Walking Dead: Maggie's Nightmare - UPDATED

I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic book and the tv series, and I just got done watching the marathon of season 3. I'm always so intrigued when tv series takes a different direction than the comic book. Although the tv series and actor does a great job portraying the character of "The Governor," there were just a few more elements in the comic book series that really made you hate him even more; made him that much more evil. So, I've had this idea since the first time I watched Season 3, and hope that The Governor comes across in this story as evil and demented as he does in the comic book series.

- warning - possibly triggering content - do not read if this bothers you -


This is an alternate version of the Walking Dead Series, where the interrogation of Maggie and Glenn in Woodbury goes very differently. The Governor rapes Maggie during the interrogation. The rest of the Season 3 goes the same as the TV series and we pick up about 9 months after. Rick's group and the residents of Woodbury have been living peacefully at the prison while the Governor has been gathering a band of armed men plotting his revenge. However, the Governor comes to find out that Maggie is pregnant and from the looks of it she's about 9 months … that's just about the time when she was being held at Woodbury!

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Maggie's POV –

It's been almost 9 months since Rick brought the remaining townsfolk of Woodbury to the prison. Things have quieted down some, and we haven't had many incidents. Walkers still come around, but nothing we can't handle. I might even say we have gotten back to a place of some normalcy. However, in this new world, you can never get too comfortable. We all learned that the day we had to leave the farm and the walkers overran the place. No place is ever completely safe. I'm not sure any home we find will ever be permanent. I guess that is the one thing you can count on – things will never be like they were before; you can never take things for granted and you must always be prepared and ready for any circumstance.

It's a hard way to live your life, fighting like this, and even harder thinking about bringing a new life into this shell of a world. But, life goes on; at least for now. I've realized that we just have to deal with whatever comes our way. I didn't want this; I didn't plan on having a baby, but here I was having one none the less. And, under the circumstances, I think I've handled it all pretty well considering that this baby … well, it's not Glenn's baby. And, we both know whose baby it is; everyone knows it now.

It took time, but Glenn and I have adjusted to the idea of having this baby, and Glenn says he's committed to raising the baby as his own. However, we still have our moments of doubt and frustration; we definitely still have had our ups and downs. But, we're still alive and we're still together. And, that's all that matters to me anymore.

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Governor's POV –

It's been almost nine months since those terrorists infiltrated Woodbury and ruined everything I had worked so hard to create there. It had taken me a year to build up the town, and just a few weeks for the entire thing to come tumbling down. I'd been back since the incident; I had to see it again for myself. Woodbury was a ghost town now. Everyone had left and all the people who had survived due to my extraordinary kindness, were all now living at the prison – traitors; every last one of them!

Since then, my only goal in life was – REVENGE

Revenge; it was what got me up in the morning. It coursed through my blood and echoed though my mind every second of the day. Revenge had kept me alive and kept me focused, even after I had lost everything dear to me in this life. So, I took my time. And, every step I took after that moment was calculated and with the idea that I would one day return to Rick … Michonne … Daryl … and the rest of those monsters who stole the life I would make them feel my pain; they would feel loss like they never thought was possible …

However, revenge would take time. When I left, all I had with me were just two loyal soldiers - Shumpert and Martinez. But, within 4 months I had traveled across several states and taken control of several large groups of survivors. Keeping only men suited for military service; I eventually had close to 200 men in my own … well, I guess you could call it an army.

Eventually, I marched my army of men back into Georgia and headed straight for Fort Benning. Then, we did what some might say was impossible - we cleared Fort Benning of walkers and made it inhabitable once again. Of course, it goes without saying that I lost quite a few men and used up a lot of our resources in the process; however, Fort Benning was well worth it. Tanks, guns, ammunition, you name it – they had it! I had more firepower then I knew what do with; no herd of walkers or rival group would ever be able to take this from me.

Once cleared, I had tasked my men with fortifying the perimeters and barricading any weak points of entry. We had to make sure we were able to keep both biters and the living out, should we ever be challenged or attacked. This process took several months to accomplish, during which time I had sent out scouts to survey the prison several times per week. To my absolute delight, they were all still there – every last one of them. And, they had no idea what I plans I had in store for them!

There would be nothing to stop me from getting revenge for my beloved Penny and destroying them all …


Maggie's POV –

With all this extra weight around my middle it was hard to get around these days, but I still insisted on contributing to the group in any way that I can. For the last two several months everyone in the group is completely opposed to me taking guard duty – day or night. So, I've taken on dinner duty with the girls for the time being. It may not be my preferred method of contributing, but at least it was something.

