Hi Titans lovers. I am posting another chapter to clear some confusion. All of this is very important so read it all!

The Meaning of Jinx's secrets:

Her dancing: To show that there is alot that they don't know about her. Also, I had a better explanation in I Miss It. Then I deleted it. So here is the explanation: I let the music carry me, not really thinking about what I was doing. I loved dancing. I don't really know why. When I came to Earth, I had to learn how to fight. I was delighted when I realized how alike it was to dancing. The same flipping, the same required grace. When you were locked in combat with somebody, you were also locked in a sort of dance. You have to be light on your feet, dodging every attack, parrying every strike. I was a natural fighter, with my background of dance. So I guess I'm glad I'm a dancer, or else I would have been killed in combat several times over.

See, I realized, she would have to go through heavy training to be as good a fighter as she was. So I decided to make it easier for her!

Pandy and Zurry: To show she had a rough time as a kid, but she did have friends. Also for some reason I hate the idea of Jinx living in KF's place.

Amber and Raven and Argent: Because that is the point of the entire story.

Okay, now this is almost as important. So I get alot of questions in my reviews, but they are all answered in my other stories I Miss It and Old Friends. So go read those!

See ya at my other stories!

~ Pixiedustmagic