Stuck Like Glue

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The next morning, Harry awoke to Hermione reading a book, the cover he could not see.

"Good morning" he said, a smile teasing the corner of his mouth. He loved seeing Hermione read.

"Good morning Harry" she replied, leaning over and giving him a peck on the lips. As he sat up she cuddled into him, bringing the book with her.

"We need to go see Professor McGonagoll today" she said, a hint of trepidation in her voice.

"I know, but she can't separate us, not now!" said Harry, pulling Hermione tightly to his chest. He could not imagine a scenario in which Hermione was not sleeping with him. He didn't know how he could ever go back to the nightmares…or Ron's thunderous snores.

"I know, love, but as soon as we enter the Great Hall with no bracelet you know she will want to see us."

"Bugger!" said Harry loudly, causing Hermione to swat him. "We are going to be asked so many questions…" he trailed off, simply wanting to be alone with his girlfriend. This was not the only time he wished he was someone other than Harry bleeding Potter.

"Oh dear….I forgot about that…." said Hermione softly.

"Oh no, my Hermione forgot something? Whatever are we to do—"started Harry, giving Hermione a cheeky grin. She rolled on top of him, tickling him mercilessly.

"Mock me will you? Mr. Potter, for your information—"she cut off suddenly with a loud shriek, as Harry had rolled her over, now tickling her mercilessly. The couple laughed and spent the rest of their morning simply being a couple in love.

As the two were headed down to breakfast, Harry held up their joined hands and kissed Hermione's softly. "Whatever happens, I love you, my Hermione."

"And I love you, my Harry."

The couple entered the Great Hall, and made their way to their seat at the Gryffindor Table. A few heads swiveled their direction, but the sight of Harry and Hermione holding hands was nothing new. As Harry and Hermione sat down and began putting food on their plates, Parvati was the one who noticed that Hermione was using her right hand to fill a glass of juice for herself and Harry. She nudged Lavender, who had noticed a glint of silver not on their wrists, but on Harry's finger.

"OH!" she gasped loudly, drawing the attention of the other students at the table, including an emotionless Ron.

Lavender leaned over the table to Harry and Hermione, whispering rather loudly. "What is going on?! Where is the bracelet, and why are you wearing rings?!" her eyes were flashing; she looked like she had just struck the gossip lottery.

By now the disturbance had attracted attention from the other houses, and even a few teachers. Before Harry and Hermione could respond, Harry could feel a familiar billowing sound coming closer.

Bugger, of course Snape would be the first on scene.

"What is going on here?" he asked, his eyes darting from Gryffindor to Gryffindor. "What could possibly be so exciting that it disturbs my breakfast?"

No one answered him, but many pointed a glance at Harry and Hermione.

"Potter, stand" said Snape, looking searchingly at Harry and Hermione.

"Why?" replied Harry, feeling trepidation.

"Potter, Do As I Say" said Snape, enunciating every word with a silky sickness.

It felt as if the eyes of the entire Hall were bearing down on Harry and Snape. As Harry started to turn to get up, he noticed Professor Dumbledore eyeing the situation with an emotionless face, while an angry looking McGonagoll was walking pointedly toward them.

Just as Snape looked like he was about to explode, Minerva slinked up beside him. Just as swift as a cat, Harry thought with a smile.

"Is there a problem here?" asked McGonagoll, looking between Harry and Snape. Hermione had taken Harry's hand when Snape had approached, and now had slid closer to him. Snape gave them both an odd, sweeping look, then stalked away without replying to Minerva.

"No, no problem Professor" Harry replied to Professor McGonagoll, giving her a small smile.

"I thought not" she said, gracing the retreating back of Snape with a cool look.

It was then that she looked at the way Harry and Hermione were facing her.

"Where is the bracelet?" she asked, leaning in to give the couple some privacy.

"It…left us, Professor" replied Hermione, looking up at one of her favorite Professors. "We were going to visit you in your office after breakfast."

Professor McGonagoll was silent for a moment, then stood. "I shall meet you in my office when you are finished" she said, giving the couple the slightest of smiles then went back to the teacher's table, glaring at Snape as intently as he was glaring at her.