Carol had dinner duty tonight with me and she had a 'recipe' she wanted to try out today. It was more of a stew – vegetables, venison; the usual; however, she had planted some thyme and rosemary along with several other herbs a while back, which were now ready to pick. So, hopefully, Carol's recipe for venison stew would be a little more flavorful than usual.

I mean, it's not that I am not very thankful for the meat Daryl brings in, but if I never had to eat venison, squirrel, opossum, or raccoon again – I'd be a very happy woman. Unfortunately, we are limited to what we eat, in that we only eat what the land gives us and what we can grow. It's basically like we're living in an old western movie where everyone sleeps under the stars, they roast animals over the fire pit, and are always being chased around by Indians or bandits looking to steal their things.

I should be used to it by now. I mean, I'm a country girl, so this kind of stuff shouldn't bother me, but this pregnancy has got me very frustrated and short tempered as of late. I just wish things could be simpler sometimes.

"Ready to head down to the garden, Maggie?"

Carol raised the baskets at her sides and gestured for me to follow her.

"Sure … right behind you."

I walked out the gates and into the main yard. I put one foot in front of the other, carefully placing each foot down. I had twisted my ankle the week before walking down here. I was so pregnant now that I literally could not see my feet, so when I came down to the garden last week, I managed to step right into a gopher hole – could've broken it if I fell forward instead of backwards.. I took a bit of a spill; landed right on my butt, thankfully! Glenn was beside himself; he rushed out of the prison gates, picked me up and carried me inside. Daddy examined me and he said I would be fine. I hadn't really hurt anything, but my left ankle was still pretty sore and it had me watching my step a bit more carefully this time.

"You comin,'or what?" Carol yelled up to me. "I'm gonna be done before you even get down here."

She teased me a bit; I think she got a kick out of me being pregnant. I know she always had lots to say about her own pregnancy. She'd talk about how it was when she was pregnant with Sophia. I think Lori having Judith and me having another little one really helped Carol deal with losing Sophia. She definitely took on a motherly role with us all, which I loved. With my own mother and step-mother gone, Carol was the next best thing that's for sure.

When I reached the garden, I walked into the raised garden area and over to where Carol was.

"Can you grab about a dozen carrots? After that, cabbage and a few potatoes."

"Sure, Carol." I walked over to where the little sign that read 'Carrots' and started to pick.

After about 15 minutes, both our baskets are full and that's all we needed for our meal tonight. There were quite a few of us here now with all of the former Woodbury residents, so needed two full baskets to feed everyone. Once full, we could head back.

"Think we got enough?" I held my basket up so Carol could see.

"Looks good. Let's head back, alright?

She walked over to me and reached her hand down to help me get up.

"Thanks, Carol. You know it's getting harder and harder to get around these days."

I smiled and touched my belly; Carol reached over and put her hand over my hand.

"Well, you got to be due any day now. Looks like you're just about ready to pop!" Carol chuckled under her breath.

I nodded in agreement. "Well, I certainly hope so."

"Let me take that."

Carol then grabbed the other basket off the ground and walked with me back towards the main prison gates.


The Governor's POV -

Since things were now in place, I had spent the last couple of days making trips to the prison, making our plans for attack. I asked James, my 2nd in command, along with five other men to come with me today and survey the prison again. We had covered the perimeter of the prison, and looked for all entry points and areas that looked to be weak; areas we could exploit when trying to gain access to the prison. I wanted to check out the front of the prison again, just one last time before assembling my army for the attack.

The road was bumpy and unpaved; the humvee was defiantly not built for a comfortable ride.

"James, take it slow over the ditches. You're giving me a headache."

"Sure thing, Boss. Sorry bout that."

"Alright … go ahead and pull over here." I pointed to a clearing. "Gonna hike up to the top of that hill and clearing to get a better look."

After reaching the clearing, James and the other men pulled out binoculars. Making a list of any individuals that they could identify, any vehicles or weapons that were visible.

"Looks like there's just a couple of women out today; gardening or something. I can't see anyone else around."

James turned back towards the Governor and shrugged his shoulders. "Looks pretty quiet today."

"Give me those binoculars, James. I'd like to take a closer look."

I took the binoculars from James, and took my time scouring the prison; looking for weapons, snipers, anything else that I should take into account. I underestimated them last time – it wouldn't happen again.

I knew taking the prison wouldn't be easy, even with our numbers and firepower. But, I had enthusiasm this time, real passion from these men.

"You know, these people, these criminals… they captured the rest of townsfolk of Woodbury after they razed it to the ground. Probably, put em all in cells. Treatin' them like prisoners."

