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Summary: After waking up from a horrible dream Sakura's life takes a turn for the...well something? She only hopes it will be good and will end better than her dream suggests her life will. The secret family trade is hers to learn, and in the process she will become a stronger kunoichi. Sometimes all it takes is a little wake up call.

Warnings and Tags for the Story: Coarse Language, violence, no pairings whatsoever, Strong!Sakura, Strong!Team7, rough/dark beginning, and slow build-like really slow. (please correct me if I've used anything incorrect, I don't really get how tags work)

A/N: So...I've seen a lot of time travel fics but nothing quite like this. I'm not saying it is a time travel fic, and I will tell you all right now, Sakura is not one of my favorite characters; however, my least favorite will forever be reserved to Sasuke.

Edited 3/10/2015 So…warning, I will be harsh with the characters initially because their initial flaws cannot be so easily overwritten or excused. I am particularly harsh with Sasuke; in part because his perspective will not be shared for several chapters and Sakura is a biased narrator. I hope you enjoy ~ with love, depressedchildren

Chapter one: Waking Up

Sakura sat up in her bed panting heavily. She wiped her sweaty bangs away from her face and pulled her long hair away from the nape of her neck. She grimaced at the feeling of the soaked hairs.

Her dream was hazy but it left an impression on her. She shut her eyes tightly against the words now echoing in her head:



A pitiful excuse for a kunoichi.

Couldn't save her own team, even if she tried.

Boy-crazy, stupid, foolish, useless whore.

Sasuke would sooner kill her than fuck her.

A foolish little girl trying to play ninja.

Another Tsunade alright, too afraid of blood to save anyone that really needs saving—probably'll become a drunk too.

Not even a serious threat.

Sakura choked on a sob. What was all of this about?! Where were these voices coming from? At first it sounded like Sasuke-kun, but then it changed; it sounded like the whole world was laughing at her, mocking her…hating her.

And yet… she knew she could be powerful. She could be Tsunade when she was in her prime. Sakura could be powerful and she could save lives…if she would just try.

You can do it Sakura, I know you can

That sounded like Naruto, the dead last, but older. For some reason she believed him, and those words gave her the courage to get out of her bed.

"Sakura?" her father asked from the door to her room. She looked over to the closed door as her father spoke again "Is everything alright? Usually you're up by now?"

"I-I'm fine, Tousan," her voice had lacked conviction at first, but she shook her head and looked at herself in the mirror. "I just had a weird dream," she continued before she nodded to herself in an attempt to reassure herself that it was just a very weird dream.

She heard he door creak open then and, through the mirror's reflection, she could see father looking at her grimly. "What is it?" Sakura asked as turned to face her father.

"What do you mean by weird dream?" Her father asked slowly with his eyes narrowed slightly as he opened the door wider.

Sakura blinked owlishly. Her father seemed to be taking this very seriously. She fidgeted in place before replying, "It was nothing, just…hazy images, and lots of voices…"

Her father nodded his head gravely and made a beckoning motion with his hand.

"Tousan?" she asked questioningly as she was herded downstairs; he was starting to alarm her.

"Sakura, I believe it's time I tell you about my side of the family," he muttered as they went down the stairs.

Sakura's mother looked up from the stove. At her husband's solemn expression, she moved to put the kettle on the stove and quickly removed all food from the burners.

"I'll get the tea-leaves and cups," she stated quietly and moved away toward china cabinet in the living room where a set of ornate porcelain tea cups waited patiently for use. Sakura's father nodded grimly, as if assenting to his wife's actions.

Sakura frowned. What was this all about? Her parents never talked about her father's family; they just said they traveled around, and when Tousan decided to settle down with Sakura's mother, his family disowned him. In fact, she didn't even know what her father's family name was; Haruno was her mother's familial name.

Her father rubbed his face tiredly before he laced his hands and looked at her with his brow furrowed.

"Sakura, I come from a long line of fortunetellers. A select few receive premonitions in the form of dreams, and the rest of us learn the art of reading tea-leaves, cards, and sometimes bones. Our readings are almost always accurate."

"What?" She shook her head slowly in disbelief. What was her father going on about? Fortunetellers? It was ridiculous! He was so serious too that Sakura just knew it wasn't a joke. Maybe if it was a bloodline ability she could maybe buy this, but she was the first ninja on either side in decades—that her parent's never hesitated to talk about when protesting her choice to join the academy.

"What did the voices tell you in your dream?" he ignored her question and got straight to the point. At this moment in time, Sakura's mother returned with the tea-set and a box of tea-leaves. There was also a stack of cards beside the tea-set.

Sakura looked away from her father blushing, "Mean things…"

"Sakura," her father chastised and she blushed darker in her shame.

