Easy To Scare

Aaron Ash was an easy person to scare, perhaps because he was so young? He should have gotten use to all the jumpscares by now, but Mark was happy to have this power over his co-po partner, the power to be able to frighten the man and make him jump out of his chair. It made him feel dominant, and of course everyone likes to feel like they have the upper hand.

Aaron and Mark had agreed to settle down and try out a new game, co-po mode. It was basically a mix of Amnesia and the Gmod horror maps with a bit of Slenderman as well. They were use to play with some weird monster chasing them and jumpscares. Aaron set down his cup of ice tea next to him but in a certain spot that would make sure he wouldn't accidently knock over the glass while playing. "Should we record this? Or should we give it a gander first?"

"We'll give it a fast try first" Mark adjusted the game settings and controls before fixing his headphones and lowering the volume a bit, for some reason the sound effects in horror games were always too loud. "So what are we suppose to do? Is this going to be Slender based or something?" He asked

"Not really sure, we're suppose to escape but the map will spawn us both at two different locations so I guess we have to find our way to each other first?" Yami explained before taking a quick sip of his tea. "I'm not sure if the monster catches one o us do we respawn or is it game over so just be careful"

With that said the two started the game, like the beginning of many horror games the two started off in a dark forest with nothing at hand but a flashlight that dimly lighted the way ahead of them. "Okay, so far so good, the game doesn't look too bad. Where did you spawn?"

Yamimash narrowed his eyes. "Um, the forest? Next to me is a small house, there appears to be no doors however. I can see light in the distance, probably a truck or somethin' I'm not too sure but I'm heading there"

Mark looked down at his keyboard for a second. "Do we have like maps or something?" He clicked the "M" button but nothing appeared so he started clicking random letters and buttons. "Guess not, a map would really be helpful right now though"

After a while of walking and trying to guide each other to a rendezvous point, Aaron's flash light started flicking on and off at that made him whimper lightly. "Ma'k? I think my flash light is dyin', are we suppose to find some batteries? I haven't really looked"

Mark shrugged. "Don't know my light seems to be just fine. I got a better flashlight than you! Hah! In your face"

"Ma'k this isn't funny" The younger man turned to backtrack his steps and look for a battery or something that he might have missed but as soon as he turned around he was met with a large dark figure with long sharp claws and blood dripping down the face, chains tied around the monster's legs and hands and at the end of the chains were human body parts. Aaron screamed and quickly turned back to run, his finger pressed tightly on the "SHIFT" button as he tried to lead his character to safety.

"What? What is it?" Mark asked, trying to contain his laughter but failing as he heard his friend scream. He found it both funny and adorable whenever Aaron got terrified to the point where he shivered and the hair on his body was standing up. Mark couldn't see it but he could feel it.


Mark's laughter became louder. "Just run Yami! Just run!"


"What do you want me to do? We have no guns! I don't even know where in hell you are!"

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Aaron turned around for a minute to see how far the monster was and to his surprise the monster was as fast as a tiger. "FUCK MY LIFE!" He ran to some trees in hope to lose the monster.

"Turn off your flashlight, he might lose interest then"

Yami nodded and quickly closed his light. "IT'S DARK AS SHIT! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!"

"Just keep running you'll be fine" The older gamer spotted a faint light in the distance and it was moving, he guessed it was Yamimash, but instead of alerting his teammate, he quietly crept behind him only to realize whatever was following Aaron was now long gone but he didn't mind taking its place… whatever it was. So Mark went silent and followed his friend around till Yamimash felt the silence suffocating him.

"Ma'k? Where are you?" Aaron panicked when the other man didn't reply but he decided to try again. "Ma'k?" And he was greeted by nothing but silence yet again. "Oh god, please tell me the game didn't disconnect you or somethin'… Oh shit!"

Trying his best to swallow his laugh Mark turned off his flashlight, thankfully he could still see clearly ahead from Yami's flashlight. "Ma'k this isn't funny" The terrified man said before letting out a small whimper. "Please stop it"

Suddenly Mark screamed and it made the other gamer scream in fear as well. "OH GOD! IT'S GOING TO GET ME!" He yelled clearly faking his fear just to make Yamimash jump in fear again. Mark moved his character so that it would now be in front of Aaron's and it made the younger man throw away his mouse and drop his mic while he hid his face in his hands and wept, terrified to the point where he almost cried as Mark just laughed at him, they both paused the game but Aaron quit ending the game before he stood up and left the view of the camera.

"Aw, Come back! That wasn't really scary was it?"

"You Fuckin' A-hole!" Aaron rubbed his face before taking a deep breath and slowly made his way back to his chair. "Ugh, where's the mouse?" He looked under him and got the mic, mouse, and keyboard back in place. "You really scared the shit out of me! I don't wanna ever play another game with you!"

"You're such a scardy cat!" When Mark didn't hear a comeback from the other male he rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine… I'm sorry, what? You need a hug with that?"

"…Maybe" Aaron looked up at the camera and smiled faintly.

Mark gave Yami his best disgusted face but he actually wouldn't mind hugging the other man, it was actually something he always wanted to do, but right now he'd have to settle with a webcam hug. "Alright then, hug the webcam in 3…2….1" and both men did, it was for a short while though but enjoyable. It wasn't like a real hug, but it was close to one. "There, do you feel better now?"

Aaron nodded. "Much better, actually I feel fantastic; would you like to start recording now? I think we got an idea of the game"

"Not if you're gonna die from fear, I can't hug you to comfort you while we're recording"

"I'll be fine; just don't creep on me again okay? That was as scary as hell man!"

"Okay, sure, whatever. I honestly didn't think it was that scary anyway"

"It's because the monster wasn't following you, it was following me. You should have seen how ugly looking that motherfucker is!"

"Well I guess I'm about to, come on. Better start recording so we can get this up soon"