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Chapter 7: Lullaby

"Kagome! Come back in child. You know thy master doesn't like thee venturing to the gardens," Kaedae called out from the servants door, which led to the rose garden outside the manor. She had been taking care of the young girl since the master brought her back. Oh, Kaedae knew what the master had done, and she had been furious. She had loved Lady Izayoi when she met her. Unfortunately the master had made her life miserable. If only she could help the child she would...again. Her eye began to ache and she reclined on the door for support.

"Kadea I am already fifteen years old, can't I enjoy the garden on my own?" Kagome said to Kadae, the woman who had cared for her since she could remember. She was a sweet old woman. Kagome looked from the rose buds to the servants door and her smile waved some-what. She felt guilty.

Kadea, such an amazing woman. She truly loved her.

A few years ago, when Kagome was 13, she had gone out of the manor; something she was forbidden to do. She wanted to explore. Her master Muzuky never let her out, but since it was her birthday Kagome pleaded Kadea to let her go; they had had the best time. They ate the most delicious fruit, danced and played with the village boys and girls. Until something weird happened.

Kagome was dancing with this redheaded boy, who said knew her. She found him odd. After they danced for a while he took her to the outskirts of the village, without Kadea.

"Kagome I must tell you. I feel it is my responsibility," the young boy she had been dancing with suddenly turned serious.

"Shippo, what do you speak of?" She voiced. However, before the boy replayed she felt him.

"Kagome, bad little girl." Before anything else was said, before she could even move Muzuky's hand clenched her shoulder tightly, ripping through her dress, as his claws emended themselves in her skin.

It was her worst mistake. Kagome was punished in her room for a month...and Kadea had two eyes...but now...

The wind caught, and Kagome was cut off from her memory. Looking at Kadea she got up, saying goodbye to the roses.

"Very well, I'll come in," Kagome said passing her caretaker. In the kitchen she grabbed an apple and headed to her room, when Muzuky came down the hall.

"Kagome, why do you smell of Roses?" Muzuky said coming up to the small girl.

"Um...Kadea bought me this...perfume," nice save, she thought hoping that he believed her lie.

"Oh, is that so? It wouldn't be one of the perfumes your sutors brought for you would it?" Muzuky grabbed hold of a lock of her hair. Kagome tried with all her might to resist pulling back.

"No. Never master," Kagome said.

"Now Kagome, listen to me. If you ever fall in love I'll be forced to kill you," Kagome listened to the man that had raised her say. Muzuky was the only father she remembered. She had lost her mother very young. Apparently her mother had run away with an evil dog demon who killed her. Her mother had left her master, her father, for a love fling. No, Kagome wouldn't

"I'll never fall in love master," Kagome proclaimed, bowing her head she waited to be dismissed.

"Good girl. Now go to your room, and practice your singing." Kagome sighed with relief and left.

Kagome was brushing her long silky raven hair. Her window was open, and the crescent moon shinned bright in the sky. There was something about the crescent moon she loved. It might sound weird to some, but it made her feel safe.

She began to hum. Brushing idly her hair, her sweet soprano voice filled her room.


One of three,

Will be beard.

The raven,

Lux aeterna.

In eighteen years,

from her first vernal equinox,

She will arrive.

The child of night, and day.

Bonum ex malo.

Two paths will be set.

Two outcomes will stand.

The lock will be the heart.

The rose will hold the key.

Hand in hand,

Tied by fates threads,

They can be free.

Though Love will be sacrificed

And Hate will be gained.

Integer vitae scelerisque purus

She can remain."

Her melancholy tune faded. She could never figured out what it meant...but she felt it was important. Kadea had taught it to her, the night she had lost her eye. She wouldn't love, no, but somehow she would escape.

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P.S. The poem has some Latin in it. Here they are translated as they appear:


2- The eternal light

3-The good out of evil.

4-unimpaired by life and clean of wickedness.