game she was playing, and winning.

Shayera rolled over in bed, curling up next to her Amazon. It felt good to be back on the island. With all the press coverage of her relationship to Diana having died out, life was quieter. There were still times when the League was called to fight, and there had been a few times when the situation seemed dire, but still she never really worried. It just seemed in her mind that they would always win one way or another. Diana battled fiercely with Shayera at her side, and quick work was made of most villains. But they returned to Themyscira to spend time with Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta, and to celebrate the wedding of Artemis and Clio.

Reaching out gently, Shayera swirled a raven lock around her fingertips. Shayera never could figure out how Diana kept her hair so soft. The woman could be in the middle of fire, rubble, construction, rain, and still her tresses were kept in check, and never became gritty or split. "Diana?"

Diana smiled, although her eyes were closed. "Yes?"

"How do you do it?"

Diana chuckled, "Be a little more specific Shayera. Do what?"

Shayera grinned, but continued, "Your hair…it's…perfect…which is perfectly annoying."

The Princess laughed in the darkness. "Genetics."

Shayera tugged playfully at the strand she was playing with. "About that…" Shayera treaded lightly suddenly, her thoughts taking her to a different place, "you have dark hair, but your mother is blonde. And you can fly…"

Diana shrugged, "I was a gift from the gods Shayera. I guess I came out looking like they wanted me to."

Shayera seemed to pass by what Diana was saying, "And you are stronger than any Amazon. I mean, all of the women have amazing strength, but you far surpass them. Do you ever wonder about these things?"

"No, not really. I just always assumed that part of me was my mother as well. Before I came along, she was the strongest of the Amazons. She still is in most regards. She could probably fight me close to a standstill if she wanted, and I think that she's pretty smart too."

Shayera thought about what Diana was saying, but still she persisted, albeit with a childlike inquisitiveness. "This may be asking too much, but does your mother, well…"

Diana's eyes opened, intrigued at where this was going. "Does my mother what?"

"Well, has she ever dated anyone on the island?"

Diana laughed, "Shayera, I don't want to think about her like that. But, to answer your question, no. At least I don't think so. We don't really talk about her love life. And if there has been someone, it couldn't have been serious. She's never brought anyone around."

"That's kind of sad though, don't you think?"

Diana rolled onto her side to face Shayera. "Maybe. She…" The thought was stopped. Diana didn't really know how to answer the question. In truth, she had never really considered it before. "She spent her time raising me, and ruling the Amazons. Maybe she didn't have time to fall in love."

Shayera slowly moved to hold Diana's hands in hers. "I just think that maybe she might be lonely."

Diana didn't like that idea. "She has us."

"But we aren't really ever here."

"Hera visits her a lot, and she's surrounded by thousands of women on an island. I think if my mother thought about these things, she'd do something about it." Diana let out a wry chuckle, "Honestly, she's brasher than me in that regard."

"And yet, she rules alone."

Diana sighed and snuggled into her love, "Shayera, stop. It's making me a little sad for her. And I don't know that we should talk about this. It feels wrong somehow."

Shayera paused, as something told her that Diana was right, but she asked one more question. "Is she taking anyone to the wedding?"

"Like a date?"


"Last time we talked, Hera was planning on going with her."

Shayera smiled, at least Hippolyta wouldn't be alone at the ceremony, or the party that would follow. "How regal. Two Queens."

Diana nodded, and leaned in to kiss Shayera. "Enough about my mother tonight. I'll ask her tomorrow about it all. Should I tell her that my beautiful girlfriend is concerned?"

Shayera's eyes almost bulged out. "No! I…forget it. Kiss me again."

Diana giggled mischievously, "Always barking orders in bed…"

Shayera kissed the hands she was holding. "You never seem to complain."

The Amazon pushed Shayera's hands above her head, and rolled on top of her. Leaning down, she whispered seductively, "And what is your next command?"

Shayera felt herself getting aroused, but she teased, "How about not snoring tonight?"

Diana's head jerked up, and howled with mirth. The two began laughing together, wrestling for dominance in position. Shayera knew in a million years that she would never win this contest against Diana, but the Amazon allowed her to claim victory every once in a while. Tonight was not one of those times. Diana stilled the redhead firmly to the mattress, covers strewn everywhere. She insinuated her legs in between the Thanagarian's and pressed her pelvis down, pinning Shayera right where she was. "Shayera, let's play a game. Let's see how long you can hold out before moaning…"

"You are soooo dirty."


"You aren't going to hear a peep."

Diana smiled lasciviously, "Liar." She lowered her head once more, and began slowing tracing Shayera's neck with her tongue. She nibbled lightly at the soft skin, and it took all of five seconds before she heard what she was hoping to. The Amazon loved hearing her lover say her name when she was aroused, and it never took much.

