Chapter One

Jeff the Killer

I was out again for another night of killing when she attacked. Her black clothes, those striking red eyes that shone like glowing embers; piercing the shadowy dark veil of the night. Fortunately I had my knife as the demoness gracefully dashed my way. As graceful as she was, it scared me. She was horribly fast and strong.

"I will eat your soul, devouring every last fiber of it!" The demoness spoke sternly, confirming what her actions would be.

"Not today!" I yelled at her, and with my knife, I sliced through her flesh, earning a grimace, but not even a small yelp.

"Heh, you think it's that easy." She said mockingly, as I ran towards her, my knife prepared to plunge deep into her beating heart.

"No," I said; the demoness raises her eyebrow. "You're a tough opponent, I like that."

"Well then, together we shall do the Danse Macabre." She clicked her tongue and then translated. "The Dance of Death."

"Sounds promising." I concluded, and she lunged forward.

"So, I take it that you like knives to?" I said as I noticed the multiple knives between her fingers, almost like a cat's claws.

"Indeed." She sighed and then spoke once more as she got closer to me. "It's a shame…" Time seemed to slow down as she whispered in my ear. "I would've liked to be more…intimate if I didn't want your soul. I find you quite even."

I blushed, which is nearly impossible for anyone to make me do. She landed on top of me.

"So, Jeffrey..." She hissed in my ear, causing chills to run up my spine. "What'll it be? Continue to fight me and possibly die? Continue the Danse Macabre? Or, just let me kiss you and devour your soul."

It was a hard choice to make, considering that I was beginning to feel turned on by this chick, but I chose to fight.

"Sorry," I said, kicking her hard in the chest. "No time for making out."

She growled as she landed in a heap fifteen feet away.

"Alright, Jeff." The demoness slowly walked towards me, wrapping her arms around be neck. I gulped. "See you soon."

She planted a soft kiss on my lips, and whispered in my ear once more. "Sorry about BEN. It's too bad that he's dead." My eyes widened at these words as she pulled back her hand with what looked like a frying pan in it, and smacked me on the back of my head, which knocked me out.