Margaery Tyrell was running as fast as her long, lean legs could carry her. She was running from an enormous black dragon that was chasing her down the never ending hallways of the castle of King's Landing. She felt the ground rumble as the dragon roared and shot a fireball at her. She had just managed to round the corner as the fireball crashed into the wall. Margaery screamed as she felt the tail end fabric of her dress scorch and burn from the fire.

Suddenly, the tunnels went black as the torches went out. She stopped running and froze in the darkness as she tried to listen for the dragon. All she heard was silence and her rapidly beating heart. Was her heart beating that loudly? Or was the hallway just that silent, she wondered. Margaery's small hands felt along the wall, trying to search for a door. Suddenly she heard a woman's scream from behind her. The scream had been all too familiar to Margaery. Sansa! she thought.

Margaery turned around and stumbled through the darkness as she headed in the direction that Sansa's scream had come from. As she rounded another corner, the torches illuminated once more. At the end of the illuminated hallway stood a single door. She heard Sansa scream once again from within the room at the end of the corridor. Without a second thought Margaery ran to the door and flung it open. Inside she saw nothing. It was an empty room. The room had two open windows. Air was blowing through the windows making the curtains flow in the breeze. The room was silent with the exception of the breeze. Then she suddenly could hear Sansa's voice, crying now. That's when Margaery heard the cold, cruel laugh of King Joffrey.

"No please. Please your Grace. Don't hurt me." Sansa pleaded. But Joffrey only laughed more.

"Leave her alone!" Margaery shouted to the empty room. She needed to save her best friend from Joffrey, but where were they? She could hear both Joffrey's laughs and Sansa's cries and pleads but Margaery couldn't see them. Suddenly, the floor began to tremble under Margaery's feet. The floor to the room opened up into a giant hole. Margaery jumped back and retreated through the door she had come from. But when she opened the door, instead of finding herself in the hallway like before, Margaery found herself in the castle's safe room. Sansa Stark's piercing blue eyes bore into Margaery's own blue eyes. Sansa's eyes conveyed her fright to Margaery and pleaded for her friend to help her. Margaery reached forward to grasp her friend, but she was yanked backwards by strong arms. Loras Tyrell pulled Margaery out of the safe room as the walls came crashing down around them. She was surprised by the fact that she didn't feel the ceiling remnants hit her. Instead she felt butterflies in her stomach as the ground left her feet. The last thing Margaery saw before she fell into darkness and unconsciousness was the piercing eyes of her best friend. The eyes of Sansa Stark.

"Margaery! Margaery! Wake up!" Margaery heard a voice command. She stirred in her sleep and tried to open her eyes. But her mind couldn't shake the image of Sansa Stark's piercing blue eyes conveying her fear and pleading with Margaery not to leave. Margaery's eyes lightly fluttered opened as the nightmare faded away. As her sight became less blurry she half expected to see the face of one of the Kingsguard coming to wake her for a meeting with King Joffrey. Maybe it had all been one bad dream. The dragon, the giant holes in the floor, the falling, the darkness. Maybe it had all been a figment of her imagination. Margaery was hoping that the soldier of the Kingsguard would lead her to King Joffrey quickly so that see could go find her best friend. She needed to make sure Sansa was safe. From the moment Margaery had met the young, sweet girl she had taken it upon herself to look after the Little Dove. Someone needed to protect such a wonderfully innocent and beautiful soul.

However, the face she woke up to was far from the face she had expected. The face in front of her belonged to no man from the Kingsguard. The face that she saw caused her to gasp and bolt straight up in the bed she found herself lying in.

The masculine voice simply chucked as he said, "And I thought my Queen would never wake up. Hello Margaery."

Margaery sat there paralyzed. She was pretty sure that she couldn't even breath. The room was deathly silent as Margaery tried to figure out whether or not she was still dreaming. If she was, she preferred this dream much more than the last. Before she could even fathom the formation of words, the deep voice spoke again.

"Good to see you again though I would prefer to see my Queen's smile rather than your shocked expression." He laughed out. Oh how she had missed her friend's magical, melodic laugh.

"Ren – Renly?" Margaery stuttered. "What? How?" She screeched as she shook her head back and forth. Her mind, which had been all but frozen before, was now running a million thoughts a minute.

Renly let out a full hearted, musical chuckle as he observed her from his perch at the edge of her bed. Only then did Margaery take the time to view her surroundings. She got out of her bed and slowly made her way over to the window. Her body seemed to be shaking as she realized that she was not in King's Landing nor was she back home in Highgarden.

A warm breeze rolled in the window as Margaery pulled back the curtains to gaze upon the world outside. She was met with a beautiful view of clear, blue ocean waters. Opposite the sea, towered many enormous buildings. The buildings were like nothing Margaery had ever seen. These buildings put every castle in Westeros to shame with their sheer size and strange beauty. Far down below her window, she saw people scurrying around. She gasped in alarm at the girls below who were clad in the tiniest articles of clothing she had ever seen and boys wore nothing but trousers, their muscular chests gleaming in the sun. Never had she gazed upon people so scarcely dressed. The view would greatly anger her conservative mother, or any mother from Westeros for that fact. Margaery turned around in puzzlement towards Renly who was still seated on her bed. He sat quietly observing her with an amused expression on his handsome features.

