The counting echoed in the cave as Ruffnut quietly searched for a hiding spot. She had to keep from stepping in the puddles on the cave floor, or her brother would know which way she went. The six year olds were playing their favorite game: Hide and go kill.

A few days ago she and Tuffnut came to their cave to play and while Ruffnut was searching, she had found a new hiding place. Now if only she could find it.


Where was it…? There!

The girl hurried over to her new hiding spot: a hole a few yards off the ground. She felt around the cave wall for handholds and finding them, she climbed up. Her hands slipped a few times on the damp stone, sending a few pebbles to the ground, but she managed to reach the small hole just as she heard "Twenty!"

Ruffnut sat against the wall, facing the hole's entrance, legs pulled in so she was as hidden as possible in the dark space. She heard her brother walk by a few times and she had to stop herself from giggling.

Tuffnut's frustrated muttering started about the third time he passed. On the fifth time, Ruffnut heard him go silent.

Confused, she crept to the mouth of the hole to look out. When she was still a few inches away her brother's face appeared and she let out a startled yelp, flinching back.

"Found you!"

Ruffnut stared at Tuffnut for a second before pushing his head down and jumping out of the hole. "Can't catch me!"


Tuffnut dropped to the ground and ran after his sister. He caught up to her and grabbed her arm before planting his feet on the ground, making them both stop, Ruffnut falling back into him.

The boy put her into the best chokehold a six year old could manage and said, "I caught you! That means you're dead!"

Ruffnut squirmed around, trying to free herself. It wasn't until she coughed that Tuffnut released her. Taking a few breaths, she said, "How'd you find me?"

"The pebbles! They weren't there last time," he told her. "I looked around and saw the hole."

Ruffnut pouted. Stupid pebbles.

"…You're the dragon now," Tuffnut stated after a few seconds had gone by. "It's my turn to hide!"

"Not if I eat you first!" Ruffnut said. She took a step toward her brother which prompted him to run. Ruffnut ran after him with a "rawr!"

The two kids chased each other around the cave, their laughs bouncing off the walls until their parents came to get them. They continued to chase each other until they got home, laughing the whole way there.