Battling crime, saving lives... that was the easy part. The most taxing part on the team would be learning how to live together.

~On Female Leaders~

Following the defeat of The Brotherhood of Evil, the core team realized that it wouldn't be prudent to have all Titans centered in Jump City, they thereby took it upon themselves to set up other bases of operation. By setting up Titans North, employing more members into Titans East, and having others pair up and scatter themselves among the world. Robin would've praised this easy bureaucratic transition... If it weren't for the fact that he continually found members outside of the original 5 lingering in his tower. Almost every. Other. Week. The others were grateful for the company, and it wasn't like Robin was antisocial (he enjoyed sparring and catching up with Speedy as well as hearing of Kid Flash's 'escapades') but he couldn't afford to have his team grow dependent on extra help.

Dum, dum, dum.

Heaving a sigh at the pattering of feet, certainly belonging to an extra pair of legs not predominant in his tower, he focused on the clippings in front of him. He attempted to silence the external noises as he tried to draw conclusions on how exactly Dr. Light managed to 'recruit' a few of the previously frozen criminals...

A sharp knocking took him from his musings and he stared at the door in mild disbelief. His slight apprehension towards people interrupting him in the evidence room was well-known by official and honorary members alike. As he made his way to the door, he ran a schema in his mind to try and deduct who it could be, most points leading him to believe it was Starfire.

He was disappointed.

Expecting his beautiful alien princess, he was instead met with a lanky pale boy with spiky blonde hair. Clad in orange samurai armor.

"Lightning? What are you doing here?" He tried to hide his irritation, he wasn't sure if the teen was perceptive enough to catch on to it.

"Well... um, I've come to request a favor from you; masked-spiky haired one." He and his brother had a nasty habit of not adhering to conventional names, he realized. And as if his own spiky hair were any worse than the electric teen.

"I'm listening. And please, it's Robin" he gritted.

"As you know, my brother and I don't have a base per say... We just sort of drift along where we can.."

Robin nodded. "Because you and your brother are living, breathing conduits of forces of nature. Trying to contain you would result in fluctuations in the natural rain and storms that occur." He remembered a previous conversation involving their refusal to join with an official team. It suited him fine, he just thought that social interaction would be good for the brothers, who had lived isolated from humans for so much of their life.

Lightning cleared his throat. "Well, um, we may have not been entirely truthful..."

A widening of eyes was followed by a surprised "What?"

"We don't really function well, you know 'taking orders,'" Little sparks came off his quotation mark mimicking fingers. "We just told you that to get out of confining us to a team."

Robin only glared at him.

"But!" He held his hands out and Robin had to congratulate himself for being able to intimidate a supernatural being that embodied the powerful force of electricity. "After providing some assistance to Titans North, under the leadership of the short, pink-haired one," Kole. Was it really that hard to remember names? "We've decided to we wish to be formerly with the team."

Robin mused through his hair, sighing exasperatedly. Fickleness was indeed a universal trait shared by all teenagers, be they alien, half-breeds, super powered, or supernatural.

"It's no big deal Lightning, just check in with Kole, and she has the authority to officially induct you. Normally I'd be a bit more ticked off, but thanks for actually coming to me about this instead of just, uh, how'd you phrase it when we first met..." His index finger and thumb rubbed his chin in thought, thinking back a year ago. "Ah that's right," He cleared his throat before adopting a sinister, higher pitched tone. "Doing whatever we pleeease!"

"Did I really talk like that?" He seemed a bit self-conscious of his own words now.

"It's the evil thing, when you're committing crime, the tone just kinda finds you."

"Glad to be rid of it then, Thanks then... Robin." He had to smile at that, seeing eyes twinkle a bit before continuing. "I'll be sure to notify my brother of the good news!" And with that, his legs unified into a single lightning bolt and he sped down the length of the corridor.

Making his way back into the evidence room Robin mused of the idea of Thunder and Lightning joining a team. It'd do them good to become more in-tune with the everyday life of typical human beings, bonding and learning to trust people. The whole dilemma that occurred that stormy night came from inactivity taking its' toll and lack of consideration of others. This way, they'd make more friends, extending from their respect from Beast Boy, and they'd do the team good. Titans North needed more members anyway. And with Kole being the leader, all the official paperwork in admitting them would have to be done by her and sent to the JLA for their records, not heaving any workload onto him. So really, it was no trouble.