In between kisses, nibbles, and slow grinding, Diana whispered, "That took all of a few seconds."

Shayera blushed, although in the darkness it wasn't visible. "I'm being ravaged by someone named Wonder Woman. Who the hell could hold out?"

Diana laughed, "Ravaged? Not yet…be patient."

Shayera's eyes rolled back in her head, as Diana set out to make sure she heard her name several more times. Eventually she stopped, once she was sure Shayera was going to be hoarse the next morning.

Hippolyta tried sleeping. The hour was late, and she desperately needed rest. There were so many things to attend to, plans to make, events to oversee, but her mind wasn't slowing down, and so she tossed in her bed. Several times she fluffed her pillows, repositioned her body, kicked off covers, pulled them back up. Her body was physically tired, but her brain was on overdrive. She paused in her movement, and looked at the other side of her expansive bed. It was too big. And it was a painful reminder of how lonely she was feeling.

The Queen of the Amazons had spent countless years tending to other's needs, including Diana's, all the while ignoring the nagging feeling at her heart. She knew she didn't want to be by herself tonight, and had felt the same way every night for what seemed like a millennia. But she knew that inviting just anyone to her bed wasn't the answer. There were plenty of women to choose from on the island, but none would take the place of the one she could never have and as Queen, she wouldn't feel right raising false hopes in others.

For as long as she could remember, this feeling wouldn't leave her alone, although physically she always was. It was not possible, but yet her imagination let her wonder what it would be like for just one night to have the one thing she yearned for.

Sitting up in frustration, and sighing in the dark, she wrapped her naked body up in the top sheet and got out of bed. She walked to her balcony, and stared at the stars in the sky, occasionally glancing at the ocean as the waves brushed the shore only to retreat again. There was a slight chill in the air, and she rubbed her hands up and down her bare arms. The sheet covered her chest, and flowed softly in the breeze. Hippolyta wasn't cold long though, as a warmth began to spread across her flesh. It announced, as it always did, the presence she was so desperately seeking. Never one to invade her privacy, Hippolyta uttered to her patron, "Please join me."

Hera appeared in a muted ball of light at the other end of the balcony. "Hippolyta, what has you up so late?" Her tone was filled with concern. She always knew when the Amazon Queen's mood was somber. She was attuned to all things the other woman was, and genuinely cared when something wasn't quite right.

Hippolyta smiled softly, although she wasn't happy, and kept her attention focused on the waves. "I can't sleep tonight. Too many things are on my mind." She could feel Hera looking at her, but she didn't trust herself to even glance at her patron goddess.

"Tell me."

"You shouldn't be bothered with small nonsense."

Hera continued to look at the blonde, and smiled fondly. "It isn't small if it's bothering you. You…you are about the only friend I have that I can say I implicitly trust. Talk to me. What's on your mind so late?"

"I...I can't. It isn't something you should worry about. It's insignificant."

Hera wanted so much to dispel that thought immediately. Nothing about how she felt for the other queen was insignificant. She yearned to talk about the miniscule things. But Hera knew if Hippolyta wasn't talking, it may be best to just let it go. So she turned her attention outward towards the sky. "Would you like me to leave you to try and rest?"

Hippolyta wanted nothing of the sort. "It's, just lately, I think I'm tired. Maybe my time as queen needs to come to an end soon."

Hera was slightly shocked, and looked once again on the barely covered woman she was in love with. "Why? There has never been a better queen. Your daughter, given time, will assume that role. But for now, I rest easy, knowing you are leading the Amazons."

"The Queen of the Amazons should never have weakness. Lately, that seems to be how I feel. I don't feel as strong as I used to."


Hippolyta grieved inwardly, "No. It's…nothing. I'm sure I'll be fine in the morning. Lack of sleep seems to be jumbling my mind. I'm fine."

Hera felt her heart pull against her chest. "Then let me help you sleep tonight."

Slowly she approached Hippolyta, and the other queen turned to face her. Gently Hera reached out, and brushed a stray strand of hair out of the way. Lightly caressing Hippolyta's forehead, she whispered in an ancient language long forgotten. Hippolyta felt her eyelids getting heavy, and her head nodded forward, unable to fight the overwhelming drowsiness that was settling into her bones and muscles. Hera reached out and scooped up the queen into her arms and walked back into the bedroom. She settled the blonde onto the mattress, and straightened out her comforter. Quickly she tucked the proud Amazon woman into the cover, and sighed. Stepping away from the bed, she whispered, "Find your peace tonight Hippolyta." And with the utterance she disappeared back into her own solitude.

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