"They said I was a worthless kunoichi, that I was stupid and foolish and-and…they said Sasuke-kun would rather kill me than…" she blushed and shook her head violently. Her father just hummed while the kettle began to whistle, and her mother went to remove the kettle from the burner.

"I've often read such in your tea-leaves," she looked up at him sharply, offended and terrified.


"Whenever you talked about that Uchiha boy over our evening tea, the leaves read disaster and death…more specifically, your death. I always hoped you'd grow out of it, and I still hope you will."

"I don't believe you!" she shouted while standing up from the table so fast her chair threatened to clatter to the ground. Meanwhile, her mother brought the kettle into the room and set it on a trivet before heading for the stairs.

"Since you seem to have the family gift," her father continued as if she hadn't protested, "I will train you to read tea-leaves, cards, and your own dreams." He paused minutely to fix her with a hard grim look, "You will realize the truth eventually," he swore solemnly.

Sakura sat down numbly into her chair as her father prepared their tea and poured the boiling water into the cups. Her mother had left them alone, but Sakura could hear her moving upstairs. The atmosphere was tense, and it was her father's solemnity that kept her rooted in her seat instead of storming out of the house—because how could he say such things of her Sasuke-kun?!

"Sakura, describe your dream, leave out no detail," her father's voice broached no disagreement.

She looked down at her hands in her lap and bit her lip as she closed her eyes. "It was all hazy…" she confessed. "But I know there were people everywhere with completely black eyes, and there were these white, plant creatures. I-I remember someone…he was glowing gold like he was on fire and yet he wasn't…he had these tear drops around his collar and these other markings. He was saving the world, I now that much…" she furrowed her brow and shook her head as she forced herself to remember more.

"There was this other guy too, he had an orange swirling mask but the glowing guy broke it…he was deformed underneath it with two different eyes. One had these concentric rings while the other looked like a sharingan." She furrowed her brow as the fuzzy images played again in her mind's eye "There was this silver haired guy wearing a mask on the lower half of his face. He had a matching sharingan eye and he looked really pissed off, like he recognized the masked guy.

"Then the masked guy, he—" Sakura choked on her words and could almost taste the coppery tang of blood on her tongue. "He—" her voice cracked but she pressed on, "had his hand through my stomach." Her arms started to shake as the dream replayed in her mind, and she could imagine a foreign chakra coursing through her body to disrupt her charka flow as she bled to death. "My hands were glowing green," she choked out, "like a medic ninja, but I-I know I was dying…"

Sakura shook her head sharply and snapped her eyes open; she was still shaking slightly. Her father hummed and nodded his head gravely.

He set one of the cups in front of her. "Musume," her father called and she looked up, still disturbed by her hazy dream. "As you drink your tea, keep in mind one topic or question. I will do the same."

She nodded and bit her lip as she looked down at the steaming cup. She had so many questions, so many thoughts whirling around in her head; she had no idea where to start! Was her dream truly a premonition as her father believed? Would she be a weak kunoichi like the voices told her? She shook her head; she had a topic in mind, the people with the black eyes. They disturbed her as much as the rest, but so many people looked horrified and hurt that they had to fight them. Yes, she'd wonder about them as she drank her tea.

Her father was already calmly sipping at the tea and she quickly joined them. She almost gagged, it was bitter and had a strange aftertaste but she continued to drink until the leaves settled at the bottom in clumps. She handed the cup over to her father.

The moment he looked down he did a double take and frowned. He moved the cup around before setting the cup down. "What is it, Tousan?"

"Troubling to say the least. What did you question?"

"The people with the black eyes, I wondered what they were."

Her father frowned and hummed, "The leaves are confusing. It looks like death mixed with life, and yet…" he shook his head, "I'm truly not sure what to make of it."

"What do your leaves say? What did you wonder?" She leaned in closer to get a look at the cups.

"I wondered if the end of your dream would come true, and it seems it will…" trailed off slightly. "Death, violent death, was in my cup," he finished with a trembling voice.

Sakura swallowed thickly and looked down at the cup in her father's hands. She could see the shape of the leaves and they did sort of look like her cup and all her cups when she thought about Sasuke.

Should she believe all of this? Was it all a bunch of lies? Part of her wanted to write it all of as coincidence, but how could it all be coincidence?

Her father got up and began to wash the teacups. Her mother came back down and finished cooking breakfast. They kept moving around like it was just another day, but Sakura felt like her world was spinning. Her head was starting to hurt and feel fuzzy again, so she Sakura blinked in surprise when food was set down in front of her.

Her mother smiled weakly. "Go on, my brave kunoichi of Konoha, eat up. You'll be meeting your team today," her mother's voice sounded muffled in her own ears.

Sakura blinked once more before her eyes rolled backwards in her head.