"Am I dead?" Margaery squeaked in a high pitched voice. Renly sprawled out across her bed as he stretched out his body. Margaery saw him shake his head back and forth as his voice called out, "No my sweet Margaery." Renly then sat up and said with the biggest grin on his face, "Welcome to Miami!"

"Excuse me?" Margaery questioned as her face scrunched up cutely in confusion. "Renly where in all of the Sevens Kingdoms is Miami?"

"Florida." He called out. Her face only scrunched more, even more confused now by his vague and unhelpful answer.

Renly laughed as he stood from the bed, "Come on Margaery we should head downstairs. Everything will be explained soon, but for now you should dress so we can go eat." He walked over to her and put his hands upon her shoulders as he added, "Olenna and your parents are downstairs waiting for you. Along with Garlan, Willas, and even Loras."

Margaery's eyes shot up to his, wide in surprise at news of her grandmother, parents, and brothers also being in this 'Miami' place.

"Loras!" Margaery said as her voice rose in excitement. "Does he know you are here? Has he seen you yet?"

"No. No he has not." Renly said as he suddenly became anxious. "I was hoping to surprise him together. I mean he knows you are here, but I was hoping to make an entrance."

"You were always one for such stunts." Margaery's whimsical voice laughed as she hugged her former husband and best friend. "He will absolutely love that."

"Good now you should dress. I'll leave you to that and I'll be waiting just out in the hall. Then I shall escort you to breakfast." Renly kissed the top of her head before making his way out of the room.

Once the door had shut, Margaery walked over to the wardrobe and curiously opened the mahogany doors. She was expecting to find her beautiful, decorative dresses from Highgarden, but instead she was met with colorful shirts and short men's pants that would barely cover midway up her thigh. The shirts were more of what she was used to she thought as she picked up a pink one to observe it. All the shirts either had minimal sleeve coverage or didn't have any sleeves at all. The shirts ranged in all forms of modesty in the bosom region. Margaery was hardly shocked by the long deep V-necks as she was well accustomed to 'showing men what she had to offer' as her mother always so eloquently put it.

It took Margaery a few moments to pick out an outfit to wear. She was slightly overwhelmed by the odd options for bottoms. She strolled barefoot over to her window to gaze down at the women on the street and beaches below her. She stood silent for a few moments as she carefully observed how each woman was dressed and made mental notes to herself. She sighed heavily as she walked back over to her wardrobe and put her observations to use. Margaery finally decided on a white, mid-thigh skirt and a light orange tank top that had three beautiful, gold sequin stripes across the top. She then put on some orange shoes that had one strap across them and a single strap between her big toe and the toe adjacent to it. She had seen many girls from the streets below wearing similar shoes.

Next Margaery walked over to a door which she assumed led to a restroom. As she walked into the tiny room she was appalled to see all the odd devices in the bathroom. Even the toilet looked odd. Margaery caught her breath as she saw her appearance in the mirror. Someone had obviously bathed her for her skin was clean whereas she remembered being disgusting and covered in sweat from the heat in the Red Keep. She also recalled some scars from falling down the cracks in the ground. These scars were no longer present and her skin had a healthy glow to it. She glanced down to see her legs were smooth from being shaved and incredibly soft. Her nails were nicely painted pink and trimmed. Her hair had a slight bounce to it and shined from the products that were placed into it when she had been cleaned up. When had they cleaned and bathed her? And who had done it? She thought to herself for she had no memory of anyone doing this to her.

She sighed as she exited the room, still confused, and found Renly leaning causally against the wall outside her door.

"Well isn't someone a sight for sore eyes. You look lovely." Renly noted as he took in her outfit.

"I received some tips from observing the women outside." She replied as they made their way down a beautifully painted hallway.

"Well look at you being all intelligent and using that beautiful, dangerous brain of yours. You are so much smarter than your parents, especially your father, give you credit for. People seriously shouldn't underestimate you." Renly laughed as they neared the stairs, "But far warning don't base all your fashion points on how those women dress. Some prefer almost no clothing."

"I noticed." Margaery said in slight disgust which caused Renly to laugh harder. As the two reached the bottom of the stairs, Renly put his hands on Margaery's shoulders to steer her in the direction of the dining hall. Margaery couldn't help but smile as she realized how happy she was to see her friend again. Even though Renly and Margaery never had the type of love Margaery had yearned for since she was a small child, they still loved each other in their own ways. This type of love was more like the brotherly, sisterly type of love. The two had a mutual and great respect for one another.

