Stuck Like Glue

(this will not be a songfic; no, no, definitely not.)

Hello! This is my first attempt at a fanfic, and it takes place in fourth year. So let's get the formalities out of the way. I do not own any rights to Harry Potter, or to the story title I stole from Kelly Pickler. Both rights belong to their respective creators.

It was a quiet day in Hogwarts, which was surprising given the fact that it was only the week before when Harry Potter's name had come out of the Goblet as the fourth champion. In fact, one could hardly notice that the school was playing host to the Triwizard Cup. Students were milling about, going to and from class, gossiping and laughing as if nothing eventful had occurred in the last month. But somewhere in the ancient castle, there were two students who were very much aware of the recent developments, and it had put quite a strain on their plans.

"George, we can't do this now", said Fred Weasely, nearly rising to a yell.

"No, Fred this means we HAVE to do it now", retorted George, actually reaching a yell. "If we don't do this now, all of our planning will have been useless!"

"But we can't! Now that Harry is a champion, we can't!" Fred angrily replied.

"Fred, this means we must. You saw how the school treated Harry the next day. I actually believe the little bugger when he said he didn't put the name in himself. Even Ron doesn't believe him", said George, calming down.

"I understand that George, but do you really think that this will help Harry? You know what she is like when she gets angry—". "Yes Fred I understand", interjected George, "But this means he needs her more than ever. You saw they act around each other. Are they that delusional?!

George thought back to the past summer, when he and George had first thought of this magnificent prank. It would be so easy, well after the minor setback of acquiring the necessary items. The items in question had been found during when Fred and George were running away from Filch during a truly entertaining dungbomb session in the divination tower. During their flight, Fred had wished for a room to hide in when a door suddenly appeared. But instead of a broom cupboard, they instead found themselves in a room full junk.

"Fred, where are we?" asked George in an excited whisper.

"Heaven, dear brother", replied Fred as he took in all of the junk and noticed magical items everywhere, some looking to be very old.

So, after waiting in a strained silence with their ears pressed against the door, listening to Filch curse past the door, continuing down the corridor, the twins decided to investigate their new treasure trove. Old spell books, desks, and parchment seemed to dominate the front of the room, but there were many cabinets full of trinkets, many of which that were covered with runes.

"Hey Fred, come over here!" yelled George from somewhere near the front corner. "I think I found something delightfully devious!"

"What is it George? Please tell me it is something better than that muggle whoopee cushion you swore would change my life forever", answered Fred with an eye roll as he walked over to George.

"Much better, in fact, I'll wager you right now that this will change your funny bone forever!" retorted George, holding up two interwoven bracelets. The bracelets were made from a silver material, and had an inscription written on them, along with several small runes.

"What is it?" asked Fred again, beginning to think George was pulling his leg.

"There was a card under it", said George as he handed the card to Fred. The card felt odd, almost like a very silky piece of parchment. The words were written with a very neat, loopy hand, and looked familiar to Fred, almost like he had seen the handwriting before. He read: "Privileged is he who finds his love, but lucky is he who bonds to his love. The Bracelet of Amicus bonds to those who need it most, and will not release until the lover's above need is met. "

"So you mean this bracelet bonds two people together and won't release them until they confess their love?" said Fred with a smile, thinking of who to prank.

"Yes dear brother, imagine our targets! Snape and Trewalney? Draco and ickle Ronnikens? Alicia and myself?" said George, thinking of the girl he thought of often.

"Or me and Angelina" said Fred, slipping into a daydream.

"No Fred, this is the best prank we have had in months. We must use it for the greater good" said George with a mysterious twinkle. "Two people who we know it would affect most. Ron and Malfoy would be interesting, but I would rather not have my brother declare an undying love for Malfoy."

"It would be too hard to get on a teacher, so that leaves us with no one again", said Fred "there must be someone in this castle in need of a little bonding no?"

"I know….hmm…wait….Fred, I've got it! I know of a certain young lad who could use a lady being all over him" said George "a certain green eyed young lad."

"That's perfect George! But who will we bond him with? Nearly every girl in the castle would jump his bones just for being the Boy-Who-Lived, we need someone who no one would ever expect…" Fred trailed off as he slipped into thought.

"Fred, I know the perfect girl", said George suddenly.

"Do tell, dear brother" Fred asked mischievously.