Father Time:

Part 2

I wanted Shikaku to have time with our son, and I guess I got it. After I cleaned up the floor, I peeked into the bedroom. Shikaku was holding him in the crook of his arm. As he rustled a few papers around. After finding what he was looking for, he turned and came past me and heading into his office. Shikamaru saw me and reached out again. He almost said mom, but Shikaku just ignored the sound and took him to the other room.

Little Shikamaru started to cry quietly again. I took a breath, and went to get supper on for my husband. I knew my son was scared, but I knew he was in good hands. I shouldn't doubt.

The water was boiling and the meat was cooking. I quietly went to the office door. It was silent. When I peeked in, Shikaku was sitting at his desk, Shikamaru set ontop, his feet dangleing. I thought Shikaku was doing paperwork until I caught a glimpse of the shogi board. Shikamaru held up a piece and looked at it.

Shikaku glanced at it, then pointed to the place it belongs, quietly talking. Shikamaru would set it down, then pick up another piece. Just then Shikamaru turned. "M..." he held out his hands, holding the shogi piece tight.

I smiled. "That's very nice Shikamaru."

Shikaku glanced up at me, then looked back down at his papers. "Tell mom what you've got."

Shikamaru looked at him.

I walked over to see. "Ooh, pretty."

Shikamaru looked at the piece.

"It's the king." Shikaku explained, then looked at our son. "It's the most important peace in the game."

Shikamaru looked at the board, then placed the piece in the center of it.

Shikaku chuckled. "You expect to send the most important piece to the front lines?"

Shikamaru looked up at him, then at me.

I quietly shook my head telling him no.

Shikaku glanced at me, then went back to work. "The king needs to be protected."

Shikamaru looked back at the board, then picked up the King.

His dad looked up at him. "So. Where should you put him?"

Shikamaru looked at the king, then the board. Then he clenched his fist around it and held it up.

I put a hand over my mouth slightly to keep from laughing. Shikaku looked surprised, then he smiled, quite amused.
"...You do that then."

I smiled. "Supper will be ready in a half an hour."

Shikaku nodded slightly. "Thanks."

I glanced at our son, and gently brushed his small ponytail. "You doing okay Shikamaru?"

"He's fine. I just want to keep an eye on him for a while."

I raised my eyebrow. "...He's trained you well."

Shikaku looked up, then went back to work, trying to his the faint smile which he was often good at. "He might like something to wash the taste out of his mouth though."

I nodded. I gave out son a peck on the forehead, then walked out.


I glanced back to see him look at me and reach out with his free hand. I quietly shook my head. He turned back and looked at the King in his hand, quietly muttering.

I walked back with a small cup of juice, but peeked in to watch before I entered. Shikaku was pointing to the board, quietly talking while Shikamaru started setting the other shogi pieces in a tower. Shikamaru stopped, and grabbed his dad's hand.

Shikaku looked down. "What?"

Shikamaru grabbed around his dad's thumb and tried to pull it up.

Shikaku raised his hand slightly. Our son leaned towards him, setting his head above Shikaku's hand.

Shikaku readjusted, and there was a soft glow of healing chakra.

I watched the two.

My husband felt Shikamaru's throat a little, then pulled out the canister of medicine. Shikamaru wiggled, and started whining.

"I only have a little left Son. Let's make this one count." he got some on his fingers, and held it to Shikamaru's mouth. The boy looked at it mouth closed. He leaned forward slightly like he wanted too. Finally, he opened his mouth. He drew back, whimpering at the taste.

"Whining won't help you boy."

Shikamaru finally, with a little help, held his mouth open long enough to spread the medicine in his swollen mouth.

Shikamaru sniffled, and rubbed his eye.

Shikaku caught a glance at me and shook his head slightly. So I quietly went back into the kitchen with Shikamru's drink.

Supper was ready, and I set Shikamaru's cup by his seat. I rearanged things slightly so Shikaku could get to Shikamraru if the swelling reaction came back. Shikamaru was probably not going to eat much beens he threw up a couple more times.

I walked over to the office again, but paused before I got there. In the bedroom, Shikaku was laying on the bed. Beside him was our son, his fists near his face, and both boys were sound asleep.

I touched the shogi piece in Shikamaru's hand, and his fingers slowly curled around it. I smiled, and leaned over and gently kissed Shikaku on the forehead. "Thank you." I whispered, then silently closed the door.

The End

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