But needless to say, he could do without another interaction like that, it was much more pressing to try and determine how exactly the 'Good Doctor' became bright enough to reverse engineer a-

Another sharp tapping interrupted his thoughts and walking a bit quicker this time to the door, expecting Thunder to question him on his brothers whereabouts (but even this time still keeping his fingers crossed for Starfire).

He was again surprised.

"Hey...Robin. How's it going? So listen Jericho and I have been hanging around with Titans East lately and we were wondering if-"

Robin just stared blankly at Herald making his case, an enthusiastically nodding Jericho at his heel beaming with bright eyes.

That's it. I'm getting a memo out there this week.

"Um guys?" He interrupted Herald in midst of his retelling of a major battle with Steamroller and looked at Robin attentively. "I appreciate the gesture of letting me know, but it's not my call. Take it up with Bumblebee if you want to join up."


Robin sighed and allowed a small smile before confirming with a "Yeah."

"Dude, Nice!" He and Jericho traded a high five before Herald blew into his signature trumpet, a portal materializing into the opposite wall. He and Jericho gave one last wave to Robin before jumping into it, it dissolving out of thin air following a second after they took their last step in Titans Tower.

"Man, everyone is really eager to be joining teams, I had no idea the allure of it attracted so many people." Robin thought aloud as he returned to the desk, he really was flattered that everyone saw him with so much credibility that they felt the need to go to him for such matters. That they saw him as such a figure of authority to go to him on matters not even pertaining to him. He was grateful for the respect, but really, he wanted people to realize they were all equals under the Titans. He remembered that he had similar problems when Beast Boy and he had first met. But what he wouldn't give for some of that old fashioned military obedience he once held...

He shook the thought away, the story of Steamroller fighting Titans East that Herald seemed keen on telling him springing him into thought of the intentions of Doctor Light. He'd only been recruiting reckless villains, who only seemed smart enough to fight cleverly or dirty and knew the precise way to bring massive amounts of property damage. Maybe it was all a smoke screen, a distraction to keep him from seeing the clear, bigger pictu-

Another set of sharp knockings on his door resulted in a low growl from Robin and as he stomped his way over to the door, he hoped that whoever was on the other side was Starfire, otherwise, things wouldn't get too pretty.


He did ask for a 'Starfire.'

Robin found himself face to a heavy, green military coat-clad chest, a bold red star brimming in the center. Starfire indeed... He thought with slight amusement.

"Comrade Robin? I was hoping to find you here."

"Seems like everyone is. What's up?" He tilted his head back to try and meet the blank green gaze. The Russian soldiers' eyebrows furrowed before he continued.

"Well, as you know, I'm typically stationed in Russia, to keep those close to me safe... As to make up for the rampage that monster went on.."

"Uh huh."

"Besides the petty theft or occasional vandal, there's no real threat to anyone there."


"...And, well... I've been getting pretty close to Kole and Gnarrk lately... and I'm just wondering if-"

Robin stopped him right there.

"Talk. To. Kole. About. It." Each word came through strained and pushed through gritted teeth. "It's not my place to ASSIGN teams anymore, they're already set up! If you want to join one, talk to the respective leader." After forcing out that curt statement, he slammed his fist on the key pad, the door swishing closed before Red Star could reply with a "My thanks, comrade Robin." His muffled voice still reached past the steel doors, to his irritation.

Honestly, what's so difficult about talking with Kole and Bumblebee. They're both pretty down to earth, they're understanding. Why are they so hesitant to go straight to the leader? Can the thought of possible rejection be that-

And just like that, something clicked. Rejection. Girls. Pretty.

And a sly smirk made itself unto his face as he realized exactly the kind of game they were playing... Only now did he realize Lightning's faint blush as he mentioned Kole. How happy Herald seemed on getting to spend more time with his new leader. And how flustered Red Star seemed as he tried to make his point.

Well then, this ought to be interesting...

And with that, he finally filed away the papers on Doctor Light for his investigation. Then he set off to find a certain metal teen, he and Cyborg had lots of blackmail to get started on...