this was something that sprung after being on the ask minion Dave blog on tumblr and couldn't resist since it involves my purple Minion OC Chomper and his human friends having adventures and facing challenges.

I hope you guys like.

It was night time, well the middle of the night and a certain Purple Minion was having bad dreams about the one that had treated him and his friends badly to the point where they'd left

His name was Chomper and unlike his fellow Purple Minions wasn't insanre like them but sweet and living with three humans that had taken him in, but loving it.

He then was walking downstairs going to a door that led into a bedroom finding a young long haiired woman in a bed and was his best human friend Gru had let him live here, climbing into bed beside her because he didn't want to wake her.

He was feeling safe enough to sleep.

He hoped that he would be okay.

Later that morning, Chomper began to stir smelling breakfast seeing his friend was awake rubbing sleep from his eyes and putting on his goggles realising he was still wearing pyjamas but was getting dressed in his trademark black overalls but it was Summer and hot putting on black shorts instead and a black jean jacket smirking, looking at himself in the mirror seeing his wild purple hair messy as always but didn't care.

"Chomper?" he heard a voice ask as he entered the kitchen.

"Hey guys." he said yawning seeing David worry seeing dark rings under the Purple Minon's eyes and hated admitting it.

"I'm fine guys but just had trouble sleeping." he replied.

He was drinking coffee which was helping him making Leah smile but saw him look anxious hearing they were going to Gru's house eating pancakes making them understand because Chomper was shy around others since people were afraid of them unlike Gru's Minionds but she and Carley were helping him a bit.

"Things will be fine you'll see." Leah said seeing anxiety in his eyes.

Carley nodded seeing him quiet and stroking his wild purple hair which he liked.

They were very close since he had promised to help her, and they had things in comon.

He watched as she was getting ready but bringing her art stuff with her which made him feel better.