Party Hat

"Takao, get that thing away from me!" Midorima ordered. He was currently giving his much-too-pushy friend a deadly stare down. However, it's effects weren't very...effective.

"Oh, come on, Shin-chan! It's your birthday! It's practically mandatory that you wear something like this!" Takao snickered, as he edged closer and closer towards Midorima. 'Just a few more steps and I've got him...'

With the way that Takao was cautiously approaching Midorima, to any bystander, it might seem as if the shorter of the two were trying to strategically corner and trap a frightened kitten. But like any clever feline, Midorima broke away from his attacker into a full-out sprint.

"Uwah-! Shin-chan, wait! Come back!" Takao shouted, running after him. "It's just a party hat! I don't see what the big deal is!"

"The big deal is that I'll look like an absolute idiot with that thing on, nanodayo!" Midorima shot back. "I'm not wearing it!"

"Are you kidding me?" Takao scowled. "Just last week, you walked around school wearing a Noh* mask for the entire day!"

Changing directions, Midorima took a sharp turn and made a dash for the courtyard. "That's different! It was my lucky item, so it was appropriate for me to wear it!"

"Then, can't this party hat be your lucky item for the day? It's appropriate! I even went out of my way this morning to buy it for you!"

This statement had caused Midorima to halt. He turned back and looked at his teammate. "No one asked you to do that, Takao. Your efforts are unwanted."

Smiling sweetly, Takao insisted, "Oh, come on, Shin-chan. You're just being difficult. The real reason that you stopped running away was because I told you that I went out of my way for you, right? Was that it?"

With the way that Midorima had snapped his face away from him, Takao knew that he was right. "Shin-chan is so cute, when he's being a tsundere."

"Shut up, Takao," Midorima growled, but Takao really couldn't take him seriously now that he had found his teammate's weak spot. It was now clear to him that Midorima hated to place a burden on others.

Walking over to him, Takao happily held the party hat at arm's length. Standing in front of Midorima, he reached his hands up and delicately placed the sparkly thing on top of his friend's head. "There we go," he nodded approvingly. "Much better."

Folding his arms, Midorima huffed and asked, "I look like an idiot, right?"

"Not any more than you always do," Takao giggled.


"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" After letting out a spell of laughter, Takao looked to Midorima with an expression of absolute sincerity. This had put an ease to the tension that resonated between them.

Sighing, Midorima turned on his heel and said, "We're going to be late for practice," and began the long walk back towards their school's gymnasium.

"Yeah, you're right," Takao agreed, taking a few large steps to catch up with Midorima. "Oh, and Shin-chan? One more thing."


"Happy birthday."

*Noh: a major form of classical Japanese musical drama that has been performed since the 14th century. Many characters are masked, with men playing male and female roles. [ information from Wikipedia ]

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