Just outside the door, Renly dropped his hold on her shoulders before he stepped back and took a deep breath. He slowly exhaled as his eyes nervously flickered to the room where his lover waited unknowingly. Margaery placed a hand on Renly's shoulder and nodded reassuringly before she turned and walked into the room. Around a giant and glorious dining table sat Mace Tyrell, Margaery's father and head of the House Tyrell, at the head of the table. To his left sat Margaery's mother, Alerie Hightower, and next to Alerie sat Margaery's oldest brother, Willas. On Mace's right sat Margaery's grandmother, Olenna, and next to her sat Margaery's second oldest brother, Garlan. Next to Garlan sat Loras.

As Margaery entered everyone's gazes looked up from their plates. Olenna smiled brightly at the sight of her granddaughter. Alerie's eyes silently scrutinized her daughter's outfit, but Margaery ignored it. Her mother had always done this to her and was never quite satisfied with how her only daughter looked. Her father's face remained emotionless, but all her brothers smiled happily at their sister.

Suddenly Margaery saw Loras's face turn from excitement and happiness to shock and disbelief. Margaery turned to see that Renly had stepped into the room. Everyone's gaze now shifted to the two men.

"Impossible." Loras whispered as he stood from his seat, both hands on the table.

"Hello again Loras." Renly said quietly as he nodded his head at his lover. Olenna and Margaery smile's radiated as they watched the exchange. Margaery's parents, who knew about Renly's relationship with their youngest son, looked just as surprised by Renly's appearance. Garlan and Willas sat quietly, slightly smiling.

Loras's body shook as he slowly approached Renly. Margaery gave her brother a slight nudge to close the distance between the two. Loras reached his hand out and caressed Renly's face with his hand. Renly closed his eyes with a giant smile on his face at Loras's touch.

The two men stood like that for a few moments before Renly opened his eyes and gazed into Loras's. Renly and Loras seemed to both move at the same time as they embraced each other in a hug. Margaery's eyes watered as unshed tears formed upon the sight of her brother silently crying as he clutched onto Renly. Renly whispered sweet nothings into Loras's ear as he let Loras sob into his arms. Margaery couldn't help but be a little jealous as she watched the love between her brother and Renly. She wanted that. She wanted a love as pure and beautiful as theirs was. Her jealousy was short lived and quickly disappeared as she was overcome by feelings of happiness about her reunited family, including Renly.

Melisandre tapped her newly manicured nails on the table as she sat staring intently at the map of the United States in front of her. She had just received confirmation that the Greyjoys, all except Theon, had turned up in Baltimore, Maryland, the Reed siblings in Madison, Wisconsin, Mance and his Wildings in Anchorage, Alaska, and the Lannisters in Los Angeles, California. She snorted as she thought of Cersei Lannister in Los Angeles, what a perfect match for the queen regent. The business and constant bustle of L.A. would surely keep the woman busy and hopefully entertained.

Her phone vibrated with a text message from Renly. The message read that Renly had met up with Margaery and Loras Tyrell along with the rest of their family in Miami, Florida. She placed her phone back down and marked the location on the map. Everything was going according to plan and soon the lessons on how to adapt would start for everyone.

The only families she had yet to hear from were the Targaryens and the Starks. Suddenly her phone lit up as her screen showed an incoming call.

"Talk." She commanded into the phone as she hit the enter key.

"Well hello to you to sweetums." A male voice laughed into her ear. "Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Tell me, did dear Stannis refuse your company last night?" Melisandre rolled her eyes as the masculine voice chuckled some more at his assumed cleverness.

"Don't forget Viserys, the only reason I brought you back was so you could help your sister and her companions adjust. I have to say you were my least favorite person to resurrect." She snapped. "And I can put you back just as easily as I brought you back."

Viserys's laughs ceased at her threat. "Don't get your panties into such a twist my dear. I was only jesting." Viserys said sweetly as he sprang back into action. He never learned she thought.

"Now where are you?" She demanded as she heard him laugh again. She was really starting to lose her patience with him.

"We are in Honolulu, Hawaii. I found Daenerys last night on the beach as well as her three beautiful creatures." Viserys said proudly.

"If you put one foot out of line when it comes to your sister and her dragons, I will dispose of you. You are to leave the dragons alone. You are to help your sister and that is all." Melisandre reminded Viserys with malice in her voice.

"I know. I know. I'm trying to turn a new leaf here Melisandre. I am trying to be a better brother. With that being said, step one of big brother duties is done. I had the men in black find Jorah Mormont, Ser Barristan, and Missandei the slave girl earlier this morning. They arrived moments ago hence why I am touching base. Everyone here is accounted for. Dany and them will start their lessons this afternoon." Viserys rambled off.

"Excellent! Keep me posted and let me know if you need anything." Melisandre quickly said before hanging up. She had just lost the last ounce of tolerance she had left when it came to the sound of his voice.

Melisandre marked Daenerys's and Viserys's positions off on the map on the islands of Hawaii. The only family she had yet to touch base with was the Starks...

Author's Note: Up next is everyone's favorite family ;) Stay tuned and please continue reading!