It was hazy, like the dream she had had earlier but she found herself racing neck and neck with Ino-pig toward the Academy. She burst into the room declaring she made it first at the same time Ino-pig did. Then she was arguing over the seat next to Sasuke-kun. The sound was all distorted and she only received a vague idea of what was happening, like in most dreams. To her immense shock, she saw Naruto end up kissing Sasuke, and after beating Naruto to a pulp, there were the team announcements… Iruka-sensei's voice was low and strangely distorted as he announced Team 7 as Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke under Hatake Kakashi.

She snapped to, to find her mother was waving a smelling salt under her nose while her father looked strangely pleased. "The tea took longer to kick in than I expected but it's true then, you are one of the select few."

"Wh-what?" Sakura asked as she held her head and was helped back into her chair. Her head was still a little fuzzy and heart, but not as much now.

"You had a premonition, musume," he looked really proud of her. "The tea helps those with the gift to access it, but it tends to leave the drinker disoriented."

Sakura flushed, she wouldn't believe any of this until that last "vision" came true. Who would ever think of the dead last and Sasuke-kun kissing?! It was impossible, and the team assignment? No way would Sasuke-kun end up on a team with a loser like Naruto. But even as she thought such things, something in her gut told her not to write Naruto off just yet, or believe so blindly in Sasuke-kun.

"Your first premonition was very clear even if it made little sense," her father informed her as she began to pick at her food, "and you will likely feel the effects of the tea throughout the rest of the day. Unfortunately the premonitions won't always come to you so clearly, and I have known over-use of the tea to…" her father trailed off with a grimace, "have tragic consequences."

Sakura stared at her father wide-eyed; he gave her something potentially harmful because he thinks she's some kind of physic?! He hurriedly rushed to reassure her, "However, I will teach you to read what you see in even the haziest visions. I also intend for you to use other methods of divination, so that we can avoid the tea."

In an attempt to block out what her father was saying, she looked over at the clock and gasped. She quickly inhaled her breakfast before hurrying out of the house. She shouted a quick goodbye as she did so. She was going to be late to team assignments at this rate. To her amazement and horror, Ino was just running past her house when she came out. Sakura matched her speed, even though she was trying to go as fast as she could.

They ended up arriving at the Academy at the same time. Ino-pig shouted that she got there before Sakura, but in Sakura's shock she couldn't retaliate. It was so strange, it was just like her last supposed vision. She hurried over toward Sasuke and Naruto with Ino-pig gawking at her—perhaps it was because she hadn't risen up to her bait? Sakura just stared at the boys. In her "premonition" the unthinkable had happened.

"Naruto get away from Sasuke-kun!" Ino growled out now that she caught up with Sakura. "I'm going to sit by him!"

Without thinking Sakura blurted out, "Fat chance Ino-pig!"

Then Naruto moved to crouch in front of Sasuke, just like in her vision, "Naruto, don't do that!" she called out in alarm, which only made the blonde narrow his gaze more…then, like a slow moving disaster, she watched as the boy sitting in front of Sasuke moved and consequently knocked Naruto into Sasuke. She screamed, long before the rest of Sasuke's fan-club realized what exactly happened.

There was no way she could have predicted that through logic or coincidence…her vision…oh gods. She sat down heavily in the nearest seat while Naruto was pummeled near death by the rest of the Sasuke fan-club. Her head felt like it was spinning!

Sakura watched in a daze as Iruka-sensei entered at ordered them all to sit down. Ino was sitting next to her, which was different than in the dream, but then again, in her dream she had fought to get the seat next to Sasuke. As Iruka-sensei gave his speech about their responsibilities as ninja and began calling the teams, Sakura's dread grew.

It was all true then…she really had a premonition. The man with the swirl mask killed her. All her father's tea-leaves about Sasuke said he'd be the death of her. Those people with the black eyes, they were dead and yet not.

Sakura was forced from her thoughts by Ino-pig screaming in her ear and trying to throttle her. "How can you have Sasuke-kun on your team? I'm a way better kunoichi than you! I'm from a clan!"

Sakura shook her head and focused back on Ino-pig, had they already announced her team, what had Iruka-sensei said? In her dazed state, she looked over at the Uchiha who was astutely glaring at the front wall as he ignored everyone. An image flashed before her eyes…There was snow everywhere, a spinning eye that was bleeding, and electricity in a pale hand that was coming closer and closer to her heart. Sasuke her mind supplied He's going to kill you.

She looked forward and ignored Ino-pig who was too busy yelling at her to notice her odd behavior. Sakura closed her eyes tightly and shook her head. Why was this happening now of all times? Her head was throbbing and she just could not shake this dread and fear when it came to Sasuke. Before she knew, it they were dismissed for lunch, but she just stayed in her seat with her eyes tightly closed. This ruined everything! She'd have to reevaluate her whole life!

