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"Alpha Charlemagne has assigned you and your strike squad a new mission" said Commander Trey as he stood next to Alpha inside the training room. Alpha looked up at the Commander in confusion.

"Yes Sir, but I have one question… isn't it a bit to soon for us to go on another mission?" he asked. "We were on one just two days ago and well that one didn't go down to well" he said. Commander Trey glared at him.

"Don't question orders Alpha! Now go get your strike squad and report back here so I can report your mission to you!" he snapped. Alpha looked at the ground before going off to find the members of his strike squad.

A little later…

"Another mission about that Suno boy no doubt" said X-ray crossing his arms in annoyance. Alpha had quickly assembled his team together and they where now standing there waiting for Trey to give them their orders. Trey glared at X-ray.

"Do you have a problem with what your assigned to do X-ray" he growled glaring at the boy. X-ray muttered something under his breath before listening to Trey. "Now that your all silent I'll report your mission to you" he said pacing back and fourth in front of them.

"X-ray you where half right that it had something to do with Chase Suno, but it mostly has something to do with his female companion" He said. Tango quickly butted in.

"Jinja? She is a little girl, you don't need to send the whole strike squad out after her when you can just send me and I'll take her down" She said crossing her arms. Trey looked at her.

"Yes and you've done a really good job of taking her down the last few times you two have gone head to head haven't you" he said bitterly. Tango looked away, in shame. Trey went on, "How do you think you could take down all five of them" he growled.

Bravo interrupted, "Why does S.T.O.R.M need the girl anyway?" he asked. Trey rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"That is no business of yours, now get out of my sight" he spat pointing them to the door, "Be back in no more then two days" he said. Alpha sighed and lead his team out of the room and into the hallways of the S.T.O.R.M base.

"Geez" sighed Kilo as he followed Alpha down the hallway. "Two whole days of training right after a mission and now we're off again" he sighed. Alpha rolled his eyes.

"Shut up! Didn't you hear Commander Trey! Don't question orders" he yelled, "Now lets get going" he growled walking on ahead. Tango, Bravo, Kilo and X-ray looked after him.

"Just great another Commander Trey" sighed Bravo.

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