"Do you like that band?"

Edward dropped the vinyl back into the slot and looked up, heart twisting in surprise. A pretty brunette smiled over the record display, eyes large and liquid and…interested? He shoved his glasses up with a trembling hand and shrugged.

"You looked like you were ready to swallow it whole. I figured they were your favorite or something." The girl's eyes twinkled playfully as they drifted to the discarded album. "The Smiths are always a good choice."

"Umm…" Edward clenched his fingers into fists and wished he could form words—any words—but she'd stolen them.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, the girl with shining curls and glowing eyes dimmed. Her slender shoulders hunched against his involuntary rebuff, cheeks growing pinker by the moment.

"Sorry. You were just… And I… Doesn't matter. Sorry I bothered you."

She turned on her heel and stalked out of the store, the ancient hinges squawking painfully behind her. The rattle of glass punctuated her exit and woke him at the same time. His feet moved more quickly than his brain, so when he stood behind her at her car, he still had nothing to give.

With a sigh of frustration, he touched her shoulder. She froze but didn't turn.

"Sorry. I'm really sorry." His reflection in the glass showed three lines of sorrow on his forehead and her pretty pink lips open in surprise.

She still didn't turn.

Crippled, blind, he stuttered on. "It's… You're just so damn pretty. And you talked to me first. I was…"

Her shoulders straightened, mouth pulled into a sly grin, but she wouldn't face him. She'd won whatever battle was in her head.

"Stupid," he finally finished. "I was stupid."

Finally, slowly, she turned on wedge heels and met his gaze.

"I'm Bella. And if you're not going to buy that album, I am."

Edward's heart, so twisted and pained at hurting her, unfolded and swelled. "I'll race you."

It'll be short and sweet, updated when I get the chance. Completely unedited, so please forgive mistakes. Hope you enjoy!