"Neh, Sakura-chan?!" She opened her eyes at the boisterous call, and Naruto came over to her. For a moment, superimposed on the blonde was the image of the glowing man. She gasped. "Eh, Sakura-chan? You okay?" he asked nervously.

"I-I'm sorry Naruto," she blinked and hesitantly added, "-san" to the end. She was done insulting him. If he was really the glowing man…she gave a hesitant smile and stood up, "I have to go see my parents," she explained. The boy frowned and scuffed his foot against the floor dejectedly and she cringed slightly at the sight, "You're on my team, right?" she asked with a small smile.

"You better believe it, we'll be the best team ever!" Sakura's smile faltered and a voice whispered Are you so sure? The brief image of Sasuke charging at her, intent on killing her, came back to mind. She shuddered and shook her aching head.

"Sakura-chan, are you cold, do you need a jacket?" the boy asked quickly, and immediately began to unzip the orange monstrosity he wore.

"Ah… no…Naruto-san," the boy frowned and shifted uncomfortably at her reply. "Um, how about you walk me to my home though?" the boy instantly cheered up and made a fist pump.

As they began walking he gave her nervous glances and fidgeted around, "Neh, Sakura-chan, why are you calling me –san now?" she looked over at him in surprise before she gave a grimace like smile. She had been focusing on the fact that her premonitions and tealeaves implied disaster when it came to her long time crush. What was she supposed to do?!

"W-well we'll be on the same team, we should act professional with one another, right?" she reasoned. "No more Sasuke-kun, no more Naruto-baka, and no more Sakura-chan, alright?"

The boy furrowed his brow and kicked a pebble across the street. He had his hands shoved in his pockets as he replied, "But we'll be a team," he murmured, "we're gonna get close, why use –san?"

"Well maybe we could come up with nicknames with time, but we should be as professional as we can be until we get that level of trust, right?" she asked and gave her best attempt at a smile. She was still disturbed from the day's revelations, and her headache was only now abating. "And we'll get strong, the both of us!" she added determinedly; she had to be stronger than her premonition suggested.

Naruto began to laugh, "You better believe it!" he exclaimed. We can be the next Sannin an older Naruto murmured in her mind. She couldn't stop herself from smiling at that.

"Maybe we'll be the next Sannin," she murmured, and Naruto looked over at her with wide eyes.

"Really, you think we can be as great as the Sannin," the boy paused and his smile fell, "Or is it just because of Sasuke-teme?"

Sakura blinked and glanced over at Naruto. "Sasuke-san," she corrected automatically. "And no, not just because Sasuke-san is on our team…." She bit her lip; it felt strange to say that but at the same time it felt right. They were almost at her house, so she turned to face Naruto fully. "I bet someday you'll be very powerful," like the Rikudō Senin. She blinked at the voice which whispered this.

Naruto was frozen in place and looked at her with the widest eyes she had ever seen. She nodded her head and waved goodbye as she tried to ignore how shocked Naruto looked. She had a strong feeling Naruto was going to start crying if she stayed any longer. The boy just nodded in return before he turned on his heel and hurried off. She smiled slightly to herself as she opened the door to her house. That felt like the right thing to do.

"Tousan?" she called as she entered her house. Her father showed up and waved at her. He had his glasses on, so he was probably working on a design; he was a local architect and often worked from home while Sakura's mother ran a shop with her family.

"I believe you now," she stated, "and I want to learn." Her father grinned broadly and motioned her to walk with him.

"Very well, musume, we will begin with tealeaves and work our way up. When do you need to be back at the Academy?"

"An hour" Better make that four a voice whispered amusedly, "eh…well maybe four?" she shook her head and laughed.

"Did someone whisper that?" her father asked with a knowing smile, "You grandmother often had voices whisper future events to her after drinking the tea," he winked and they both shared a laugh together.

"You bet, Tousan." He ruffled her hair as they made their way to his study.


A/N: I know nothing about tea reading, so I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I sometimes do tarot readings and get how that works so I used a similar theme. Also, no, this is not a bloodline! Though this shouldn't be too strange since they have the prophesizing great toad sage in the series... As Sakura's dad says, her premonitions and visions will become less vivid and clear; so, no, this is not meant to be broken. Sakura just needs a lot to happen to her so she isn't a pathetic, whinny cheerleader on team 7, which she was in the beginning.

Things to note: Sakura does not know the full circumstances surrounding all Sasuke related things; she only saw him trying to kill her with lightning. So…based on this patchy knowledge-base, she will have fears and assume the worst because she doesn't know how Sasuke will become that guy trying to kill her, thus she is a faulty, and untrustworthy narrator (all of team 7 will eventually narrate but Sakura is first). Hope you enjoyed ~ much love, dedpressedchildren.