Scrolling through my iTunes library my friends and I attempted to come up with a good enough song warranting a music video for our English class project due in a weeks time. My brother and his mates were due home any second from their big trip to Paris, and I needed his help, majorly. He's supposed to be home for nine days and I'm going to take whatever time I can.

Right then I hear the door creak open, and my friends and I oh-so-casually go back to pretending to be cool.

"Oi," Jay hollered, "the gigs up! What's going on here?"

"Jay bird…Can you please help us?" I whined.

"With what my untimely baby sis?"

"We have this project for English…We have to do a music video."

"Oh! Sounds like fun! But what do ya need me for?" He questioned.

"Well…All of you really…" I stop, my eyes landing on Nathan before darting away, leaving me blushing.

"What?" Jay replied exasperated.

"Look, just help us pick a song, make a little appearance and then we'll get an 'A' no problem. Please?"

"Alright fine, but we do this my way. I did come up with the video idea for—"

"Walks Like Rihanna, we know!" All of us said, cutting him off. He laughed.

All the boys are staying at our house since it's the biggest and they needed to maintain their "bond". During the day they were free to see their own respective families however, but today they all just wanted to relax first. Siva's family are the only ones that had to fly in to see him considering he's Irish.

We had all called it a day after the boys agreed to help us, so my friends left and I scampered upstairs.

Minutes later I heard a knock on my door. "Come in!" I call out.

It was Nathan, oh boy. "Hey," he said, his voice deep and a tad raspy.

God he was sexy.

"What's going on," I reply in turn.

"Not much. Mind if I come in?"

"Yeah come on," I say, bravely patting a space on my bed for him.

Nath and I used to be just friends, but lately I've had this affinity for him and I just can't shake it.

"Tay…I just wanted to ask…"

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