Chp# 3

The next morning Elisa woke Elly to take her to school and Elly got ready to go and they arrived to school and right there when Elly walked around she heard some boys talking about that some people saw some kind of creatures and a lot more but Elly didn't believe them and in school again talking about the medieval times that the teach even planned a to have a play but she will tell them later which one and after school Elly didn't see her mom but she saw her Uncle Derek and she run "UNCLE DEREK" yelled Elly and Derek pulled out his arms to hug her and she jumped on his arms "what are you doing here? Where's mama?"asked Elly "she had to go to work but don't worry she will be here tonight but for now me and you we get to hang what do you say?" asked Derek "I say yay" said Elly and they get inside the car and drove off. Elly is very close to her uncle they tell each secret and a lot trust between them "so how was school today ducky?"asked Derek he calls him Ducky because her hair is very blonde like a lil baby duck which is weird cause in the family they all black or blue hair, "it was fun and right now I'm learning about those old times where knights were and well we are also going to have a play and well I'm very interested in this panther" said Elly and she calls him like that because his hair is very dark and well they always play and he roars like one jaja. "Well that sounds interested especially since I also learned a lot about them" said Derek "hey panther did u ever hear about gargoyles?"asked Elly "no why?" asked Derek "cause in school Miss Annie said there was some rumors about them been alive and I heard kids talking about them right now" said Elly "well I don't believe that they are real it's just made believe and well I never heard about them but don't worry stories and just stories sometimes" added Derek and Elly smiled. Back to the castle right now Broadway is very interested in this detective movie that he saw a lot times and then he took off to Elisa house, and there she was taking and she notice Elly wasn't home yet and so she let Broadway in and she was making dinner and Broadway went to explore the house and she saw a family portrait and he Elly but she was still a baby there and then he spotted Elisa's gun and he got it and started to play with and then boom it shoot by accident "sorry my fault I was playing with the gun I hope I didn't break anything" said Broadway and he looked around and he didn't see Elisa "Elisa?" said Broadway and he got close to the kitchen and saw Elisa on the ground bleeding and Broadway got scared he dropped the gun and ran to her. "Elisa" said Broadway holding her head and Elisa open her eyes a little bit but closed them again "sorry, I'm sorry" said Broadway and he carried her and flew to the hospital and put her on the bed thing and he saw his hands covered in blood and then he notice the guys coming and he hide and the guys rushed to help Elisa and took her inside. Back in the castle the clan was worried because Broadway hasn't come home and the sun was coming and on top Goliath was getting ready to sleep but then comes Owen and he wanted to tell Goliath something "what is it? Talk quickly" said Goliath "Your friend Elisa Maza was shot they are not sure she will live" said Owen and Goliath was shocked but he turn into stone. Back at home Derek arrives to Elisa apartment with Elly asleep and he put her to bed and then he receives a call from his mom telling him the news about Elisa and he rushes to the hospital telling Mrs. Caverly to take care of Elly and he takes off to the hospital. The Maza family goes in the room to see Elisa "tells us straight doctor is she going to make it?" asked peter, Elisa's father, and her mother Diana goes to grab her hand "I wish I can tell you she will be okay but the internal damage is extend the bullet hit high in the chest the heart muscle and passing the lung I removed from the spine the good news is she survive 10 hours of surgery and next 12 hours" said the doctor "should we called her sister from fly in from Arizona?" asked peter "don't talk like that dad she will be okay she's strong and for Elly more" said Derek "well wat can we do? Diana?" asked Peter "we can pray peter we can pray" said Diana and then doctor told them she needs rest and they went out and Goliath came in and he holds Elisa hand "Keep fighting Elisa don't give up come back to us I will finish wat u started I will find the man who did this to you and ill make him pay" said goliath and he took off. Outside Elisa room came in her boss Maria "just tell us you know who shot my sister" said Derek "she was very interest in the case to catch Dracon so we think it was him because the finger prints in the gun don't look human"said Maria and she took off. Elly woke up seen Mrs. Caverly "Mrs. Caverly? Where's my uncle Derek or my mama?" Elly asked "I don't know honey but don't worry they will be back soon so let's get you ready for school" said Mrs. Caverly and Elly wasn't happy but she still went to get ready. It's been hours and then Elisa almost died but the doctors got her back and the family was relief and then peter said he was going to get Elly from school and bring her here to see Elisa now that she's fine. Goliath found Broadway and he hasn't told Goliath anything and they go catch Dracon and his gang and then Goliath grabs Dracon and he was going to drop him to his doom because he thought he shot Elisa but then Broadway tells him no and then the truth that he shot Elisa by accident but still goliath tied Dracon so they can arrest him and then "let's go visit a friend to the hospital" said Goliath and Broadway smiled "you mean Elisa isn't dead?" he asked but goliath said nothing and he took off and when they got there Diana and Derek where there and Elisa woke and what a relief and then nurse said they need to go and the guys went in "hi guys" said Elisa Broadway got close "Elisa I'm sorry please forgive" said Broadway and then Elisa hold his hand "I'll never grabbed a gun again" said Broadway "it's okay we both make mistake I shouldn't left the gun there" said Elisa "but my mistake almost took you life away" said Broadway "then we shouldn't repeat them" said Elisa and then goliath told broad to her sleep and that she was saved and they went out and turn to stone cause the sun came in, Elly came in hugging her mom and they both fall asleep hugging.