I have to admit, I haven't been completely honest with them for my reasoning. But, as their leader, they were no position to question my reasons. I told them Rick, Michonne and the rest of the group were responsible for the downfall of Woodbury and that they took the remaining men, women and children as prisoners here. It didn't take much for me to convince my men that we should 'free' the captured citizens of Woodbury and bring them back to Fort Benning.

Before this, I had explicitly banned women from our group. The boys could do what they wanted while they were off the premises, but we would not be taking in any new survivors, women included, until Fort Benning was ready. With everything in place, I explained that we would now be implementing the process of re-population and rebuilding our civilization – and women were the key to it all.

I explained that we needed the children for a future, and we would need women to make more children.

Many of the men were good men, and outraged at the 'atrocities' that were going on behind the prison walls. While some of the more ruthless men, could give a rat's ass about some hick townsfolk; however, once I added prize of finally allowing women into our population – even the most selfish, cruelest of the bunch were foaming at the mouth.

I did lie to them about the reasons for the attack, but in the end, they would get their women … so what did it really matter if I lied about some of the details?

"They're not going to know what hit em'! I can't fucking wait." A young Lt. Meyers exclaimed.

"There's no telling what these people have been through." Lt. James added before walking to my side.

"Yes, James … there's no telling.' Somethin' awful though; I'm sure of it. Real sick group this one is; never seen anything like it."

I smiled slyly, knowing this would rile his men up a bit. They all grumbled under their breath, whispering amongst themselves how they were going to take this place down.

I looked back at the prison and noticed some women in the garden planted in front of the prison. I could see two women on the ground; looked like they were picking vegetables. I grabbed my binoculars to get a closer look.

I didn't recognize the one woman, but I did recognize the face of the other … it was Maggie!

"Ahh, I remember that one … sweet little thing."

I kept my eyes on Maggie, and watched as the other woman helped her stand up.

"Which one, Boss?" James seemed curious.

"The younger one, with shoulder length hair."

I couldn't see her face, as she was turned away from me. But then she turned to the side and I saw that Maggie was pregnant – very pregnant.

"Oh, her! Yeah, she's often out here. Seen here on several of the scouting trips. She's …"

"She's pregnant!"

"Yeah, I was just about to say that."

"Why didn't you put that in your reports?"

"Didn't think it was important. You just asked to give you a count of the men, women and children. Ya didn't ask if any of them were expecting …"

"Well, it looks like she's due any day now, by the looks of it."

I paused and thought to myself, calculating the timing. She's due any day …what's it been 9 months? Just about the time I had her as a guest at Woodbury. I wonder … I wonder; I wonder if that baby in her belly is mine? Could it be?

I sat in silence for a moment while I considered this new information. This did complicate things a bit.

"Boss? Hey, Boss?" James waved his hands in front of the Governor's face. "Looks like ya got somethin' on yer mind."

"Let's head back to base. There's been a new development that I need to consider."

"Sure thing, Boss. Alright men, ya heard him. Let's head on back …"

James walked over to me and asked if I was ready to leave.

"I'll be right behind you, James. Just give me a minute."

"Alright. We'll be waitin' for ya."

James led the men back through the woods; back towards our vehicles. As soon as they were out of sight, I couldn't help but talk aloud to myself.

"Ohhh. Ohhh, my." I exhaled deeply, while my body tingled with excitement. "My sweet, sweet Maggie."

I put my hand to my mouth as I recalled the taste of her salty skin, when I had taken her all those many months ago.

All I could think about is that there was no way that little Asian boyfriend of hers had it in him …that baby in her had to be mine. The timing is right.

However, this did complicate things a bit. Maggie had been on my hit list since she escaped from Woodbury, but if that baby is mine, I couldn't very well just kill her. If I killed her; I'd be killing my own flesh and blood. And, I won't lose another child, not after losing my darling Penny.

"This is a sign; a gift from God. I've been given a second chance. He's seen my struggles and has given me a second chance to have a life in this world full of death."

I continued to watch Maggie walk up back towards the prison yard. I noticed that Maggie waddled a bit, and I couldn't help the smile that stretched across my face. I remembered how my wife waddled when she was full term with Penny.

I didn't leave until I saw that Maggie made it behind the main gates; I wanted to make sure that she got in safely.



I realize that this is the absolute worst case scenario for Maggie and Glenn, but I think it will prove to be very interesting to see how the group and the couple deal with the situation and the extreme trials that are ahead of them. How will they deal with The Governor, a man who epitomizes everything that can go wrong in this crazy new world where the living can be more terrorizing than the dead?

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