As Harry and Hermione turned back to eat their breakfast, Parvati and Lavender immediately began asking question after question, to which Harry was perfectly content with letting Hermione answer. No, Harry had something on his mind. The look that Snape had given him wasn't the cold, 'I would love to boil you in one of my cauldrons' look that he gave Harry every time he saw him. No, this look….was jealousy.

'Jealous? Of what?' Harry asked himself in his head. 'Jealous of my fame? No….what could it be?' Harry made a mental note to mention this to Hermione later. As he returned himself to the conversation, he couldn't help but notice the dark look that was being leveled in his direction from none other than Ronald Bilius Weasley.

Harry gave him a curt nod, then turned to his girlfriend and gave her a kiss on the temple. He tuned in (just long enough to hear that Parvati was already planning the wedding) and decided to rescue his co-champion.

"Enough, at the rate you're going you'd have us married before we even left the Great Hall" he said with a slight laugh, though internally he felt a rush. Talking about marriage is way too soon, he thought; we have only being going out for a few weeks now.

'But you have known each other for going on three years' said the voice in his mind that sounded mischievously like Hermione. 'Yeah, but thinking about marriage is a little much for a pair of teenagers isn't it' he replied to himself, hoping that this wasn't the definition of insanity.

'Well yes, but let's not write it out of the future' said the voice, now sounding male.

'Amicus' queried Harry, now seriously considering going to the hospital wing.

'Right dear boy, I told you I would be with you, in a limited fashion.'

'Yes, but I thought you meant a helpful hint here and there, not, you know, being in my head.'

'Yes and no, I simply wanted to step in and inform you that-

"Harry, hello, your girlfriend is requesting your attention" said the real voice of Hermione; a slightly worried Hermione.

"Wha?" Harry realized that his little internal discussion must have been longer than he thought. Parvati was looking at him like he had gone completely mental, while Lavender had her hand stretched across the table. It looked like she had been about to swat him.

"You really zoned out just now, Harry" said Hermione, taking his hand. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, I just got to thinking...-"

"Oh I know what happened. When he heard us talking about marriage his poor boy brain must have fried; faster than Ron could fry an egg on his face when he was wearing that monkey suit" said Parvati with a laugh. Everyone within earshot snorted into their breakfast, with a few glances in Ron's direction that caused his eyes to narrow even further.

Hermione laid her head on Harry's shoulder and laughed along with the rest, while Harry chortled a little himself.

"Well, I'm done, how about you, my love?" asked Harry, now acting like his usual self.

"Yes, ready to go?" replied Hermione, taking his offered hand as they stood up.

"Don't go and get lost, lovebirds" they heard Lavender call after them as they walked away.

"I like being their friend" said Hermione as they began walking toward Professor McGonagoll's office.

"Didn't you share a dorm" asked Harry, rubbing Hermione's hand.

"Yes, but…it was different. We never really had much in common to talk about…."

"You mean you were too busy saving my sorry arse."

"That and my studies, you know me" she replied, leaning into Harry as they walked.

"And I love every bit of you" Harry said, kissing her cheek.

The couple continued walking, simply taking in the feeling of being together without being forced to.

The closer the couple got to Professor McGonagoll's office, the more agitated Harry could feel Hermione become.

"Love, what's wrong?" Harry asked, stopping her and leaning in close to her.

"I'm scared Harry. What if she makes us separate? What if-"

Harry leaned in and kissed her. "Hermione, I'm scared too, but whatever happens I'm glad the twins 'stuck' us together.

"I am too, but Harry, I don't know how I could sleep in my own bed again."

"Me either. You being with me does wonders for my nightmares. I haven't dreamt of a baby-thing or Wormtail for a while now."

Hermione gave him a slightly teary smile. "I love you, goof."

"And I you. Let's get this over with."

Harry didn't tell Hermione that he had realized that without the bracelet forcing them together, Hermione no longer was forced to compete with him. She would be safe.

The couple entered Professor McGonagoll's office, but she was not alone.

"Hello Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger, please sit."



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